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Examples of activities that could be used to model a local history project in your area.

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19th century mining disaster

What happened at the Trimdon Grange Mining Disaster?

20sStreets – Teacher’s Notes

What can archives reveal about people’s lives in the 1920s?
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Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement

From Conflict to Peace - 25 Years On
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BGFA25 – Discussion Activity

From Conflict to Peace - 25 Years On

Case Study D – Wakefield

68 Thornes Lane Wharf
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What was Chertsey like in the Middle Ages?
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Children’s Clothing in the Workhouse

What do the letters tell us about pauper children's clothing in the workhouse?
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Discover the Dissolution

How did the Dissolution change my local area?
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Going to School in the Workhouse

How was school for pauper children different, and what was the same?
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Native North Americans

What was early contact like between English colonists and Native Americans?

Samuel Pepys

What does his will reveal?
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The Boxers of Whitechapel

What do the documents reveal about the inhabitants?
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What was it like living in a late 19th century mining town?
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Victorian family history

How can we find out about the life of a Victorian child?
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How can we find out about what Whitechapel was like in 1888?
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Workhouse Voices

What did paupers say about the Poor Law?