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National Army Museum Templer Study Centre: 2016 Accessions

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  • Norman Allen (fl 2016), Brigadier: filmed oral history interview conducted by Robert Fleming with Norman Allen, covering his experience of National Service, career with the Royal Military Police (RMP) and rel to deployment in Hong Kong, Northern Ireland, Berlin and with the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) 2016 (NAM.2016-10-5)
  • Capt Tim Ash (1933-2012): photograph albums rel to his time as Desert Intelligence Officer, architectural negatives, group photographs, maps and handwritten notes in Arabic c1970 (NAM.2016-03-37-69)
  • Edward George Spencer Churchill (1876-1964): papers incl a typewritten copy of his diary during his time with the Grenadier Guards and service in South Africa, covering the journey from Southampton to Capetown, duties at the front, sketch maps of the terrain and positions, camp conditions, and experiences in action 1900-1902 (NAM.2016-10-23-5)
  • Maj John Archibald Davenport (1878-1938), 2nd Bn Lancashire Fusiliers: manuscript history book 'The Torgau History of the European War' 1914-1918 (NAM.2016-01-13)
  • Gen Peter de la Billiere (b 1934): filmed oral history conducted by Sophie Stathi for the National Army Museum Building For The Future gallery development 2015 (NAM.2016-01-24-25)
  • Gen Sir Miles Christopher Dempsey (1896-1969): corresp with Sir Alan Lascelles, King George VI's private secretary, rel to Army uniform and the retention of the Sam Browne belt and the officer's sword 1947 (NAM.2016-01-10)
  • Edward VIII (1894-1972), King of Great Britain and Ireland, afterwards Duke of Windsor: letter to Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Earle DSO, Commanding Officer 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, rel to his disappointment at not being allowed to embark to France with the regiment, and optimism on the offensive on the front 1914 (NAM.2016-10-23-167)
  • Edward VII (1894-1972), King of Great Britain and Ireland, afterwards Duke of Windsor: letter to Denzil George Fortescue, 6th Earl Fortescue (1893-1977) from Warley Barracks, Brentford, rel to his commission into the 1st Grenadier Guards, conditions at Warley, training, and hopes to embark for Belgium 1914 (NAM.2016-10-23-168)
  • Capt Henry Riversdale Elliot (fl 1867-1868), Madras sappers and miners: papers, incl letters from Abyssinia to his wife Carmina in India, with details of the campaign and life in camp and during marches, a letter to his father-in-law Col Macintire in Bangalore, a booklet of campaign notes and orders, and printed transcripts of the letters entitled 'The march to Magdala and back' rel to the Abyssinia Campaign 1867-1868 (NAM.2016-10-11)
  • Cpl Ian Forsyth (fl 2003-2009), army photographer, Royal Logistic Corps: collection of digital images associated with Operation Telic, Iraq 2006-2007 (NAM.2016-04-110)
  • Sgt Rupert Frere (fl 2001-2012), Royal Logistic Corps: collection of digital images associated with Operation HERRICK, Afghanistan 2006-2012 (NAM.2016-04-9 to 108)
  • Lieut H P L Heyworth (fl 1900-1902), 2nd Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment: letters written during the Boer War to his sister, Winnie 1900-1902 (NAM.2016-11-7)
  • Katherine Emily Holt (b 1972), photojournalist: collection of digital images relating to the British Army's deployment to Sierra Leone in support of Ebola projects 2015 (NAM.2016-09-4)
  • Cpl Ian Houlding (fl 2007-2008), Royal Logistic Corps: digital images featuring the Parachute Regiment band, training exercises, the Ipswich camp, Operation HERRICK, recruitment, repatriation services, and royal visits 2007-2008 (NAM.2016-04-3 to 104)
  • Daniel Owen Woolgar Jarvis (b1972), politician: filmed oral history interview conducted by Dr Peter Johnston at Portcullis House, London, rel to Operation HERRICK, Afghanistan 2015 (NAM.2016-09-19)
  • L Cpl Teresa Moloney (fl 2016): digital photographs incl RLC female football team, RLC ski team members, and a portrait shot of Moloney in Afghanistan 2016 (NAM.2016-03-29)
  • Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery (1887-1976), 1st Viscount Montgomery: letter to 14 year old Ian Pepper advising him to join the army 1966 (NAM.2016-02-43)
  • Giles Penfound (b 1965), army photographer: collection of digital images entitled 'Bosnian Baptism', rel to the Chesshire Regiment and the Ahmici Massacre, Bosnia (contains graphic images - partially closed) 1993 (NAM.2016-04-111)
  • Brig General Francis John Pink (1857-1934): photograph album and scrapbook 1875-1931 (NAM.2016-03-1 to 2)
  • Helena Tym and Robin Thatcher: filmed oral history about the death of their son, Rfm Cyrus Thatcher, and the support offered by the armed forces charity SSAFA, conducted by Emma Mawdsley for National Army Museum Building For The Future gallery development 2015 (NAM.2016-01-15)
  • Lt Col Stuart Tootal (fl 2006-2016): oral history interview conducted by Mairead O'Hara for the National Army Museum Helmand exhibition 2016 (NAM.2016-06-4 & 2016-09-30)
  • Sir Edward Walker (1612-1677), Garter King of Arms: documents rel to the English Civil War in the West Country, incl minutes of meetings of the Council of War, draft proclamations and commissioning documents 1643-1645 (NAM.2016-07-42)
  • Maj Duncan Webb (fl 1900-1902), Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General 6th Division: papers rel to his experiences in South Africa during the Boer War c1900-1902 (NAM.2016-11-67)
  • 1st or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards: records 1701-1994 (NAM.2016-01-20, NAM.2016-10-23)
  • Ministry of Defence: map of Colchester training areas 1970 (NAM.2016-01-20)
  • Ministry of Defence: digital records 'The Historical Army List 1754-2005 Part I' 2013 (NAM.2016-12-6)
  • Ministry of Defence: the e-army list 2006-2013 (CD Roms) 2012-2014 (NAM.2016-12-8 to 13)
  • Old and the Bold Project: video interview with Chelsea Pensioners, Royal Hospital Chelsea 2016 (NAM.2016-03-23 to 27)
  • Trucial Oman Scouts: photographs, papers and videos of officers and activities c1951-1976 (NAM.2016-03-4, 9 to 12, 20)
  • Derek Eland: records incl images of diary card entries by serving soldiers, digital documents containing transcriptions of the cards and a digital film file of a night operation, 'Bahadar attack night firing', rel to Operation HERRICK 13, Afghanistan 2011 (NAM.2016-04-109)