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The Battle of Alma

Answ[ere]d.10 Oct[ober] 1854 No 116
Copy ext[ant] Adm[ira]lty inf[?] 9 Oct[ober] [18]54 73/1523

[Stamped] CONFIDENTIAL RECEIVED Oct[obe]r 8th 1854

27 N[o]v[ember] [18?]73

1593. Military

Head Quarters
Katscha River
September. 23. 1854

My Lord Duke,

I have the honor to inform your Grace that the Allied Troops attacked the position occupied by the Russian Army behind the Alma on the 20th instant, and I have great satisfaction in adding that they succeeded in less than three hours in driving the Enemy from every part of the ground which they had held in the morning,

[Addressed to] His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle
etc. etc. etc.

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