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Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive: 2016 Accessions

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  • Andrew Fisher Ensor (1918-2008), oil executive: additional papers rel to industry career 1949-1957 (0595)
  • William Gore (b 1951), Sultan's Forces Engineer: photographs rel to service in Oman 1975-1977 (0327)
  • Dehesh Houshang (b 1937): memoir 'Major Arms Procurement in Iran 1970-74' rel to his time as principal adviser to General Hassan Toufanian 2016 (0629)
  • Stephen Lloyd Langlie (b 1933), United States Military Assistance Advisory Group Mission to Tehran: memoir and interview rel to his role in Iran (1952-1953) incl account of 1953 coup 2016 (0351)
  • Sir Harold Alfred MacMichael (1882-1969), colonial administrator: additional papers and photographs incl material rel to Lady Nesta MacMichael 1938-1944 (0196)
  • Sir Alexander John Dickson Stirling (1927-2014), colonial administrator: papers and photographs, incl material rel to diplomatic postings in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Sudan 1941-2012 (0631)