Useful notes: Special Invasion

This clip focuses on the role of the air forces of Britain and the USA in the D-Day campaign of June 1944. Commentary is given over actual footage of aerial attacks on Hitler's West Wall coastal defences before and after D-Day. Dramatic scenes include the shooting down of a Luftwaffe plane, the destruction of coastal defences, carpet-bombing and allied weapons and other supplies being brought ashore by tanks and trucks.

The film makes more sense if you know what was happening at the time it was made. In 1943 the tide of the war had turned against Germany. The Germans were losing ground against the USSR′s Red Army in the East. British Empire and US forces invaded Italy, Germany′s ally. By June 1944 the Allies had gathered enough troops and equipment to invade France and try and drive the Germans out. Although they were successful, losses were heavy and bitter fighting would continue until Germany surrendered in May 1945.