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source five
Extract on preparations for world war, from a communist journal published in Europe for International Women’s Day, 1933
(Catalogue ref: FO 371/17244, 'Better Work Among Women!', D Manuilsky, 'International Press Correspondence', 13:9, 27 February 1933)
FO 371/17244; extract from a communist journal, 1933


  1. Who are the imperialist states?

  2. According to this source, what are the various imperialist states preparing to do and why?

  3. What evidence does this source give to back up its claims that there will soon be military intervention in the USSR?

  4. Are any of the accusations in this source accurate? Explain your answer.

  5. Both this source and source 4 write of foreign intervention. Do you think the USSR would have been more worried about foreign invasion in 1921 (source 4) or 1933 (source 5)?