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Major accessions to repositories in 2019 relating to Literature and Publishing


Berkshire Record Office

  • Windsor Borough Petty Sessions: court registers 1978-1980 (PS/WIacc10504)

Ceredigion Archives

  • William Morgan Rogers, (fl 1955-2010), translator, teacher, writer: literary and personal papers c1955-2010 (The W. M. Rogers Collection [WMR])

Coventry Archives

  • Coventry Evening Telegraph, newspaper: digital oral recordings and transcriptions 2019 (Acc: PA3391)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Frederick Cecil Boden (1902-1971), author: correspondence and account statements relating to Boden's novels and poetry, including reviews [transferred from Chesterfield Library] 1927-1969 (D8252)
  • John Cupit of Clay Cross (1871-1963), joiner, poet and amateur inventor: poems (c1930-1962) and his grandfather's (William Henry Wilson's) notebook containing verses c1817-1962 (D8251)

Devon Archives and Local Studies Service (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Sabine Baring-Gould, rector of Lew Trenchard, antiquary, folklorist and hymn writer: folder of original drawings, watercolours, and black and white postcards, with corresp rel to the publication, "Cliff Castles and Cave Dwellings of Europe" early 20th cent (SBG)

Dorset History Centre

  • Thomas Hardy (1840-1928), novelist and poet: letter to Clifford Allbutt 1922 (D-3143)

Essex Record Office

  • Sir William Gurney Benham (1859-1944), newspaper editor: account of his father, Edward Benham, as a boy, 1822-1828; account by Edward Benham of a 'Visit to the Isle of Wight August 1854'; partial account of a tour in Scotland by Edward and Mary Benham, 1858; comic sketches in pencil and ink, mainly on texts from 'The Merchant of Venice' and 'Romeo and Juliet'; cuttings of poems with manuscript additions, with loose papers, manuscript and printed poems; records of Benham family of Colchester 1808-1926 (A15129)

Glasgow City Archives

  • Andrew Byron (fl1860-1870): poetry 1860s-1870s (TD2104)

Gloucestershire Archives

  • Cheltenham Festival Associations: audio/visual material: audio cassettes, videos, CDs; programmes for all festivals: Music, Literature, Arts, Jazz; records incl minutes, press cuttings; reports, strategies and business plans 1945-2011 (D14708)

Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Hubback family of Chawton, Portsdown and Winchester: records comprising papers of: Catherine Anne Hubback (nee Austen, 1818-1877) Jane Austen's niece and married to John Hubback, incl typed manuscripts of some of her work, typescript copies of her letters, copies of articles, biographical information and a family tree; John Henry Hubback, incl manuscript scrapbook/memoirs, comprising letters, cuttings, notes and memoranda, also prints, engravings and copies relating to the publication of the biography 'Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers', photographs, correspondence, typed manuscript memoirs and memories of other members of the family; Sir John Hubback ('Jack', son of John Henry, later Governor of Orissa, India), incl manuscript of his memoirs 'A Wykehamist in the Indian Civil Service' c1960s, diary for 1940, further photographs, correspondence, cuttings, prints, engravings and ephemera rel to the family's ancestry and manuscript of a book about parents in Jane Austen's novels; Edith Brown (nee Hubback, daughter of John Henry and sister of Jack), incl copies of her short stories, many published, cuttings about her published works, miscellaneous photographs and correspondence; Helen Brown (daughter of Edith Brown) academic librarian, incl manuscripts of plays, adapted plays and a novel, correspondence, photographs and ephemera 19th-20th cent (88A19)

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office for

  • Benjamin Chamberlain, (fl1831-1835), bookseller: diary 1831-1835 (DE9913)

London Metropolitan Archives: City of London

  • John Johnson (Authors' Agent) Ltd.: records incl authors ledgers, correspondence with authors and photographs c1956-2003 (B19/113)

Richmond upon Thames Local Studies Library and Archive

  • Richmond and Twickenham Times, newspaper: negatives and photographs from the Surrey-side of the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames c1980-2005 (AD57)

Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Robert Cottle, bookbinder and printer, Taunton: manuscript volume containing recipes for ink, marbled papers and various other writings 1805 (A/ERY)

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

  • Henry Major Tomlinson (1873-1958), writer and journalist: literary mss and family correspondence 1920s-1940s (TH/9751)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford

  • Gay Taylor, (1896-1970), writer: papers incl mss and tss copies of titles incl 'A Prison, A Paradise', corresp, notebooks and journals 20th cent (WYB791)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees

  • Mollie Baskerville (1922-1987), dialect poet: papers incl published and unpublished poems, short stories for children, biographical notes and reminiscences 1970s-1980s (WYK1905)

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service

  • Worcester Writers' Circle: records, incl attendance lists, writing guides and publications 1941-2019 (16406)
  • Volume of 'Le avventure di Pinocchio Storia di un burattino' by Carlo Collodi, owned by Arthur Geoffrey Veasey Aldridge (1909-74) of Worcester, who was in the Royal Army Medical Corps and had the book with him when taken prisoner in 194; the book is signed and marked with a stamp of Stalag IX C 1941 (16374)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Donald Michael Thomas (b1935), writer and translator: papers c1960-2005 (Add MS 89363)
  • Malcolm Clarence Lowry (1909-1957), writer, and Janine Lowry Singer (1911-2001), writer: literary and personal papers 20th cent (Add MS 89373)
  • Marian O'Dwyer (b1946): correspondence with Lee Harwood (1939-2015), poet 1984-2015 (Add MS 89418)
  • Andrew Salkey (1928-1995), poet, novelist, and broadcaster: papers 20th cent (Add MS 89377)
  • Theodore Philip Stephanides (1896-1983), naturalist and poet: papers, mainly literary with some personal material c1899-1983 (Add MS 89407)
  • Evelyn Arthur St John Waugh (1903-1966), novelist: letters to Margaret Waugh (1942-1986), biographer and novelist 1953-1966 (Add MS 89397)
  • Charles Philip Castle Kains-Jackson (1857-1933), poet and lawyer: 'Carmina', notebook of poems 1904-1911 (Add MS 89380)
  • Margaret Forster (1938-2016), author: papers comprising material rel to her works, professional and private correspondence and personal papers 1949-2018 (Add MS 89408)
  • Sandy Berrigan (b1943), author: correspondence with Lee Harwood (1939-2015), poet 1971-2015 (Add MS 89415)

Manx National Heritage Library & Archives

  • Robert Charles Kelly, (1940-2018), reporter, editor, journalist and author: research and literary papers incl draft books c1960-2016 (MS 14551)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Argyll Publishing, Glendaruel: archive 1990-2013 (Acc.14049)
  • Happenstance Press, independent poetry publishers, Fife: records 1999-2018 (Acc.14048)
  • Laura Hird (b1966), novelist and short story writer: literary and personal papers c1988-2017 (Acc.14109)
  • Object Permanence, poetry magazine, Glasgow: editorial files and correspondence 1993-1998 (Acc.14034)
  • School of Poets, Edinburgh: papers comprising poems written by members 2016-2017 (Acc.14017)
  • Bill Sutherland (b1950), poet: draft poetry and prose c1980-2010 (Acc.14020)
  • Ian James Rankin (b1960), crime writer: archive c1983-2018 (Acc.14000)
  • Henry M Milner (fl 1818-1833), playwright: Acts I and III of 'The Talisman' Late 19th cent (Acc.14094)
  • William Angus McIlvanney (1936-2015), novelist, poet and journalist: literary papers c1966-2015 (Acc.14097)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Walter David Jones, (1895-1974), poet and artist : letters (7) to Donald Attwater and books (3) by David Jones titled 'Epoch and Artist', 'In Parenthesis' and 'The Anathemata' 1937-1964 (NLW MS 24045F)

National Maritime Museum: The Caird Library and Archive

  • Walter Lord (1917-2002), lawyer, author and popular historian, and William MacQuitty (1905-2004), film producer: material rel to MacQuitty's interest in Titanic and Lord's book 'A Night to Remember'; incl correspondence, photographs and transcripts of interviews with survivors of the sinking of the Titanic; storyboards and publicity material concerning 'A Night to Remember' 1940-1958 (REG18/000144)


Geological Society of London

  • Reverend Thomas George Bonney (1833-1923), geologist: corresp with the seventh Earl of Shaftesbury concerning the publication of Bonney's book 'A Manual of Geology', which was issued through the Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge (SPCK) and which led to Shaftesbury's resignation from SPCK 1878 (LDGSL/776)

Science and Industry Museum

  • Jon Savage (b1953 ), writer, broadcaster, music journalist: archive material representing his career in journalism rel to Warsaw/Joy Division/New Order, Factory Records and Factory Communications Ltd. 1977-2010 (2019-261)


Cambridge University Library: Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Arthur Hammond Marshall (1866-1934), author and journalist: diaries, manuscripts, albums, correspondence and related items 1890s-1930s (MS Add.10324)
  • Dennis Joseph Enright (1920-2002), poet and literary critic: correspondence and papers 20th-21st cent (MS Add.10303)
  • Gordon Jackson (b1938), poet, translator and publisher: correspondence and papers, ncluding the Grosseteste Press and Asgill Press archives 1960s-2010s (MS Add.10306)
  • Ian Richard Thomas Brinton (fl1990-2016), teacher and author: correspondence with literary authors, including Charles Tomlinson (1927-2015), poet and translator, and Andrew Crozier (1943-2008), poet publisher and academic 1990s-2010s (MS Add.10321)
  • James Reynolds Withers (1812-1892) poet: iterary papers and correspondence, incl papers rel to Janet Elizabeth Aspland (1849-1932) 1840s-1910s (MS Add,10313)
  • Margery Yvonne Hunt (1920-1989), novelist: typescript of novel 'Whenever there is music' c1970 (MS Add.10314)
  • Leavis, Frank Raymond (1895-1978), literary critic: letters to Philip Dosse 1972-1976 (MS Add.10294)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • William Thomas Stead (1849-1912) newspaper editor: trip to visit Tsar Nicholas II in Russia, interviews with Royal and political figures 1898-1904 (STED 9, acc 2094)
  • Barnard (Boni) Sones (b1953), journalist: audio podcasts for interviews conducted during centenary year of women in parliament 2018-2019 (SOBA, acc 2063 & 2100)

Dundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services

  • Alan Sharp (1934-2013), Scottish novelist and screenwriter: screenplays, personal and professional correspondence, notebooks and manuscripts c1960-2013 (ACC2019/1108)

Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • Vahe Petrossian (1939-2018), journalist : papers, audio-visual material, publications and grey literature rel to modern Iran and the Middle East oil sector 1990-2018 (PET)

Glasgow University Archive Services

  • Jacqueline Margaret Kay (b1961), Scots Makar, poet & novelist: copies (2) of poem commissioned for the signing of Memorandum of Understanding that commits the University of Glasgow and The University of the West Indies to work together in the foundation of a Glasgow-Caribbean Centre for Development Research 2019 (ACCN 4305)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Reverend Ewen McDiarmid (fl1762-1770): collected manuscript anthology of song and poetry 1770 (MS Gen 583)

Hull History Centre (Hull University Archives)

  • Stephen Gallagher (b1954), playwright and script writer: research material, drafts and corresp rel to the novelisation of Dr Who Warrior's Gate series 2007-2013 (U DGA)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Sir Max Hugh Macdonald Hastings (b1945), knight, author and journalist: correspondence and research relating to his books, chiefly on the Second World War and Israel 1977-2007 (Acc 3814)

Leeds University Library, Special Collections

  • J. R. R. Tolkien, (1892-1973), British writer, poet, philologist and academic: corresp c1920-1929 (MS 2244)
  • John Braine, (1922-1986), English novelist: mss draft 1959 (BC MS 20c Braine)
  • Tony Harrison, (b 1937), British poet, translator and playwright: notebooks of unpublished work, corresp, photographs, objects, books and ephemera 1950-2003 (BC MS 20c Harrison)

London University: London School of Economics, The Women's Library

  • Rosa Waugh Hobhouse (1882-1971), writer and pacifist: papers and personal correspondence, incl with Katie Gliddon (1883-1967), suffragist and artist 1870-1967 (HOBHOUSE)

London University: University College London (UCL) Special Collections

  • Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965), author: manuscript of Joan's Door, illustrated by artist William Townsend (1909-1973) 1926 (TOWNSEND)
  • Sonia Orwell (1918-1980), writer: letters to Janetta Parlade (1921-2018) literary socialite c1970 (ORWELL/S/1/A/131/44)

Manchester University: University of Manchester Library

  • Alison Brackenbury, b. 1953, poet: papers incl unpublished mss, corresp with poets, BBC and radio play scripts and articles 1973-2018 (2019/25)
  • Richard Wright Proctor, (1816-1881), barber, poet and author: holograph mss 'Memorials of Manchester Streets' 1873-1874 (2019/57)

Newcastle University: Special Collections

  • Peter Malcolm de Brissac Dickinson, (1927-2015) author and poet: manuscripts, correspondence and books 1927-2015 (PD)
  • Chaplin Michael (b.1951) writer: drafts, notes and promotional material 1980-2019 (MC)
  • Vicenza Holland (1923-2018) poet: personal papers, published and unpublished works c1960-2017 (VH)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Professor Harvey Pitcher (b1936), writer and translator: papers relating to his research on Anton Chekhov (1860-1904), playwright 1957-2019 (MS 1022)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections

  • Jenny Joseph (1932-2018), writer: archive 1945-2017 (MSS. 12404/1-132)
  • Thomas Rawson Taylor (1807-1835), minister and hymnodist: manuscript poems 1820-1830 (MS. 16088)
  • May Wedderburn Cannan (1893-1973), poet and writer: three printed volumes of poetry with associated autograph and manuscript poems 1917-1923 (MS. 16085)

Strathclyde University Archives

  • Ludovic Henry Coverley Kennedy (1919-2009), writer and broadcaster: typescript and manuscript drafts of published and unpublished writings; photographs; auction catalogue for the sale of Piers Place, Old Amersham; correspondence and leather cigarette case c1946-2009 (KEN)

Sussex University Library Special Collections

  • Caroline Starr Balestier Kipling (1862-1939), wife of Rudyard Kipling and the custodian of his literary legacy: collection of letters to a Mrs Watt, mostly concerned with the arrangements of Ronald Watt, Mrs Watt's son, visiting and staying with the Kiplings during the school holiday 1907-1936 (SxMs196)
  • Frances Catherine Partridge (1900-2004), diarist and author: collection of correspondence and ephemera received and collected by former Charleston Trust secretary Alan Martin 1981-2000 (SxMs197)

University of Birmingham: Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections

  • Alan Michell (1913-1985), diplomat: personal papers rel to his friend Henry Reed (1914-1986), poet and translator, the two having met whilst both were working at Bletchley Park during the Second World War c1940-1950 (MS969)

University of Bristol: Theatre Collection

  • Shakespeare 2nd folio leaf 1632 (2019/30)

University of Exeter Library (Special Collections)

  • Daphne du Maurier (1907-1989), author: letters, notebooks, papers relating to novels, articles, plays and poetry 20th cent (EUL MS 462)
  • Ethel Edith Mannin (1900-1984), writer: letters to Christopher Walker 1960s-1970s (EUL MS 452)

University of Gloucestershire Special Collections and Archives

  • Ursula Askham Fanthorpe (19292009): letters, dissertations, transcripts, diaries from Rosie Bailey rel to the U A Fanthorpe Archive c1930-2009 (G/04/19/1)
  • Michael Henry (b1942), poet: draft poetry, items and publications 1907-2018 (G/02/19/3)
  • Rebecca Tope (b1948), novelist and journalist: typescripts, letters, draft novels, floppy disks, photographs, short stories c1940-2011 (G/03/19/2)

University of Liverpool: Special Collections and Archives

  • John Kilian Houston Brunner, (1934-1995), science fiction author: photographs, corresp and artwork 1930s-1990s (D1221)
  • Arthur C. Clarke, (1917-2008), science fiction author: typewriter and calculating machine c1940-1949 (D1232)