Programme resources and delivery

The evaluation of Plugged In, Powered Up highlighted that a number of the programme’s resources were popular. The online digital learning platform, Novice to Know-How, in particular ‘is recognised as having made a significant contribution to awareness of digital preservation across the archives sector.’ The course has been completed to date by more than 2500 learners from over 56 countries. It is not surprising that this secured the highest response to this question with 123 respondents (73%) having undertaken the course.

Other highlights:

  • 60% of respondents had made use of the digital engagement toolkit
  • 55% had made use of the digital preservation workflows
  • Just over a third (34%) had attended an event organised by the Digital Archives Learning Exchange (DALE).

The 2022 results vary quite significantly from the 2019 survey. In 2019 the average figure was 34%, with National Library (58%), Charity archives (53%) and business archives (43%) reporting figures above this. Those scoring below the average in 2019 were Higher Education (33%), Local Authority archives (32%) and Museum or gallery (28%).