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Statement made about Cuba by the Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, to the United Nations in September 1960
(Catalogue ref: FO 371/151930)

Courageous Cuba has become the object of all kinds of attacks, intrigue, and subversion, economic aggression and finally, poorly concealed threats of intervention.

The relations of the United States with Cuba are illustrative. All the branches of Cuba’s economy before the victory of the popular revolution in that country are known to have been dominated completely by American monopolies which gained huge profits out of the exploitation of the Cuban workers and the wealth of their fertile land.

Some people in the United States at times like to boast that the living standards in their country are higher than those of other countries. There is no doubt about it, the living standards in the United States today are higher than in Cuba. But what is the explanation for this? Is it because the Cuban people are less industrious or because the Cuban soil is less fertile? No, this is certainly not the reason. The diligence of the Cuban people and their love for their homeland and their soil are well known. The reason is quite different. For years the fruits of the Cuban people’s labour were used not by themselves but by the American monopolies. After this can anyone be surprised at the fact that the per capita income in Cuba was in 1958, for instance, six and a half times less than in was in the United States? This eloquently speaks for itself.

Now a different order has come into existence in Cuba. Having expelled dictator Batista the Cuban people have freed themselves from foreign exploitation, and have taken their fate into their own hands firmly declaring to the United States monopolists: “No more plundering of our country. We ourselves shall utilize the wealth of our labour and our land!”

Thus, Cuba’s purported guilt consists in that the freedom-loving and brave Cuban people wanted to live an independent life. The United Nations must do all it can to remove from Cuba the over-hanging threat of interference from outside. …

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