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Isle of Man Public Record Office: 2016 Accessions

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  • Isle of Man Railway Co: records 1870-1978 (A54)
  • Board of Agriculture, Isle of Man: minutes and scheme files 1810-1990 (A57)
  • Court of Common Law, Isle of Man: records 1600-1901 (A58)
  • Customs and Excise, Isle of Man: accountant and comptroller's general department records 1910-1962 (A63)
  • Isle of Man Cabinet Office: chief secretary's office records [restricted access] 1939-1990 (A76)
  • Isle of Man Department of Education: records 1853-1994 (A67)
  • Isle of Man Department of Infrastructure, Public Transport Division: records 2010-2016 (A54)
  • Isle of Man Passenger Transport Board: records 1982-1986 (A54)
  • Treasury, Isle of Man: census returns, enumeration books and handbooks [restricted access] 1991 (A62)