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Lincolnshire Archives: 2016 Accessions

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  • Alford Petty Sessions: minute books, register of licences 1806-1965 (PS)
  • Boston Magistrates Court: register of licences, register of gaming act licences, register of bookmakers' permits (PS)
  • Bourne Enforcement Court: records 1994-1995 (PS)
  • Elloe Petty Sessions: magistrates court registers, youth court registers, enforcement court registers, licensing session minute books, fines and fees cash book 1952-1995 (PS)
  • Elloes, Bourne and Stamford Family Court: registers 1993-1995 (PS)
  • Grantham and Sleaford Magistrates Court, Family Proceedings Court: records 1994-1995 (PS)
  • Grantham Magistrates Court: registers 1983-1995 (PS)
  • Harmston Hall Hospital, Harmston: admission and discharge book 2005 (HOSP/HARMSTON)
  • Horncastle Petty Sessions: registers of licences, register of clubs, register of gaming machine permits 1949-1995 (PS)
  • Lincoln Magistrates Court: Lincoln district bail forms (monthly bundles) 1995-1996 (PS)
  • Louth Magistrates Court: register of licences, register of clubs, register of gaming machine permits 1961-1995 (PS)
  • Louth and Spilsby District Coroner: Louth and Spilsby Coroners records 2006-2007 (CORONER)
  • Rauceby Hospital: registers of Informal Admissions 1971-1982 (HOSP/RAUCEBY)
  • Sleaford Petty Sessions: Youth Court registers, Enforcement Court registers 1983-1995 (PS)
  • Spilsby Petty Sessions: registers 1882-1995 (PS)
  • Stamford and Bourne Petty Sessions: Youth Court registers 1993-1995 (PS)
  • Stamford Magistrates Court: Enforcement Court records 1993-1995 (PS)
  • Wainfleet St Mary parish: appointment of tithe redemption trustees, North Carlton, Wainfleet St Mary and Bilsby 1937-1938 (6-CHAR/20-22)