Creative inspiration guide

Deciding where to begin with digital engagement can be difficult. This guide offers practical steps and exercises to help you shape and develop an approach and identify the audience you want to reach, the best platform to reach your audience and uncover the stories you have to tell.

In this guide you will find the following sections:

Understanding your audience

People consume and interact with digital media in different ways and these behaviours are shaped by many things such as demographics, interests, access and time.

Developing your style and tone

A tone of voice is an expression of someone's values and way of thinking. Understanding your core values will help you to define the style and tone of your content.

Where to begin with your story

Archives are alive with stories and the best place to start will be to think about what you already have within your collection.

Cross-platform creativity

When approaching digital engagement it is important to get the most out of the content that you are producing.

Creative process guide

Creativity is an ever-changing process of discovery and development and there are many different ways to approach the creative journey.