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Major accessions to repositories in 2020 relating to Literature and Publishing


Devon Archives and Local Studies Service (South West Heritage Trust)

  • National Union of Journalists, Exeter branch: newsletters 1979-1981 (ZAYA)

Dorset History Centre

  • Hardy Collection: Hardy Players photographs and publicity, illustrations for Hardy novels by Helen Pateson 20th cent (D-DCM)
  • Sylvia Townsend Warner and Valentine Ackland: letters to Elizabeth and Oliver Warner 20th cent (D-TWA)
  • Stevens-Cox Thomas Hardy Collection: collected material rel to Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) incl manuscript and printed material. c1850-1940 (D-HAR)

Greater Manchester County Record Office (with Manchester Archives)

  • Pamela la Fane (fl1961-1981), author: published writings 1966-1981 (GB124.2020/25)
  • Graham Hurley (b1946), author: 'Lucky Break', his memoir of independent living 1983 (GB124.2020/27)

Lancashire Archives

  • Violet Mary Clifton, (1883-1961), writer: photographs incl interior and exterior of Lytham Hall, family portraits, notes and poems and vol titled "Queries" containing details of those asking for information about the Clifton family or other subjects rel to Lytham 1930-1960 (DDCL/V/ACC13040)

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office for

  • George Eliot (1819-1880), novelist and poet: autograph letter, written as Mrs Lewes, from Red Hill, to Hugh Atkins of Hinckley, with a contribution towards a memorial tablet for a former teacher 1873 (DE10022)

Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

  • Robert Earl (fl1970-1990), member of The Medway Poets: material incl notebooks, photo album, legal deposit library slips for small press poetry, small press poetry magazines (proofs and final), artwork, Medway Poets LP 1975-1990 (DE1294)

Peterborough Archives

  • Eric Henry Robinson (fl 1993), editor: programme notes, running order and music score for 200th anniversary celebration of the birth of John Clare (1793-1864), poet 1993 (2020/07)

Special Collections, The Mitchell Library

  • Edwin George Morgan (1920-2010), writer and poet: photographs (c223) c1920-2005 (1003328)
  • Thomas Rae (1928-1989), director of Thomas Rae Ltd, Signet Press and The Black Pennell: manuscripts, maps, plans, photographs, ephemera 1956-1989 (891339)
  • Edward Henry Chisnall (b1942), artist, author and broadcaster: transcripts, news cuttings, cassette tapes, art work 1980-1990 (1001099)

Surrey History Centre

  • Robert Kee, CBE (1919-2013), broadcaster, journalist and author: archive on miscarriages of justice, incl the Guildford Four, Maguire Seven, Birmingham Six, Armagh Four and Susan May c1974-2000 (10142)

Wolverhampton City Archives

  • Marjorie Crosbie (fl1909-1960), local poet: album of poems 1910-1915 (DW-218)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • John Donne (1572-1631), poet and clergyman: Melford Hall manuscript containing 131 poems 1620-1759 (Egerton MS 1384)
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), Knight, author, physician, criminologist: autograph manuscript XIII/The Darker Side, unpublished chapter from The Land of Mist 1925 (Add MS 89427)
  • Jane Austen (1775-1817), novelist: letter to her nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh (1798-1894) 1816 (Add MS 89437)
  • Linda Grant (b1951), novelist and journalist: archive 20th cent (Add MS 89384)
  • Alphonsus Joseph-Mary Augustus Montague Summers (1880-1948), literary scholar and occultist: letters 1927-1948 (Add MS 89440)
  • Dorothy Leigh Sayers (1893-1957), author: 'Vogue of Detective Fiction', manuscript notes 1927-1928 (Add MS 89381)
  • Peter Schwed (1911-2003), American editor and publisher: correspondence with author P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975) 1953-1974 (Add MS 89426)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Robert Burns (1759-1796), poet: poems chiefly in the Scottish dialect, and corresp with Thomas Sloan, Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, and Robert Chambers 1787-1791 (Acc.14167)
  • Sorley Maclean (1911-1996), Gealic poet: papers, incl correspondence, rel to Poems to Eimhir' 1970-1990 (Acc.14180)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Glyn Jones (1905-1995), poet and author: romantic letters, 1930-1934, written to his then-fiancée, Doreen Jones with a small quantity of the latter's personal and family papers 1926-1953 (GLYNJO)
  • David Jones (1895-1974), poet and artist: letters (126), to Valerie Wynne-Williams (née Price), two addressed to her husband Michael ("Mihangel") and one to them both. Some letters (15) illustrated with coloured pencil, pen and ink drawings and inscriptions 1959-1974 (NLW MS 24167)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

  • David McVea, Seamus Kelters, David McKittrick, Brian Feeney and Chris Thornton, authors: research papers comprising newspaper cuttings and correspondence rel to the publication 'Lost Lives: The Story of the Men, Women and Children Who Died as a Result of the Northern Ireland Troubles' 1972-2019 (D4780)


Bishopsgate Institute

  • Juliet Jacques (b 1981), writer and filmmaker: papers, writings and digital material 1908-2020 (JACQUES)


Bangor University, Archives and Special Collections

  • R.S.Thomas (1912-2000), Welsh poet: poems and corresp rel to R.S.Thomas collected by James Bennett 20th cent (2020/10)

Cambridge University Library: Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Glen Tilburn Cavaliero (1927-2019), poet, critic and university teacher: literary correspondence and papers 1900-2018 (GBR/0012/MS Add.10329)
  • Florence Ada Keynes (1861-1958), author, historian and politician: copies of The Acorn magazine, nos.1-14 and supplement 1899-1901 (GBR/0012/MS Add.10335)

Cambridge University: Trinity College Library

  • Arthur Joseph Munby (1828-1910), civil servant: poems 19th cent (Acc 2020/4)
  • Alfred Edward Housman (18591936), poet and classical scholar: letters to William Hugh Semple 1925-36 (

De Montfort University Archives

  • Simon Inglis (b1955), sports writer and journalist: papers relating to football stadium design and safety 1990-2005 (S/010)

Dundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services

  • Alexander Low, photojournalist and family: photographs, papers and publication relating to Low's career, papers, letters and diaries created by various branches of Low's ancestors 18th-20th cent (2020/1169)
  • Arthur James Ranson (b1939), comic book illustrator: comics, collected editions, gaphic novels, other material, including art prints by son John Ranson c1950-2020 (ACC 2020/1170)

Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • Katrina Porteous (b1960), poet, historian, broadcaster: poet's papers, publications and printed ephemera 1979-2020 (KPB)
  • Michael O'Neill (1953-2018), English academic & poet: papers 1970s-2010s (MSO)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Hugh MacDiarmid (1892-1978), Scottish poet: collection of correspondence, incl rel to the publication of "Stony Limits" (London: Gollancz. 1934), as well as a signed contract between MacDiarmid and Gollancz for "Stony Limits and Other Poems" 1934-1986 (Coll-2005; SC-Acc-2020-0085)
  • Catherine Sinclair (1800-1864), Scottish novelist: manuscript notebook containing the "Private Memorials of Helen Late Mrs Stewart of Physgill - Written for her children at the request of Mary Stewart by her Sister Catherine Sinclair" 1845-1863 (Coll-1848/20-0023; SC-Acc-2020-0023)
  • Thomas Brown (1778-1820), Scottish poet and professor of moral philosophy at Edinburgh University: bound volume of manuscript materials 1797-1835 (Coll-1986; SC-Acc-2020-0050)

Leeds University Library, Special Collections

  • Martin Bell (1918-1978), English poet: manuscript drafts, manuscript notebooks, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, cards, photographs, slides 1965-2018 (MS 2251)
  • Arthur Ransome (1884-1967), author and journalist, Faith Jacques, (1923-1997) illustrator, Hugh Brogan (1936-2019) British historian and biographer: papers, correspondence, official documentation, framed illustrations, books, set of fishing flies, video tape 1910-2019 (BC MS 20c Ransome)
  • Rachel Reeves (b 1941) British Labour Party politician and author: audio recordings of interviews with politicians for a book entitled 'Women of Westminster: The Women who changed Politics', interview transcripts 2017-2018 (MS 2249)
  • Christopher Pilling, (b 1936) poet, playwright, translator and teacher: drafts of poetry and plays, research files for workshops, poetry reviews, correspondence, press cuttings, photographs, published works, play synopses, photocopies of published works 1960-2013 (MS 2045)

Manchester University: University of Manchester Library

  • Jeffrey Addison Nuttall, (1933-2004), artist and author: papers of Paul Davies rel to Jeff Nuttall incl a series of unpublished mss by, and corresp with, Nuttall c1975-1985 (GB 133 PDN)
  • Simon Rae (b1952) poet, writer and broadcaster: mss and newspaper cuttings rel to poetry collections and the poem of the week for the Guardian, and audio and mss material rel to the BBC's 'Poetry Please' and other radio productions 1988-1999 (GB 133 SRP)
  • Alfred Powell Wadsworth (1891-1956), journalist and historian: letters and pamphlets nd (GB 133 APW)
  • Hester Thrale Piozzi (1741-1821) writer: letters to Mr [Samuel] Lysons (1784) and Penelope Sophia Pennington (24 Nov 1820) 1784-1820 (GB 133 TPM)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections

  • Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851), author: autograph manuscript draft of 'The Invisible Girl' (incomplete) c1832 (MS. 19324)

Trinity College Dublin

  • Eoin O'Brien (b1939), Irish clinical scientist and literary critic: collected material by and about Samuel Barclay Beckett (1906-1989) Irish novelist and playwright 20th cent (11630)

University of East Anglia Archives

  • Sarah Maguire (1957-2017), poet, translator and broadcaster: translation and poetry drafts, manuscripts, correspondence and notes; incl papers of the Poetry Translation Centre, founded by Maguire in 2004 at the University of London c1990-2017 (SMA)