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American actions during the Battle of Imjin River

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Precis of 3[r]d Infantry Division Command Report, April 1951,

Section III, Narrative of Operations

CCF [Chinese Communist Field Army] began a general attack against division outposts along line UTAH (WYOMING) about 230030/I. Outposts were driven back to main positions, Positions of B Company, 10th Battalion Combat Team (Philippines) were penetrated but restored after daylight. 2[n]d Battalion, 65th Infantry, retained its positions. Belgian Battalion was attacked at 0600/I and remained heavily engaged throughout the day. 7th Infantry, in division reserve in the vicinity of SOCHONG-NI (CT 3106) was ordered at 230730/I to move one rifle company and two tank platoons to support the Belgian battalion. One tank platoon crossed the Imjin and took positions (CT 2410) supporting C Company of the Belgian [Volunteer] Battalion; the other platoon took positions (CT 2608) and engaged the enemy south of the Imjin in an effort to regain control of the Belgian Battalion's withdrawal route. The rifle company, receiving heavy small arms and mortar fire from hills south of the Hantan River (CT 2406 - 2707) remained in the vicinity of CT 2709 awaiting instructions regarding the Belgian Battalion's withdrawal. At 1330/I the 3d Division was informed that because the withdrawal route across the Imjin was blocked by enemy forces which had gotten in the rear, the Belgian Battalion believed it impossible to bring out its vehicles. It planned to burn them and withdraw on foot.


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