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Context and scope

To support our leadership role for the archives sector in England and Wales, and to deliver Archives Unlocked, the Government’s vision for archives, The National Archives provides grants for skills, innovation and engagement in the archives sector.

Our approach to our leadership role is a collaborative one: supporting partnerships and working to encourage a sustainable and innovative sector.

We want to prepare the archives sector for the future, in an uncertain world. We will invest in the skills of the archives sector workforce; in research, to lead innovation in technology and archival practice; and in engagement, to connect archives with changing societies in places across England and Wales.

In particular, we want to provide funding that will confront the challenges of today: preserving and sharing the digital record, reducing our environmental impact and adapting to climate change, and helping the archives sector become more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

To support archivists in building the skills needed for the future, The National Archives is delighted to be offering bursaries for the first time, for archivists seeking to access training, career professional development or mentoring that would not usually be available in their own organisational development programmes.

Programme overview

The National Archives Skills Bursaries provide grants of up to £1000 per person, to archivists and heritage professionals, to support access to training and development opportunities.

The programme is open to applications on a rolling basis, with funds available for rapid distribution.

The selected skills opportunity would need to be completed within a year of the award of funding. If your training is anticipated to last longer than a year, please contact The National Archives’ Grants and Funding Office prior to applying, by emailing