Source 6b

Telegram from the Cardiff Seamen’s Boarding Housekeepers Association to the Colonial Office, London, 13 June, 1921. Catalogue ref: CO 323/879


The Colonial Secretary Colonial Office  LDN


At a meeting of Cardiff Seamen’s Boarding Housekeepers held this morning the following resolution was passed that in view of the Government’s delay in assisting the uninsurable unemployed seamen of whom there are over fifteen hundred we jointly and severally agree to today refuse bed or food to any of these men and to refer them to the Lord Mayor of this city STOP


These men who served this country in their need must have food and shelter and at once. We trust you will take immediate and appropriate action. Surely a few thousands to these men would favourably compare with the ten millions the Government are prepared to give miners = From Matthew Tearle, Secretary, Seamen’s Union


E. L. Collins, Chaplain, Seamen’s Mission.


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Look at source 6b.

  1. Why might the Boarding House keepers choose to contact to the Colonial Office in this way?
  2. How does this source affect your view of the boarding house keepers’ situation and the seamen who stayed with them?
  3. What other sources could you use to find out more about the missions or rest houses referred to in both sources?