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Major accessions to repositories in 2020 relating to COVID-19 and epidemics


Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives: Old Aberdeen House Branch

  • Clare Russell (fl 2020), resident of Aberdeen City: documenting life during COVID-19 pandemic, incl blog posts rel to COVID-19, titled: Family, Life in Lockdown, Social Distancing and Staying Home, Solo Sunday; Finding the New Normal 2020 (Acc 3056)

Berkshire Record Office

  • Garth Hill College, Bracknell: Covid-19 records 2020 (SCH49acc10686)

Brent Archives

  • Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Willesden: digital images of Covid-19 NHS related artworks 2020 (ACC/2020/30)
  • Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Willesden: material rel to the Temple during the Covid-19 pandemic 2020 (ACC/2020/13)
  • Warren Reilly (fl2020), artist, and Zuzana Valla (fl2020), photographer: collection of photographs and a decorated face mask created as part of the 'Filling the Void' and the 'Covid Kaleidoscope' series 2020 (ACC/2020/25)

Bristol Archives

  • Sam Sayer (fl 2020): Our Street is Locked Down podcast: residents from an ordinary street in Bristol record their everyday experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic national lockdown in a series of audio diaries 2020 (46510)

Conwy Archive Service

  • Canu Conwy and Friends: music video created in support of the NHS of Ysbyty Enfys, recorded by a council staff choir and friends 2020 (CPF57)

Coventry Archives

  • Sherringham Photograph Collection: digital photographs from local people reflecting events in Coventry during the Covid-19 pandemic, incl Clap for Carers and the VE day celebrations 2020 (Acc: PA3413)
  • Lock Down Gig Memories: digital photographs from local people of lockdown gigs during the Covid-19 pandemic 2020 (Acc: PA3414)

Denbighshire Archives

  • Leslie Roberts, of Denbighshire: 'Thoughts of Lockdown Les', memoirs 2020 (NTD/2057)
  • Anonymous 'Thoughts on Lockdown in Ruthin' with accompanying hand-painted postcard 2020 (DD/DM/1973)

Dorset History Centre

  • Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council: webcrawl of pages relating to coronavirus COVID-19 2020 (BCP)
  • Bournemouth University: webcrawl of pages relating to coronavirus COVID-19 2020 (D-BMU)
  • People First Dorset, learning disability charity: Connect magazine, produced during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic when usual activities were suspended 2020 (D-PFD)

East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Local Studies Service

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council: School Library Service digital resources relating to Covid-19 2020 (ERYC)
  • Julian Minshall: Beverley Covid-19 lockdown photographs (digital copies) 2020 (DDX2330)
  • Andy Hall (fl 2020), of Hutton; Covid-19 lockdown activities diary, digital copy 2020 (DDX2329)
  • Carole Richards (fl2020): Covid-19 diary extracts typescript 2020 (DDX2331)

Flintshire Record Office

  • Carole Must: coronavirus diary and poems 2020 (AN5328)

Glamorgan Archives

  • Caerphilly County Borough Council: staff circulars from Chief Executive rel to the Covid-19 pandemic 2020 (CCA/C)
  • Avant Cymru, community theatre organisation: 'Our Street' newsletters compiled as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic 2020 (D1770)

Gloucestershire Archives

  • Gloucestershrie County Council: response to the Covid-19 pandemic 2020 (15389)
  • Rosealeen Lane, (fl 2020): diary entries 'My life under Lockdown' 2020 (15361)
  • Sally Beynon (fl 2020): poems (6) written during Covid-19 lockdown 2020 (15343)
  • Louise Spira, (fl 2020): pencil drawings of people during the Covid-19 lockdown, incl doing crosswords, texting friends, playing chess and sat with dog 2020 (14531)
  • Pamela Brogan (b 1936), Cotswolds resident: additional accounts and photograph of her experience of the Covid-19 pandemic 2020 (15399)
  • Vilnis Vesma (fl 2020): cartoons rel to Covid-19 and current events 2020 (15390)
  • South Gloucestershire Council: material rel to council's response to Covid-19 2020 (15385)
  • 'The end of the beginning' shop signs during Covid-19 Lockdown, 21 March 2020 2020 (15342)
  • Pamela Brogan (b 1936), Cotswolds resident: personal account of life during the Covid-19 lockdown, written between 25 June to 4 July 2020, covering many aspects, incl medical matters, television, shopping and shortages, activities and people's behaviour 2020 (15341)
  • Photographs taken during Covid-19 lockdown showing 'The cathedral is currently closed' notice on gates of Gloucester Cathedral 2020 (15340)

Greater Manchester County Record Office (with Manchester Archives)

  • Manchester City Council: public donations of material rel to experiences during the COVID19 Pandemic 2020-2021 (GB124.2020/57)

Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Making History - Collecting Covid-19: written account of personal experiences of a Year 11 student [15-16 year old], compiled during 2020 pandemic 2020 (21A20)
  • Making History - Collecting Covid-19: photographs of local streets and scenes in Andover, taken during national lockdown, spring 2020; collected leaflets and information reflecting local activities rel to the pandemic 2020 (21A20)
  • Making History - Collecting Covid-19: diary compiled during the pandemic 2020 (21A20)
  • Making History - Collecting Covid-19: Peter Symonds' College creative writing project inspired by events during the pandemic 2020 (21A20)
  • Making History - Collecting Covid-19: photographic mosaic produced during lockdown by members of Amnesty International, Southampton Group, supported by Eastleigh, New Forest and Romsey groups 2020 (21A20)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Coronavirus: the effect on Hertfordshire Archive: photographs and other records 2020 (Acc 6248-6249, 6252 6256-6258, 6262, 6266)
  • Coronavirus: the effect on Hertfordshire Archive: Leverstock Green Isolation Challenge : photographs and other records 2020 (Acc 6275)
  • Baldock Coronavirus Support Group: leaflets and newsletters 2020 (Acc 6250, 6259)

Highland Archives

  • Irene Macleod (fl 2020), of Skerray: "Covid in the Country", written experiences of life during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown in a remote area of the Highlands 2020 (D1680)

Lancashire Archives

  • Hope Streets Covid lockdown film 2020 (DDCOV)
  • Digital material rel to Covid, incl film clips, sound recordings, photographs and images, poems, memoirs, journals, and other material collected to reflect the experiences of Lancashire during 2020 2020
  • Covid Collection project: items incl poems, memoir, posters, swab kit and government advice documents 2020 (DDCOV)

Northamptonshire Archives

  • Coronavirus Diary Project: diaries and associated material rel to the Covid-19 pandemic, collected by NCC Archives and Heritage team as part of a project to record and document the effect of the pandemic on local communities 2020-2021 (2020/14)

Northumberland Archives

  • Digital recording of "#Haiflu", a creative response to COVID-19 by members of Northumberland Library staff 2020 (NRO 12216 [V/1229])
  • Oral history recordings of Northumberland County Council staff speaking about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 (NRO 12206 [T/1009] - NRO 12215 [T/1015])

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Friends of Nottinghamshire Archives (FONA): a collection of 12 diaries rel to the Covid-19 pandemic, written between March and July 2020 while the country was in 'lockdown', recording the experiences of the diary writers 2020 (Acc 9811)

Plymouth and West Devon Record Office

  • Craig Miles (fl 2020), of Plymouth: images taken by of various aspects of life in lockdown in Plymouth 2020 (4248)
  • Digital photographs of life in lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic, Plymouth. 2020 (4247, 4252)

Sandwell Community History and Archives Service

  • Sandwell MBC: Inspired by Hold Still, a photographic record of the people and places of Sandwell during the first UK Covid-19 lockdown 2020 (2020/15)

Sheffield City Archives

  • Covid-19 diary 2020 (X904)
  • Woodseats and Norton Coronavirus Mutual Aid Group: minutes, newsletters and resources 2020 (X909)

Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust)

  • South West Heritage Trust: archive reflecting life in Somerset during the Covid-19 pandemic, incl photographs, newsletters, leaflets and a public questionnaire 2020 (A/EUC)

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

  • Recording Life In Lockdown: material collected for the Recording Life in Lockdown contemporary collecting project, incl diaries, newscuttings, messages from the Mayor of Aldeburgh, posters, photos of rainbows, painted stones, Easter crosses, Prime Minister's letter about Coronavirus, Government leaflet and instructions for a Self Administered test 2020 (HD4209)

Surrey History Centre

  • Collected personal diaries, photos and recollections of experiences by Surrey residents of the Coronavirus pandemic in Surrey 2020 (10169)
  • Kingston Liberal Synagogue: Jewish Chronicle article rel to the synagogue's support for the community during Covid-19 Lockdown 2020 (9317)

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

  • COVID-19 Collection of 'Life During Lockdown' and 'Making History: documenting Coronavirus in the East End': collective archive of photographs, poetry and diaries of residents and workers in Tower Hamlets, incl photographs taken by volunteers and staff of Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives in a personal capacity 2020 (P/COV)

Tyne and Wear Archives

  • Covid-19 Survey: community responses to rel to their experience of the Covid-19 pandemic (1041 individual responses) 2020 (5966)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Dr Tim Fooks (fl2020), GP and High Sheriff of West Sussex: High Sheriff briefings and photographs rel to Covid-19 2020 (19808)

Wigan Archives and Local Studies

  • Wigan Borough COVID archive 2020-2021 (Acc. 2020/5)


Jersey Archive

  • Covid-19 pandemic collection 2020 (JA/3578)

Natural History Museum Library and Archives

  • Natural History Museum: COVID-19 archive 2020 (2020/5)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

  • Stay Home Archive: census returns rel to the experience of lockdown in Northern Ireland occasioned by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic 2020 (D4771/1)


Royal College of Nursing Archives

  • Royal College of Nursing: web archive of RCN website incl Covid-19 webpages 2020 (RCN41)
  • Royal College of Nursing, various departments and regions: news stories, emails, communication plans and webpages relating to Covid-19 pandemic collected as part of the COVID-19 Collecting Project 2020 (RCN; RCNE; RCNNI; RCNS; RCNW)
  • Garrett Martin (fl2020), Royal College of Nursing Northern Ireland Deputy Director: audio diary recorded while volunteering in A&E during Covid-19 pandemic 2020 (3339.16)


Abertay University Archives

  • Abertay University: Abertay Coronavirus Archive, incl a collection of official communications, community updates, and significant online events recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic period of 2020, such as Graduations, Digital Graduation Show, Prizegiving, Open Day, and an Archives Exhibition "A Factory In Miniature" 2020 (ACC090)
  • Elmar James Gordon (fl 1967-1984), former head of Textiles Department of Dundee Technical College and Dundee College of Technology: interview rel to his life and career, incl studying jute manufacturing, his experience in the textile industry and as an examiner, his experiences with the development of man-made fibres and working for the UN in Bangladesh 2020 (ACC061)

Borthwick Institute for Archives: University of York

  • York Covid-19 Archive: Jacqui Harman, journal 2020 (YCOV (2020/038))
  • York Covid-19 Archive: Annaliese Emmans Dean, "Easing the Lockdown", daily journal 2020 (YCOV (2020/079))
  • York Covid-19 Archive: Becky Spence, poems and journal 2020 (YCOV (2020/063))

Cambridge University Library: Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Cambridge University Library: Covid-19 Collection 2020 (GBR/0012/MS Add.10336)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Collecting Covid-19 Initiative: material offered to the CRC Archive documenting peoples experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 (SC-Acc-2020-0083)

Glasgow University Archive Services

  • Glasgow University: films and other documents rel to Covid-19 created by the Communications Office; support material, exams and captures of Moodle material rel to online examinations 2020 (ACCN 4347, 4349, 4351, 4353, 4354)

Kingston University Archives and Special Collections

  • Kingston University Covid-19 collection: material incl photographs, home-made masks, accompanying notes and and staff quizzes created and collected by university staff 2020 (KUAS0308 - KUAS0317)

Manchester University: Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre

  • Angie Chan, (fl 2020): images of a card sent to former employers, saying goodbye to work colleagues and building rel to Covid-19 2020 (2020/17)
  • Barry Gillespie (fl 2020): images rel to Covid-19 and lockdown 2020 (2020/11)
  • Chi Wang (fl 2020): photographs and email trail incl Covid-19 experience 2020 (2020/13)
  • Hafsah Bashir (fl 2020): copy of #InstaLiveHaikus an artistic response to Covid-19 2020 (2020/6)

Sussex University Library Special Collections

  • Age UK and U3A: U3A Covid-19 diaries. Over 1000 electronic diaries collected by Age UK from various U3A groups across the country during lockdown. 2020 (SxMOA59)