Source 1

Burial Registers 1882 (Durham Record Office EP/Tr9 and EP/Ke22)


NameAbodeWhen BuriedAgeBy whom the Ceremony was performed
Joseph BurnetTrimdon CollieryFeb 1923 YearsOates Sagar
Off[iciating] Minister
George BurnetTrimdon CollieryFeb 1919 YearsOates Sagar
Off[iciating] Minister
James White BurnetTrimdon CollieryFeb 1917 yearsOates Sagar
Off[iciating] Minister

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BURIALS in the Parish of Trimdon in the County of Durham in the Year 1882

AbodeWhen BuriedAgeBy whom the Ceremony was performed
David GriffithsTrimdonFeb 20 19 yearsGeo[rge] Lloyd
Clancy MillerTrimdonFeb 20 24 yearsGeo[rge] Lloyd
William WilliamsTrimdonFeb 20 32 yearsGeo[rge] Lloyd

BURIALS in the Parish of Kellors in the County of Durham in the year One thousand eight hundred and 82

Name Abode When Buried Age By whom the Ceremony was performed
Thomas SharpTrimdon GrangeFeb 2044Tho[mas] Lawson
John DouglasTrimdon GrangeFeb 2014Tho[mas] Lawson
William MadrellTrimdon GrangeFeb 2040George Padfield
Henry JoyceTrimdon GrangeFeb 2117George Padfield
Thomas HunterTrimdon GrangeFeb 2137George Padfield
William James HydeTrimdon GrangeFeb 2126George Padfield
Enoch SayerTrimdon GrangeFeb 2118George Padfield
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1. These are some of the burial registers for Trimdon Grange in 1882.

  • What things do all the victims have in common?
  • Can you find any families?
  • Who was the youngest victim?
  • Who was the oldest victim?
  • Discuss in pairs what you think could have caused these people to die