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British Film Institute, Special Collections: 2016 Accessions

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  • Jonathan Gili (1943-2004), film-maker, editor and director: scripts and production papers c1960-1990 (SDE-2016-024)
  • Anna Benson Gyles (fl 1960-1990), director, editor, producer: scripts, correspondence, budgets, research and other production paperwork 1968-1998 (SDE-2016-032)
  • David Harcourt (1915-2013), camera operator: call sheets and contracts c1940-1970 (SDE-2016-033)
  • Tommie Manderson (1912-2015), make-up artist: papers incl continuity scripts, call sheets, unit & cast lists, Polaroids and behind-the-scenes photographs c1960-1990 (SDE-2016-028)
  • Francis Martin (fl 1990-2001), artist: film and television art department artwork, research and related documentation 1995-2001 (SDE-2016-015)
  • Robert Morgan (b 1974), animator: production material, storyboards, drawings and production photographs, incl material for 'The Cat with Hands' (2001) and 'The Separation' (2003) c2001-2011 (SDE-2016-040)
  • Adrian Padfield (fl 1950-1961), anaesthetist: items incl membership cards for Film Artiste's Association, Film Casting Association and a single sheet memoir 'Memories of Film Extra' rel to his film work while a schoolboy and later a medical student 1959-1961 (SDE-2016-038)
  • Alastair Reid (1939-2011), director: scripts and production papers c1960-1990 (SDE-2016-030)
  • Angelique Rockas (fl 1980-2017), actress: corresp with various directors incl Lindsay Anderson, Costa Gavras, Elia Kazan, Derek Jarman c1984-1988 (SDE-2016-012)
  • Alan Donald Whicker (1921-2013), journalist, television presenter and broadcaster: scripts, production papers, photographs and publicity material rel to his career c1960-1999 (SDE-2016-012)
  • Leonard White (1916-2016), producer: studio floor plans, shooting schedules and ratings figures c1960-1970 (SDE-2016-039)
  • Video Arts Ltd, training film company, London: records and videotapes 1972-2017 (SDE-2016-025)