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Major accessions to repositories in 2020 relating to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Research


Derbyshire Record Office

  • Marjorie Calow (1932-2016), analytical chemist, feminist and trade unionist: correspondence, photographs and papers rel to campaign and occupational activities c1910-2016 (D2190)
  • Ferodo Ltd, brake and clutch lining manufacturers, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire: photographs of Ferodo Research Laboratories 1958 (D4562)
  • High Peak Borough Council: pocket register for meteorological and climatological observations at Buxton Climate Station 1959-2008 (D6887)
  • Qualcast, formerly Derwent Foundry Ltd, lawnmower manufacturers, Derby: directors' minutes 1914-1974 (D8329)

Durham County Record Office

  • Neil Buchanan (fl1960s), civil engineer: records rel to the building of Derwent Reservoir, opened 19 July 1967 c1960 (D/X 2223)

Glasgow City Archives

  • John and James White (fl1877-1967), manufacturing chemists, Rutherglen: minutes, analysis books, legal documents, plans and photographs 1877-1967 (TD2116)

Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre

  • Peter Thomson (1925-2005), of Hereford: geological block diagrams nd (DE03)

Hull History Centre (Hull City Archives)

  • J. W. Stanley (Insulations) Ltd, thermal insulation engineers, Hull: records 1935-1956 (C DBJS)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • WJ Furse & Co Ltd, electrical engineers and contractors of Nottingham: electrical lifts ledger incl description of customer orders, catalogues, and menu for testimonial dinner for Basil Basow and George Swann c1913-1980 (DD/2768)

Sheffield City Archives

  • Easterbrook, Allcard and Co. Ltd, of Albert Tool Works, manufacturers of engineers' small tools, Sheffield: records incl minutes, accounts, share registers, foundation documents, correspondence 19th-20th cent (X901)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Lewis of Caerleon (d1495), Welsh physician and astronomer: collected astronomical and mathematical works c1485-1495 (Add MS 89442)
  • Sidney James Alfred March (1883-1966), engineer: diary of a journey from London to China through Siberia 1910-1982 (Add MS 89430)

British Library: Asian and African Studies

  • Sir Francis Kennedy McClean (1876-1955), engineer and pioneer aviator: autograph letters to his parents and his friend Bill [William N], written from various places including London, India, Australia and Tahiti 1900-1908 (Mss Eur F745)

National Museums Liverpool: Maritime Archives and Library

  • Marconi Communications Co.: maintenance manual for Marconi Radiolocator Mark IV: Inter-service Radar Manual, 2nd edition 1950 (DX/2673)

Science Museum Library and Archives

  • Bennet Woodcroft (1803-1879), engineer and Patent Office administrator: correspondence and accounts rel to high pressure steam patent of Richard Trevithick (1771-1833), inventor and mining engineer 1803-1808 (MS/1944)
  • Henry Joseph Round (1881-1966), radio and electronics engineer: personal and technical papers rel to research into radio direction finding and ultrasonic anti-fouling 1919-1966 (MS/2202)


Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Archives

  • Professor John Heywood (fl 1960-1970): papers rel to the development of the JMB A-level in Engineering Science 1960s-1970s (N/A)

Institution of Mechanical Engineers Archive

  • Tom Sanderson (1888-1914), engineer: engineering notebook incl printed tables, handwritten notes and mechanical drawings c1905-1914 (Accession: 2020_001)

Royal Society

  • Physical Science Society, Bedford College London: minutes, incl details of the society's elections for president, secretary and committee members, presentations of papers by society members and other lecturers 1908-1910 (MS/939)
  • John Frank Davidson (1926-2019), FRS, chemical engineer: papers, incl material collected from his office at Trinity College, and from his laboratory at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge c1926-2019 (2020/5)

Wellcome Collection

  • Godfrey Boyle (1945-2019), Alternative Technology Group founder, authority on renewable energy and sustainability: papers, incl issues of publications he edited and founded, collected publications, correspondence and subject files, papers and articles on topics incl environmental concerns, socialism, food production and self-sufficiency, renewable energy 1970s-2010s (SA/GBO)


Aberdeen University, Special Collections Centre

  • Dr James Hutchison (1940 - 2018), physicist: personal notebooks and lab books c1950-2018 (927)

Abertay University Archives

  • Louise Giblin (fl 1992-1997), former Biotechnology student at Abertay University: Memories Re-animated interview rel to her experiences as student, incl in student societies and activism, her first parachute jump, the transition to university status, and her subsequent career working for the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency nd (ACC081)
  • Sumant Mathure (fl 1987-1992), former Mechanical Engineering Research Student at the Dundee Institute of Technology: Memories Re-animated interview rel to his time studying at the College, his journey from India to Dundee, and the work he did on continuous casting with precious metals 2020 (ACC068)
  • Rebecca Wade (fl 2020), Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science at Abertay University: Memories Re-animated Interview rel to her career and achievements at the University in Environmental Science, her work as a STEM Ambassador, and her experiences on the Homeward Bound leadership initiative nd (ACC079)
  • Nick Hamilton (fl 1994), former academic at Abertay University: Memories Re-animated interview rel to his background in engineering, his roles at Dundee Institute of Technology / Abertay University, his memories of gaining university status and the celebratory events in 1994 2020 (ACC072)
  • Elmar James Gordon (fl 1967-1984), former head of Textiles Department of Dundee Technical College and Dundee College of Technology: interview rel to his life and career, incl studying jute manufacturing, his experience in the textile industry and as an examiner, his experiences with the development of man-made fibres and working for the UN in Bangladesh 2020 (ACC061)

Bath University Archives

  • Professor Angus Buchanan (1930-2020) and Dr Brenda Buchanan (1930-2020), historians: correspondence and papers rel to academic research in industrial archaeology and the history of engineering and technology c1930-2019 (BUCHANAN)

Cambridge University: King's College Archive Centre

  • Maciej Pawlikowski (fl2006-2020), Head of Digital Content, Cambridge University photography department, and Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander (19091974), chess player and cryptanalyst: multi-spectral images of a letter from Alexander to Sara Turing, of which Sara had effaced parts 1954-2020

Cambridge University: Scott Polar Research Institute

  • Thomas Vere Hodgson (18641926), biologist: typescript version of his 1903 HMS Discovery diary written during the British National Antarctic Expedition 1901-04 1903 (MS 2318)
  • Professor David Meldrum (fl1974-2015), physicist and polar scientist: papers rel to the Radio Echo Sounding programme, incl reports, plans, satelite imagery and manuals nd

Cambridge University: Trinity Hall

  • Thaddeus Robert Rudolph Mann (1908-1993), biochemist and physiologist: personal papers, incl correspondence, photo album, notebooks, PhD thesis and will 1910-1994 (THPP/MAN)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Professor Peter Morris (fl1977-2020), physicist, University of Nottingham: papers rel to scientific meetings and conferences; copies of academic papers; notes from undergraduate degree; notes, photographs and papers rel to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging at the University of Nottingham 1970s-2000s (PPGM)
  • Professor Michael Balls (b1938), scientist, Professor of Cell Biology, University of Nottingham: papers, incl material rel to university teaching, conferences, funding applications, academic papers and publications mostly rel to development of tumours in cells; advocacy of 3Rs approach to animal welfare and work undertaken by Bill Russell (1925-2006), zoologist, and Rex Burch (1926-1996), microbiologist 1960s-2000s (PMB)

Sheffield University Library

  • Henry Clifton Sorby (1826-1908), scientist, FRS: handwritten notebook 1859-1860 (2020/03)

Strathclyde University Archives

  • Malcolm Baird (b1935), chemical engineer: electronic scrapbook of miscellaneous and mostly non-technical writings about his father John Logie Baird (1888-1946), inventor and electrical engineer c1970-2020 (Accession 1768 (T-MIN/34))

Trinity College Dublin

  • Eoin O'Brien (b1939), Irish clinical scientist and literary critic: collected material by and about Samuel Barclay Beckett (1906-1989) Irish novelist and playwright 20th cent (11630)

University of Liverpool: Special Collections and Archives

  • Bogdan C. Maglich (fl1950-2000), nuclear physicist and alumni: research papers and rel material c1950-2000 (accession no 2020.016)

University of Portsmouth University Archives

  • L. G. Mouchel & Partners Ltd, civil engineers, London: company records, mainly comprising project record books 1897-1993 (UP/10/7.1)