Source 2

Reports of Inspectors of Factories (1863) p. 3390


DateNames and Addresses of Persons summoned. Names of the Magistrates who heard the Case, and place of Hearing. Nature of the Offence. Amount of Penalty.Amount of Costs. Remarks

Sept 20
Mary Jones, Courtgwillym, near Bridgend, Glamorganshire Richard Franklyn and Charles Knight, Esqrs., and Captain Quin; Town Hall, Bridgend. Informations laid by Mr.Buller.

Employing three young persons after 6p.m.
£ s. d.
1 0 0
£ s. d.
1 0 0
Two cases withdrawn on payment of costs.
" 24 John Jones, Forest Factory, near Newbridge, Glamorganshire. William Perkins, Esq., and the Rev.Evan Morgan; Newbridge, Glamorganshire. Employing three young persons and one female (adult) after 6p.m. 1 0 01 10 3Three cases withdrawn on payment of costs.
" 26 William Llewellyn, Lamb and Flag Factory, Glynneath near Neath. Ilowel Gwyn and Griffith Llewellyn, Esqrs.; Town Hall, Neath Employing three young persons and two children after 6p.m. 2 0 03 9 0Four cases withdrawn on payment of costs.
Oct.1 John Howell, Mynyddislwyn, near Blackwood, Monmouthshire.Frederick Levick, Esq., and the Rev.Edward Leigh: Tredegar, Monmouthshire. Employing four young persons after 2 p.m. on Saturday. 1 0 0 2 15 0
Three cases withdrawn on payment of costs.
" 8 Samuel P, Harris, Glyn Gwenffrwd, near Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. The Honourable W.P.Rodney, Rev. James Farquhar, W.W.Manning and Thomas Davis, Esqrs. ; Town Hall, Abergavenny Employing two young persons and two children after 2p.m. on Saturday - - - 1 14 0Withdrawn on payment of costs
July 21 William Kirk, Burnley. Thomas Hordern Whittaker and John Neels Esqrs.; Burnley Employing two young persons without surgical certificates3 0 01 0 0 One summons withdrawn on payment of costs, in consideration of the state of trade
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2. This is a piece of a document detailing which companies broke the law.

  • What is the most common offence recorded?
  • Work out how much is fined for the different offences
  • By looking at the fines, which offence is regarded as the most serious?
  • How effective was the 1833 Factory Act? Explain your answer. (Hint: is the number of convictions a good or bad sign?)

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