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Report on the Battle of Tel-el-Kebir

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command of Major-General Sir H. Macpherson, V.C., advanced steadily and in silence, the Seaforth Highlanders leading, until an advanced battery of the enemy was reached (it is not shown in sketch A.), when it was most gallantly stormed by the Highlanders, supported by the Native Infantry Battalions.

The squadron of the 6th Bengal Cavalry, attached temporarily to General Macpherson, did good service in pursuing the enemy through the village of Tel-el-Kebir.

The Indian Contingent scarcely lost a man, a happy circumstance, which I attribute to the excellent arrangements made by Major-General Macpherson, and to the fact that starting one hour later than the 1st and 2nd Divisions, the resistance of the enemy was so shaken by the earlier attacks north of the canal, that he soon gave way before the impetuous onslaught of the Seaforth Highlanders.

The Cavalry Division, on the extreme right of the line, swept round the northern extremity of the enemy's works, charging the enemy's troops as they endeavoured to escape, most of the enemy, however, threw away their arms, and, begging for mercy, were unmolested by our men. To have made them prisoners would have taken up too much time, the Cavalry being required for the more important work of pushing on to Cairo.


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