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Krimskaya Konferentsia (main) Yalta Conference (alternative)

Description of film

The clip opens with the arrival of Stalin to triumphal music. The leaders sit down at the table and the Soviet voice over starts.


Towards the end of the war, the leaders of the Big Three powers Churchill (Britain), Roosevelt (USA) and Stalin (USSR) met in Teheran in 1943 and then in Yalta in February 1945. Their aim was to discuss what would happen to Europe once the conflict was over.

Interesting or important points about the film

It is interesting to speculate about what the Soviet commentator was saying, but the tone and general direction was probably little different from its British counterpart.

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Further information
CategoryPost-war to Present Day
Sub categoryCold War
FilmKrimskaya Konferentsia (main) Yalta Conference (alternative)
SourceIWM COI 411
ProducerCentral Studio for Documentary Films (USSR)
DateFebruary 1945