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Major accessions to repositories in 2020 relating to London


Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre

  • Bexley Historical Society: minutes 1991-2016 (CSBHS)
  • Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup: photograph album 1917-1950 (PHQHS)

Brent Archives

  • Photographic collection rel to the Grunwick Strike protest 1977 (ACC/2020/12)
  • Nadia Nervo (fl2003-2020), artist and photographer: behind the scenes photographs of Windrush 70 - Brents Pioneering Windrush Generation exhibition 2018 (ACC/2020/17)

City of Westminster Archives Centre

  • Francesco Rossi (fl1919-1978), a Soho tailor, and family: personal papers 1919-1978 (3030)

Hackney Archives

  • Haggerston Baths, public baths, Hackney: large wages ledger 1904-1908 (2020/05)
  • Hackney Anti-Poll Tax Campaign: material incl posters, leaflets, newsletters and news cuttings from various campaign groups; eyewitness statement of the lobby of Hackney Council in March 1990 and correspondence with Hackney Council and members of the unions 1990-2011 (2020/26)
  • London Auxiliary Fire Service - Homerton: handwritten notebook written of Section Officer c1938-1945 (2020/55)
  • Charles C. Collins (b1937), Reggae pioneer: personal, campaign and working papers, incl work with the 4 Aces nightclub, the New Cross Fire Parent's Committee and musical work nd (2020/90)

Lambeth Archives

  • Eric Smith, local historian: papers, topographical art collection, maps, objects and ephemera rel to Clapham 18th-20th cent (ARC/2020/04)
  • The National Theatre, London: material rel to opening and education, publications incl complete set programmes c1970-2000 (ARC/2020/05.)

London Metropolitan Archives: City of London

  • London Gay Teenage Group: administrative papers, meeting minutes, legal position of LGTG, list of officers, publicity and news cuttings 1978-2005 (B20/050)
  • London Explorers Club: minutes, club rules, accounts, membership records, quarterly programmes, newsletters, newscuttings, notes on the club's history, photographs and song lyrics 1930-2005 (B20/003)
  • Ladies Guild of Change Ringers: records incl annual reports, finance, minutes, membership lists, rules and debates, anniversaries, correspondence, central council publicity 1912-2020 (B20/061)

Richmond upon Thames Local Studies Library and Archive

  • Leslie Freeman (fl1960-2010), local historian: slides and research notes c1960-2010 (AD146)
  • Photographs and slides showing archaeological artefacts found at Teddington c1950-2018 (AD147)
  • Kent and Company, solicitors, Hampton: deeds and other solicitors' documents 1659-1905 (AD122)
  • Barnes and Mortlake History Society: slides of Mortlake; scrapbooks rel to Barnes and Mortlake; postcards of Richmond; and notes on the churchyard of St Mary Magdalen, Mortlake c1880-1980 (AD135)
  • Museum of Richmond: research into the church of St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, created for the project "Celebrating 800 Years of St Mary Magdalene at the Heart of Richmond" 2019-2020 (AD173)
  • Collection of a resident of Hampton Hill: material incl doctor's ledgers, death certificate, and posters for celebration in Hampton Hill of the silver jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 1977 1892-1977 (AD154)

Southwark Local History Library and Archive

  • Research collection of photographs, rel to the history of the Labour movement in Southwark, incl images of trade unionism, workers, unemployment, trades councils, protests, strikes 1870-1970 (2020/2)
  • Southwark Entertainments: photographs of events at North Peckham Civic Centre, incl photos by Frazer Ashford (fl1970s-1980s), photographer 1980-1985 (2020/6)

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

  • Kevin Martin (fl 2018), family historian: photographs and finding aids for gravestones in Novo Cemetery, Mile End 2018-2020 (P/MAR)
  • Tower Hamlets Women for Peace: legal papers, posters, newspaper cuttings and photographs rel to their activism at Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp (1980s), the Mile End Road Blockade against Cruise Missiles (1984), and their own exhibition entitled Wire, Women and Webs (1985) 1982-2006 (TH/9811)
  • COVID-19 Collection of 'Life During Lockdown' and 'Making History: documenting Coronavirus in the East End': collective archive of photographs, poetry and diaries of residents and workers in Tower Hamlets, incl photographs taken by volunteers and staff of Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives in a personal capacity 2020 (P/COV)


Bishopsgate Institute

  • Opening Doors London, LGBTQ+ charity: From a Whisper to a Roar project incl 41 oral histories with lesbian, bisexual and transwomen 2019-2020 (FAWTAR)
  • London Fields Housing Co-operative: papers and minutes 1976-1999 (LFHC)
  • Lewisham People Before Profit: papers, publications, leaflets, flyers, banners, badges, campaign publications, press cuttings, and ephemera rel to other protest campaigns based in Lewisham 2011-2019 (PBP)

Wellcome Collection

  • St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London: weekly account of the receipt and consumption of provisions at the Hospital, giving a detailed daily breakdown of food and drink consumed over a five-year period 1898-1903 (MS 9308)


Kingston University Archives and Special Collections

  • Kingston University Covid-19 collection: material incl photographs, home-made masks, accompanying notes and and staff quizzes created and collected by university staff 2020 (KUAS0308 - KUAS0317)