Action plan and steering group

The action plan

The action plan for the programme was designed in consultation with a steering group involving participants from across the HE sector. The steering group will help us to further shape our offer for higher education archives and ensure we achieve tangible results. The programme was co-designed with higher education archivists, where we jointly identified key risks and opportunities, as well as actions in response.  The plan aims to achieve a pragmatic balance in terms of resources and to align with work across The National Archives where appropriate.

Read the programme’s action plan (PDF, 0.29MB)

Steering group members

Beth Astridge – University of Kent

Anne Barrett – Imperial College London

Gary Brannan – Borthwick Institute, University of York

Judy Burg – Research Libraries UK

Victoria Cranna – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Anna Delaney – Portsmouth University

Sarah Jane – Falmouth University and University of Exeter

Sarah Mahurter – University of the Arts

Ruth McLeod – London South Bank University

Alexandra Mitchell –University of Salford

Tina Morton – The National Archives

Caroline Sampson – The National Archives