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Major accessions to repositories in 2017 relating to Politics


Barking and Dagenham Archives and Local Studies Service

  • Dagenham Democratic Left: records rel to the Dagenham Communist Party, the Democratic Left and the Co-op c1970-2000 (ACQ2017/032)

Berkshire Record Office

  • Conservative and Unionist Association, Hurst branch: records 1906-1955 (D/EX2606)

Cambridgeshire Archives

  • Ely Diocese: Royal proclamations forming wrappers originally enclosing probate wills 1678-1699 (R117/045)
  • Friends of Austria, Cambridge branch: records c1939-1953 (R117/083)

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

  • Beaconsfield Conservative Association: records incl. minutes, accounts and speeches by Ian Gilmour, Lord Gilmour of Craigmillar 1978-2014 (AR 15/2017)
  • Great Missenden Conservative Association: records incl minutes, accounts and corresp 1977-2002 (AR 83/2017)

Ceredigion Archives

  • David Lewis Jones (1945-2010), House of Lords librarian: papers incl corresp and documents rel to his work in the House of Lords Library, photographs, slides, articles and scrap books compiled with GM Jones 19th-20th cent (DLJ)
  • National and Local Government Officers Association, Cardiganshire branch: medal and chain of office with list of names of people who acted as Chair 1974-1982 (DSO/162)

Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Barrow

  • Ulverston Conservative Club: minute books, register of members, accounts and corresp 1902-2013 (BDSO 163)

Denbighshire Archives

  • Marian Lyons (1923-2017), local government councillor, first woman to lead a county council in the United Kingdom: papers incl photographs, newscuttings, corresp, speech notes, pamphlets and scrapbooks 1946-1978 (DD/DM/1878)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Derby and District Trades Union Council: records incl minutes, newsletters and attendance books rel to the Council as well as the Derby Area Trades Union Council and Derbyshire Association of Trades Council c1955-1999 (D6364)
  • Wingfield Labour Party: records incl minutes, accounts, membership subscriptions, corresp and newscuttings 1970-2012 (D8052)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Martin Lawn (b 1947), educationalist: papers rel to education in Brighton and the Brighton branch of the Communist Party c1965-1980 (12890)

Essex Record Office

  • Epping Forest Constituency Labour Party: records 1960-1991 (A14716)

Flintshire Record Office

  • Ray Dodd (fl1976-2013), first mayor of Mold and local government councillor: scrapbooks and photographs late 20th cent (AN5142)

Glamorgan Archives

  • John Reynolds (1925-1990), Labour politician and Leader of Cardiff City Council: corresp and records rel to his membership of the Labour Party and work as Cardiff Councillor, papers rel to the development of St David's Hall and Cardiff Bay Development Corporation c1940-1990 (D1140)
  • Hirwaun Ward Labour Party: minute book 1952-1958 (D1433)
  • Porthcawl Town Council: records incl administrative filing, minutes, plans, Mayoral papers and Cornerstone Project papers 1843-2014 (D1050)

Gloucestershire Archives

  • Stroud Divisional Labour Party: minutes of general council and executive committee 1940-1959 (D14481)

Gwynedd Archives, Meirionnydd Record Office

  • Dwyfor-Meirionnydd Labour Party: minutes, accounts and pamphlets 2000-2013 (ZM6047)

Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Winchester Constituency Conservative and Unionist Association: minutes of Tangley, Hatherden and Wildhern branch 1978-1983 (33A15)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Petrie Bowen Wells (b1935), politician: records 1974-2004 (Acc 5914)

Kingston History Centre

  • Douglas Reynolds (1920-2017), councillor and mayor: personal papers, incl records rel to Kingston Labour Party 1929-2015 (KHC/2017/046)

Lancashire Archives

  • Lancaster Liberal Democrats: records 1988-2007 (DDX 3197)

Manchester Archives and Local Studies

  • Electoral register for City of Manchester 1856-1857 (2017/3)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Patrick Gowen (1932-2017), environmental activist: records incl campaign material and papers rel to short-wave radio interests c1970-2015 (ACC 2017/140)
  • North Norfolk Constituency Labour Party: additional records 20th cent (ACC 2017/60)

Northumberland Archives

  • Bedlington Labour Party: records incl minutes 1919-1970 (NRO 11529)

Perth and Kinross Council Archive

  • Alexander Dingwall (d 1946), cooper and Labour councillor: papers incl diary account of the Perth Hunger March 20th cent (17/59)

South Lanarkshire Council, Finance and Corporate Resources (Council Archives)

  • Blantyre Independent Labour Party: minute and credit books 1906-1914 (Accession 159)

Southampton Archives Office

  • Irene Candy (1923-2001), Mayor of Southampton: papers, photographs and other material rel to political careers of Jack and Irene Candy, mostly mayoralties in 1980s but also local history and City of Southampton Society c1940-2010 (D/Candy)

Stirling Council Archive Service

  • Stirling Conservative and Unionist Association: minutes, accounts and membership records 1874-2000 (1964)

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

  • Benedict Michael Gummer (b1978), MP for Ipswich: papers relating to his period as MP for Ipswich incl speech notes, correspondence, research notes and parliamentary documents c2010-2017 (GK409)

Surrey History Centre

  • Herbert Henry Spender Clay (1875-1937), politician and soldier: albums of cuttings and photographs relating to his first world war army service and to his political career 1908-1923 (9725)

Tyne and Wear Archives

  • Isaac Earl Featherston (1813-1876), politcian: records incl corresp and accounts 1830-1949 (5783)

Wandsworth Heritage Service

  • John Archer (1863-1932), politician, activist and photographer: photograph of a young man c1908 (HOW/303)

Wigan Archives and Local Studies

  • Lowton Labour Party: records incl minutes and meeting agendas 1963-1967 (Acc. 2017/41)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Helen Stella Alexander (1912-1998), Quaker and writer on Yugoslavia: papers 1904-1998 (Add MS 89279)
  • George Bilainkin (1903-1981), journalist: papers rel to the former Yugoslavia and Marshal Tito 1945-1956 (Add MS 89272)
  • John Fisher (1748-1825), Bishop of Salisbury: papers 1758-1849 (Add MS 89259)
  • John Flavell (1630-1691), Presbyterian minister and author of religious writings: ms notebook 'An Exposition of the Assemblies Catechism with practical inferences from each Question, as it was carried on in the Lords days Exercises in Dartmouth, in the first year of liberty 1688' c1688-1692 (Add MS 89247)
  • Florence Violet Garrard (1865-1938), artist: manuscript copy of 'Phantasmagoria' or 'Ready Reckoning by Rumour Run Riot' c1934 (Add MS 89240)
  • Music cypher ms passed to Charles II (1630-1685), King of Great Britain and Ireland, following the Battle of Worcester 1651 (Add MS 89288)
  • Sir John Perceval, 1st Earl of Egmont (1683-1748): autograph letter to John Pigott of Brockley rel to the state of Ireland following the accession of James II and the Monmouth Rebellion 1685 (Add MS 89253)
  • Letters rel to Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-1587), primarily on her trial and execution c1584-1587 (Add MS 89283)
  • Letters to Lady Frances, Countess Waldegrave (1821-1879) and Chichester Samuel Parkinson-Fortescue, Lord Carlingford (1823-1898) 1839-1898 (Add MS 89287)
  • Anne (1665-1714), Queen of Great Britain and Ireland: letters to Joseph I Holy Roman Emperor, and future Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI 1708-1938 (Add MS 89264)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Esther Breitenbach (b1950), political scientist and feminist historian: research papers 1990-2010 (Acc.13806)
  • Christopher Harvie (b1944), professor of British and Irish studies and politician: political and research papers c1980-2015 (Acc.13797)
  • Mary Christopher Nisbet-Hamilton (1802-1883), daughter of Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin: journal 1857 (Acc.13811)
  • Robert Thomas (fl 1794-1805), minister of Abdie: letter rel to Thomas Paine's Rights of Man 1794 (Acc.13780)
  • Sir John Adam Thomson (1927-2018), diplomat: personal and diplomatic papers c1895-2013 (Acc.13791)
  • George Wade (1673-1748), Field Marshal: report rel to Highlands of Scotland 1725 (Acc.13855)
  • William Cuthbertson Wolfe (1924-2010), chartered accountant, manufacturer and politician: personal and political papers c1950-1980 (Acc.13808)
  • North East Fife Conservative Association: records incl minutes, corresp and photographs c1902-2010 (Acc.13853)
  • Compendium of Sir George Mackenzie of Rosehaugh's 'Lawes and Customes of Scotland in Matters Criminall...', written and abridged by M. Wardrobe, Bathgate 1706 (Acc.13875)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Ray Davies (b1930), councillor and political activist: papers rel to his personal and political lives c1960-2014 (RAYDAV)
  • Helen Kaye Little (b1944), radiologist: papers rel to anti-windfarm protests at Cefn Croes and across Wales 1984-2016 (CCAG)
  • Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg (Welsh Language Society): Glamorgan-Gwent area: corresp rel to the use of the Welsh language in shops and businesses 1990-2000
  • Llanelly Trades Council and Divisional Labour Party: minute books 1932-1940 (DEIKIN)
  • North Wales Women's Liberal Federation: records incl minutes and papers 1929-1985 (NWLIBW)
  • Plaid Cymru: records incl National Council papers c1925-1994 (PLAMRU)
  • David Lloyd George (1863-1945), 1st Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor, statesman: handwritten letter to Frederick William Hughes rel to Welsh farmers aiding the war effort 1917 (NLW MS 24045F (amryw))

Parliamentary Archives

  • Bessie Le Cras (fl 1909-1924), suffrage campaigner and election agent: papers rel to work as one of Lady Astor's election agents, working under CG Briggs 1918-1924 (LCR)
  • Edward Moore (fl 1765-1778), House of Commons Journal indexer: volumes rel to indexing the House of Commons journals 1775 (HL/PO/RO/1/212)
  • Norah Cecil Runge (1884-1978), politician: newspaper cuttings albums rel to her parliamentary career 1931-1936 (RUN)
  • House of Commons, Table Office: questions presented to the House and procedural matters regarding questions 1861-2008 (6300)
  • House of Commons, Private Bill Office: HS2 promoter and response evidence 2013-2016 (HC/CL/PB/35)
  • House of Lords, Human Resources Office: files for House of Lords staff incl salary information and records rel to First World War service and pension ledgers 1813-2000 (6312)
  • House of Commons, Administration Committee: Visitor Facilities, Parliamentary Visitor and Information Centre and Parliament Square Feasibility Study 1998-2011 (6273)
  • House of Lords, Legislation Office: High Speed Rail 2 (London-West Midlands) Bill records incl promoter and petitioner evidence, agents and petitions, maps and plans 2013-2016 (HL/PO/PB/30)
  • House of Lords: Commissions of Royal Assent 2016-2017 (6233)
  • House of Lords, Legislation Office: Crossrail Bill records 2004-2008 (HL/PO/PB/29)


Labour History Archive and Study Centre (People's History Museum)

  • Peter Gary Tatchell (b 1952), political and LGBT activist and writer: posters and articles written for Peter Tatchell Foundation 1989-2011 (Acc 1543)
  • Labour Party: minutes 1995-2005 (Acc 1535)
  • Labour Party: Parliamentary Labour Party minutes, agendas and papers 1994-2016 (Acc 1530)

Royal Society

  • Robert McCredie May (b1936), Baron May of Oxford, scientist: additional papers rel to Oxford, political activities as scientific advisor to government and his time as President of the Royal Society 1940-2010s (RMM)

Working Class Movement Library

  • Broadheath Labour Party: minutes 1988-2002 (ORG/LP/BROADHEATH)
  • National Clarion Cycling Club, Foleshill Branch: minutes 1934-1948 (Acc 259)


Bath University Archives

  • European Union: posters rel to social and political subjects c1990-2012 (EU POSTERS)

Bristol University Information Services: Special Collections

  • Election addresses, publicity materials, press coverage, and manifestoes rel to the 2017 General Election for Westminster 2017 (DM2734)

Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre

  • Anthony Teasdale (b 1957), civil servant, special adviser: papers on the Conservative Party and Europe 1988-1990s (TEAS)

Dundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services

  • Sir William Nicoll (1927-2016), civil servant: policy documents, corresp and publications of the European Union c1980-2010 (2017/856)

Heritage Quay - University of Huddersfield Archives

  • Colin Challen (b 1953), politician: papers incl campaign materials and policy documents 1950-2000 (CCA)

London University: London School of Economics Library, Archives and Special Collections

  • Francis Edward Thornycroft (1926-2017), political activist and gay rights campaigner: gay rights papers incl lobbying letters and ephemera 1970s-2015 (HCA/THORNYCROFT)
  • United Kingdom Independence Party: papers collected by an activist from UKIP and other Eurosceptic pressure groups 1980-2010s (EUROSCEPTIC)

Swansea University: Richard Burton Archives

  • Women for Life on Earth, Greenham Common: papers rel to the Soviet trip with Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament from West Wales incl corresp, publications, newspaper articles and photographs 1981-1985 (2017/9)

University of Liverpool: Special Collections and Archives

  • Robert Bruce Aubry (1936-2016), college lecturer: papers rel to the Independent Labour Party and Keir Hardie incl letters, election information and ephemera c1880-1985 (D1155)