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King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives: 2014 Accessions

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  • Sir William Gerald Hugh Beach (b 1923), General: speeches, talks and sermons on topics incl international defence, nuclear weapons, NATO, terrorism, Israeli-Palestinian relations and the ethics of warfare 1978-2013 (Beach)
  • Edward Robert Victor Burns (1896-1968), Colonel: 'Boy at a Gallop', a fictionalised account of Burns' First World War service, and an account of his command of the 'A' Field (Anti-Tank) Regiment, Royal Artillery, 1940 1965 (Burns, E R V)
  • Lionel Peter Collins (1878-1957), Brigadier: letters sent home from his service with the Indian Army, some rel to action in Gallipoli 1913-1924 (Collins, L P)
  • Frances Justina Collins (fl 1883-1919), volunteer in Women's Auxiliary Army Corps: letters sent home rel to service with the Army Corps in Berlin 1919 (Collins, F J)
  • Robert John Collins (1880-1950), Major General: letters sent home from the Western Front rel to service on the General Staff, British Expeditionary Force 1914-1918 (Collins, R J)
  • Ralph Collins (1877-1957), Rear Admiral: letters sent home incl eye-witness account of the Battle of Jutland and the Royal Navy raid on Zeebrugge 1916-1918 (Collins, R)
  • Alfreda Glenny (1884-1973), Red Cross volunteer: account of her experience as a Red Cross volunteer nurse in Montenegro in the First World War 1965 (Glenny)
  • James Gow (fl 1990-2013), professor of international peace and security: corresp and research rel to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, media coverage of conflict, and international peace-keeping 1990-2013 (Gow)
  • Stuart Dewes Hayward (1898-1983), Lieutenant Colonel: First World War photographs of British troops in Mesopotamia, with post-war photographs of British Army armoured cars in Egypt and Sudan and diary of safari in Sudan 1917-1925 (Hayward)
  • Charles Richard Hiscocks (1907-1998), professor of political science and international relations: personal corresp rel to education and career in 1930s Berlin and later service in the British Council, Austria 1920-1950 (Hiscocks)
  • Edward Richard Holmes (1946-2011), Brigadier, professor of military and security studies, military historian: papers rel to military career and military history research papers 1969-2011 (Holmes)
  • Thomas Maxwell Moncrieff Penney (1893-1969), Captain: letters sent home during service with the Royal Engineers, from Salonika, Chanak, Turkey and India 1917-1919 (Penney, T M M)
  • John Stuart Pepys Rawlins (1922-2011), Medical Director General of the Navy: papers rel to research, notably on ejector seats for military aircraft 1953-1973 (Rawlins)
  • Keith Glennie-Smith (fl 1953-2011), Lieutenant Colonel: colour slides taken during service as a medical officer in the Korean War, with memoir 'Extracts from the lost diary of a National Service Medical Officer' 1953-2011 (Glennie-Smith)