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Major accessions to repositories in 2016 relating to Cinema, Drama and the Performing Arts


History of Advertising Trust Archive

  • Ridley Scott Associates (RSA), Production Company: digital files comprising the RSA film archive, featuring advertisements from the early career of Sir Ridley Scott c1970-1990 (HAT2016/34)


Angus Archives

  • Montrose Amateur Operatic Society: programmes, photographs and scrapbooks 1963-2009 (MS1121)

Barnsley Archive and Local Studies Department

  • Barnsley Co-operative Operatic Society: minutes (1974-1975) and programmes 1974-2002 (A/3666/G)

Bedfordshire Archives & Records Service

  • Leasiders Folk Dance Group: minutes 1948-2016 (Z1646)

Birmingham: Archives, Heritage and Photography Service

  • Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre: records 19th-20th cent (MS 2924)
  • Drum Theatre Co, Birmingham: records (MS 4852)
  • Birmingham Royal Ballet: additional records 1990-2015 (MS 4689)

Bury Museum and Archives

  • Hippodrome Theatre, Bury: scrapbook c1950 (RBH/2)

Coventry Archives & Research Centre

  • Belgrade Theatre, Coventry: marketing material incl programmes, fliers, posters, press releases and news cuttings 2003-2009 (PA3115)

Cumbria Archive Centre, Carlisle

  • Carlisle Abbey Singers: minutes 1964-1998 (DSO 405)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Bexhill Amateur Theatrical Society: records incl minutes and scrapbooks 1935-2016 (12611)
  • Sussex Playwrights Club: records 1971-2013 (12490)

Gwent Archives

  • Gwent Theatre: records incl accounts, corresp, production records, publicity materials and additional administrative records, programmes and posters c1950-2010 (D6176, Acc 6257)

Henry Moore Institute Archive

  • David Dye (1945-2015), sculptor and film maker: papers incl student work, sketchbooks, diaries, films, exhibition catalogues and corresp c1960-2010 (2016.1)

Hillingdon Local Studies, Archives and Museums Service

  • Syd Wilson (fl 1960), film editor: papers rel to work for Technicolor Ltd, his Oscar, and system for smoothing over the breaks in films 1946-1966 (ADB/16/37)
  • Syd Wilson (fl 1960), film editor: memoirs 'My Life after Technicolor', nd; 'Syd Wilson Remembers', 'My Life After School', with photocopy photographs and illustrations (ADB/16/35)

Manchester Archives and Local Studies

  • Contact Theatre, theatre and arts organisation, Manchester: minutes, annual reports, photographs, audio visual recordings and business records c1970-2010 (GB127.M860)
  • Cornerhouse, cinema and arts venue, Manchester: business records, photographs and files rel to visual arts exhibitions 1980-2015 (GB127.M861)

Orkney Archive

  • Alex Pirie (fl 1968-2000), writer and husband of Margaret Tait, film-maker: letters, diaries, videos and audio cassettes (AccNo 2180)

Powys Archives

  • Theatr Powys: additional records incl promotional material and photographs rel to Community, Theatre in Education, Mid Powys Youth Theatre and Llandrindod Drama Workshop productions, with tapes (217) of rehearsals, performances and projects 1975-2011 (P/C/D/TP)

Rochdale Local Studies and Archive

  • Rochdale Phoenix Opera Society: records incl letters, cast lists and programmes 1979-1986 (S/RPO/1)

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

  • Royal Shakespeare Company, theatre company: lighting design files, with additional accruing records rel to wider theatre activities 1978-2016 (RSC)

Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Wayfarers Pantomime Society, Taunton: additional minutes, corresp and accounts 20th cent (A\DLT)
  • Wessex Actors Company, Poole: scripts c1990-2009 (A\EEO)

Special Collections, The Mitchell Library

  • Bill Craig (1930-2002), scriptwriter and journalist: papers incl TV, radio and pantomime scripts 1950-1998
  • Robert Andrew Crampsey (1930-2008), writer, teacher and broadcaster: scripts, short stories, notes 1966-1987 (775041)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford

  • Great Horton Theatre Company: records incl minutes, corresp, newsletters, programmes and photographs 1934-2011 (WYB724)

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service

  • Malvern Concert Club: records 1910-2016 (15979)


British Film Institute, Special Collections

  • Jonathan Gili (1943-2004), film-maker, editor and director: scripts and production papers c1960-1990 (SDE-2016-024)
  • Anna Benson Gyles (fl 1960-1990), director, editor, producer: scripts, correspondence, budgets, research and other production paperwork 1968-1998 (SDE-2016-032)
  • David Harcourt (1915-2013), camera operator: call sheets and contracts c1940-1970 (SDE-2016-033)
  • Tommie Manderson (1912-2015), make-up artist: papers incl continuity scripts, call sheets, unit & cast lists, Polaroids and behind-the-scenes photographs c1960-1990 (SDE-2016-028)
  • Francis Martin (fl 1990-2001), artist: film and television art department artwork, research and related documentation 1995-2001 (SDE-2016-015)
  • Robert Morgan (b 1974), animator: production material, storyboards, drawings and production photographs, incl material for 'The Cat with Hands' (2001) and 'The Separation' (2003) c2001-2011 (SDE-2016-040)
  • Adrian Padfield (fl 1950-1961), anaesthetist: items incl membership cards for Film Artiste's Association, Film Casting Association and a single sheet memoir 'Memories of Film Extra' rel to his film work while a schoolboy and later a medical student 1959-1961 (SDE-2016-038)
  • Alastair Reid (1939-2011), director: scripts and production papers c1960-1990 (SDE-2016-030)
  • Angelique Rockas (fl 1980-2017), actress: corresp with various directors incl Lindsay Anderson, Costa Gavras, Elia Kazan, Derek Jarman c1984-1988 (SDE-2016-012)
  • Alan Donald Whicker (1921-2013), journalist, television presenter and broadcaster: scripts, production papers, photographs and publicity material rel to his career c1960-1999 (SDE-2016-012)
  • Leonard White (1916-2016), producer: studio floor plans, shooting schedules and ratings figures c1960-1970 (SDE-2016-039)
  • Video Arts Ltd, training film company, London: records and videotapes 1972-2017 (SDE-2016-025)

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Beryl Bainbridge (1934-2010), actress and writer: draft pages of the 'Dressmaker' and 'The Bottle Factory Outing' c1972-2010 (Add MS 89195)
  • Dame Joan Dawson Bakewell (b 1933), broadcaster and writer: personal, professional and literary papers c1900-2014 (Add MS 89161)
  • William Wilkie Collins (1824-1889), novelist and playwright: playscript for 'The New Magdalen' 1871 (Add MS 89175)
  • John Furse (b 1947), artist and film maker: records rel to Bryan Stanley Johnson c1965-2004 (Add MS 89185)
  • Sir Arthur John Gielgud (1904-2000), actor and theatre director: corresp with Mr Scott about 'Hamlet' 1945 (Add MS 89196)
  • Edward Hardwicke (1932-2011), actor: albums 1935-2004 (Add MS 89206)
  • Patrick Joseph Gregory Kavanagh (1931-2015), writer, poet and actor: records 1948-2008 (Add MS 89172)
  • Joan Maud Littlewood (1914-2002), theatre director: records 1931-2002 (Add MS 89164)
  • Harold Pinter (1930-2008), actor and playwright: corresp with Jimmy Law, Richard Seaver and Alan Wilkinson c1950-2016 (Add MS 89182, Add MS 89181, Add MS 89222)
  • William Woodard Self (b 1961), author, journalist, and broadcaster: papers 20th cent (Add MS 89203)
  • Kenneth Charles Williams (1926-1988), actor: diaries, correspondence and general papers 1942-1988 (Add MS 89208)

National Army Museum Templer Study Centre

  • Helena Tym and Robin Thatcher: filmed oral history about the death of their son, Rfm Cyrus Thatcher, and the support offered by the armed forces charity SSAFA, conducted by Emma Mawdsley for National Army Museum Building For The Future gallery development 2015 (NAM.2016-01-15)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Richard Jobson (b 1960), film-maker: diaries, notebooks and filmscripts c1982-2012 (Acc.13740)
  • Lex McLean (1907-1975), comedian: account book, scripts and memorabilia 1949-1974 (Acc.13700)

V&A Department of Theatre and Performance

  • Almeida Theatre Company, London: business papers, photographs, press cuttings, audio visual and sound material and scripts c1970-2010 (THM/479)
  • Monstrous Regiment Theatre Company, London: business papers, photographs, press cuttings, posters, scripts and audio visual and sound material c1970-2000 (THM/450)


Bishopsgate Institute

  • Rodney Archer (1940-2015), writer: personal papers c1950-2000 (ARCHER)

Black Cultural Archives

  • Nzingha Assata (b 1951), political activist: letters, pamphlets, and newspaper articles about the campaign against the play 'Slave Babies' produced by Blue Mountain Theatre 1995 (AC2016/01)

Wellcome Collection

  • 'Cholera morbus or love and fright, a comic sketch in one act', annotated script for a play performed at the Royal Coburg Theatre, London 1831 (MS.9218)

Westminster Abbey Library and Muniment Room

  • Purcell Club, male voice group: records 1984-2000 (WAM CO/08)


Bangor University, Archives and Special Collections

  • Sir Huw Pyrs Wheldon (1916-1986), television broadcaster: corresp incl some material rel to his wife, Jacqueline Weldon 20th cent

Cambridge University Library: Department of Archives and Modern Manuscripts

  • Edward Rose (1849-1904), playwright: playscripts, family corresp and papers 1857-1906 (MS Add.10138)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Oswald Rae (1892-1967), magician: misc letters and papers 1928-1962 (E2016:83)

Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

  • Peter Frame (b 1942), music journalist: transcripts and notes for the Rock Family Trees TV programmes 1995-1998 (MS Gen 1775)

Heritage Quay - University of Huddersfield Archives

  • John Henry Whitley (1866-1935), MP, Speaker of the House of Commons: recording of the inauguration of the BBC Empire Broadcasting Service, with transcript of Whitley's speech 1932 (JHW/11)

Hull History Centre (Hull University Archives)

  • Richard Bean (b 1956), playwright: personal papers incl diaries and notebooks, corresp, research notes, playscripts, cuttings 20th-21st cent (U DRBE)

Kingston University Archives and Special Collections

  • Anthony Arnell (fl 1960-2016), casting director: theatre programmes with annotations on cast members c1960-2010 (KUAS192)

Leeds University Library, Special Collections

  • William Gaskill (1930-2016), theatre director: proofs of book, production papers, manuscript notebooks with notes and artworks rel to productions, business and personal corresp, playscripts, photographs 1958-2010 (BC MS 20c Theatre, Gaskill/1)
  • Andy Lipman (1952-1997), television producer and writer: personal and business corresp, notes for productions, scrapbooks, newspaper and magazine cuttings, photographs, slides, transparencies, videos, cassette tapes 1968-1997 (MS 2046)
  • Wole Soyinka (b 1934), playwright and poet: playscripts, newspaper cuttings, corresp, pamphlets, posters and photographs assembled by Martin Banham, with material rel to Cyril Lionel Robert James, (1901-1989), playwright 1967-2008 (MS 1748/4)
  • West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds: stage management papers, scripts, production papers, technical drawings, photographs, flyers, posters 1994-2016 (BC MS 20c Theatre West Yorkshire Playhouse)

London University: Senate House Library

  • George Barrington (1755-1804), thief: manuscript of the poem 'The Barrington Prologue', allegedly declaimed by notorious pickpocket George Barrington on the opening of Australia's first theatre (1796) 1800-1904 (MS1216)

Newcastle University: Special Collections

  • Tyne Theatre Trust (Northern Stage), Theatre in Education: governance and production records 2006-2015 (NS)

Sheffield University Library

  • Stuart Golland (1945-2003), actor and playwright: papers incl scripts, publicity material, corresp, photographs and recordings c1960-2003 (MS 459)
  • Richard Hoggart (1918-2014), academic, broadcaster and writer: additional corresp and papers 1919-2007 (MS 543)

Sussex University Library Special Collections

  • Nina Masel (fl 1930-1979), diarist and employee of Mass Observation: papers rel to her work for Mass Observation and as a film critic c1940-1979 (SxMOA99/163)

Trinity College Dublin

  • St John Greer Ervine (1883-1971), playwright and novelist: personal papers incl corresp and proofs 20th cent (IE TCD MS 11530)

University of Birmingham: Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections

  • John Gordon Williams (fl 1924-1999), clergyman and religious broadcaster: personal and business corresp rel to BBC broadcasts and publications, typescripts of broadcasts, with photographs and personal notebooks c1924-1999 (MS888)

University of Bristol: Theatre Collection

  • Liane Aukin (1936-2016), director, actor and writer: personal and professional papers incl scripts, photographs and cassette tapes rel to The Silver Lady (Birmingham Rep); radio play scripts; Eastenders scripts; material rel to projected television series on Florence Nightingale; personal notebooks, diaries, dream reports, audio-visual material 20th cent (2016/060)
  • Norman Ayrton (b 1924), actor, director and teacher: personal papers, corresp and designs incl material rel to Old Vic Theatre School, LAMDA, Julliard and in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada, with an oral history interview with Norman Ayrton by Christopher Cook 20th cent (2016/059)
  • Bristol Old Vic Co, Bristol, theatre company: photographs and reproductions of plans of Bristol Old Vic c1969-1971 (2016/052)
  • Royal Theatrical Fund: records incl charter, trust deed, rules and regulations, minutes, subscription ledgers, photographs, art works and proceedings of events 18th-20th cent (2016/029)
  • Collected designs incl by Tanya Moiseiwitsch, Lila de Nobli, Wendy Taye and Peter Rice, with portfolios of Robert Searle designs for Wild Thyme 20th cent (2016/047)