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Transcript: Source2

Photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the bombing, from a 1946 US report
(Catalogue ref: 2a & 2d FO 371/59658, else FO 371/59640)

Source 2a

HIROSHIMA – from the top of the Red Cross Hospital looking northwest. Frame buildings recently erected.

Source 2b

Figure 73
A view looking northwest from a point 550 feet from X in Hiroshima.

Source 2c

Figure 9
Panoramic view of Nagasaki after the bomb. Taken from North of X, looking south. The V-shaped foundations in the foreground are the remains of the prison. All of this area was thickly covered with factories and dwellings.

Source 2d

NAGASAKI ... “like a graveyard with not a tombstone standing ... “ Nagasaki Prefecture Report

Source 2e

Figure 49
Panorama looking northeast from the Nagasaki Medical School and Hospital towards X. This area was covered with small factories and homes.

Source 2f

Figure 47
Nagasaki Panorama, taken from a point west of the Urakami River, looking east towards X, about 0.25 mile away. All of this area was thickly covered with small factory buildings and dwellings.

Source 2g

Figure 87
The hydraulic powerhouse of the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works in Nagasaki, 1,900 feet from X.

Source 2h

Figure 67
A view of the Urakami Gas Works, 0.6 mile north of X in Nagasaki. The wreckage of automobiles is seen in the foreground.

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