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Account of the Battle of Imjin River

10. Period 1 April - 25 April

On the 1 April the B[riga]de G[rou]p moved up to the KANSAS line to occupy a frontage of approximately 13,000 yards with two battalions in the line, left 1 GLOSTERS [Gloucestershire Regiment] and right 1 NF [Royal Northumberland Fusiliers] 1 RUR [Royal Ulster Rifles] were in reserve behind the right battalion, and the BELGIAN [Volunteer] B[attalio]n, who came under command in April, were NORTH of the R[iver] IMJIN blocking the most likely avenue of approach for a CCF [Chinese Communist Field Army] attack. Prior to 20 April up to bn size patrols dominated the ground NORTH of the R IMJIN with little or no contact. Between 21-25 April, in what has been named the battle of the IMJIN, the Bde Gp was attacked by successive waves of two CCF Div[ision]s. In spite of inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy, own casualties for the three days battle were 1,091, including 34 officers and 808 Other Ranks missing. By the evening of 25 April, the BELGIAN Bn with the remnants of the three Bns concentrated for 36 hours at UIJONGBU with the task of holding a blocking position on the main road leading SOUTH to SEOUL.

11. Period 26 April - 23 May

On 26 April the Bde Gp was ordered to protect the left flank of the UN [United Nations] front SOUTH of the R HAN, in the area of SOSA-RI on the KIMPO Peninsula. The whole of this period was devoted to re equipping and reinforcing the Bns with drafts drawn from most parts of FARELF [Far East Land Forces].

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