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Would you target Dresden?

It is January 1945. The war is dragging on, but the Allies are winning. Winston Churchill and the commanders of the British armed forces need to decide whether or not to launch a bombing raid on the city of Dresden. You have to prepare a report to help them make this decision.

Stage 1: Research

Read the sources in the first case study called 'Why target Dresden?' For each source, ask yourself: Does this give us good reasons to bomb Dresden or not? Use the information in these sources to fill in this research table.

Open the table and print it out or save it to your computer.
Research table

Stage 2: Study the Map

  • Law courts
  • Factories
  • Oil depot
  • Barracks
  • State Museum of Applied Art
  • Exhibition buildings
  • Railway marshalling yards
  • Hospital

Open the map and print it out or save it to your computer.

Stage 3: Prepare your Report

What will you recommend to Churchill and the British commanders? Should they target Dresden? Use your research table and your map to help you answer this question. Use this report outline to get you started.

Report outline