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Major accessions to repositories in 2020 relating to Medieval and Early Modern


Berkshire Record Office

  • Manor of Smewyns, White Waltham: letters patent granting manor of Smewyns 1558 (D/EZ202 acc10674)
  • Manor and lands of Aston Tirrold and East Hendred: fee farm rents particulars c1554 (D/EZ207acc10698)

Bristol Archives

  • Deed rel to land 'at the Quay' and bill confirming receipt of land and documents of the late John Popley 1586 (46477)

Cambridgeshire Archives

  • Grant of 12 acres of land in Ashley by Alex de Alshornestone and Johanna his wife to Henry Honeman of Ashelee [Ashley] 1335 (R120/025)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Ancient Borough of Derby: roll containing list of mayors and bailiffs since 1513 c1662-1678 (D8349)
  • Deeds for a mill at Wirksworth 1457 (DA/T/ASH/1457)
  • William Gould (1739-1795), Headborrow of Sheen, land agent to the Dukes of Portland and Devonshire: articles of agreement, indentures, probate records, accounts of Headborrow of Sheen and other records c1599-1800 (D8317)

Devon Archives and Local Studies Service (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Documents (2) rel to Dartmouth Borough; a letter from Whitehall rel to the apprehension of a priest 'that names himself Davis' (5 April 1619) and part of a declaration submitted for a lawsuit, Stephen Whitticke vs. Andrew Babb for possession of some of the former's property 17th cent (ZAYP)
  • William Walrond (fl 1650-1660), of Bradfield: account book c1650-1660 (4749M)

Dorset History Centre

  • Forde Abbey: charter 1545 (D-3219)
  • Indenture of Thomas Delalynde "armiger", Richard Senthond and William Prigge to George Chalcote "Gentilman" of a messuage, tenement and pasture in in Kymeryche [Kimmeridge] in Purbyke [Purbeck] 1511 (D-3224)

Essex Record Office

  • Deeds for various crofts in Sible Hedingham (2) , with transcripts 1585 (A15296)

Kent History and Library Centre

  • John le Botiler (fl1274): indented mortgage of 2 acres of land in a field in Sevenoaks called 'La Teaghe' for securing a debt of 2 marks sterling 1274 (U4225)
  • William Somner (1598-1669), auditor to Canterbury Diocese: papers rel to loans by the clergy of the Diocese of Canterbury to King Charles II 1667-1668 (U4215)

Lincolnshire Archives

  • Will Gent (fl 1680): map of Gedney Marsh c1680 (MISC DON 2093)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Deeds relating to Norwich, Shropham, Banningham, Brisingham and Edgefield (5) c1275-1564 (ACC 2020/4)
  • Dickleburgh parish account 1545 (MC 3518, 1068X8)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Grant of the manor of Colburn by Henry le Scrope 1344 (Z.1677)
  • Hackness manor: rental 1622-1639 (ZF)

Northamptonshire Archives

  • Higham Ferrers Town Council: town charters (5) and bye-law (1) 1556-1887 (2020/23; LG05/6/001-006)

Shropshire Archives

  • Quitclaim of Richard Boterel to land in Ford, Manor of Aston Botterell 1390 (9735)

Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Survey of the tithings of Northwich, Dundry and Littleton 1684 (A/ESZ)

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service: Staffordshire County Record Office

  • Earls of Stafford at Swynnerton: view of lands and property of William Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton (1312-1360); rental of the manor of Bourton with Buckingham, belonging to Sir Bernard Missenden and his wife Isabel, being a survey of tenants and tenurial arrangements 14th-15th cent (7798)

Surrey History Centre

  • Quitclaim, by Walter, son of Eilwaker, to William de Mapeldrex, of lands of Mapeldrex, near Ewhurst 13th cent (10144)

Warwickshire County Record Office

  • Roger de Beaumont (c1102-1153), 2nd Earl of Warwick: charter granting right to hold a manorial court c1119-1153 (CR5080)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Indenture rel to land use in the name of Edward Walker of 'Battell', yeoman 1631 (19857)

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

  • King Charles I (1600-1649): Swindon market charter 1682 (G24/001/2 MS)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Leaf from an Anglo-Saxon benedictional 920-970 (Add MS 89378)
  • Book of Hours, Use of York (The Percy Hours) 13th cent (Add MS 89379)
  • Thomas Phillips (c1635-1693), surveyor and military engineer: map, 'The Plane of the Towne and Mole of Tanger Discovering by ye little square Dott's the Mines which were made in ye Upper and Yorke Castle and Round the Towne By ye Rt. Honble the Ld Dartmouth for its demolishment' 1683-1684 (Add MS 89443)
  • Lewis of Caerleon (d1495), Welsh physician and astronomer: collected astronomical and mathematical works c1485-1495 (Add MS 89442)
  • John Donne (1572-1631), poet and clergyman: Melford Hall manuscript containing 131 poems 1620-1759 (Egerton MS 1384)
  • The 'Lucas Psalter', made in Bruges for an English patron and acquired by Thomas Houchon Lucas (1460-1539) of Suffolk, the secretary to Jasper Tudor and Solicitor General under Henry VII 1480-1490 (Add MS 89428)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Grant of land, dated 11 February [1555], issued during the reign of Mary I, Queen of England, and Philip II, King of Spain, pertaining to lands in Broughton, Merton and Tredesmowen in the commote of Coleshill, co. Flint 1555 (NLW MS 24145)
  • Pedigree, dated 1622, of Robert Davies, Gwysaney, co. Flint 1622 (NLW MS 24140)
  • John Salusbury of Erbistock (fl 1664), genealogist: pedigree roll recording the genealogy of the families of Puleston of Puleston, Salop, Puleston of Emrall, co. Flint, and Puleston of Havod-y-Wern, Denbigh, transcribed from the books of Robert Davies of Gwysaney, Edward Puleston of Allington, and Owen Salusbury of Rhug 1664 (NLW MS 24142)


Wellcome Collection

  • Gabriel Vaca (fl1553), Franciscan friar and author: 'Libro muy provechoso para todo fiel christiano intitulado sermonario quadragessimal medicinal' - Medical Lenten sermons intended for delivery throughout the period of Lent, drawing parallels between the treatment and well-being of the soul and that of the physical body 1553 (MS.9311)