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National Maritime Museum: The Caird Library: 2014 Accessions

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  • Gordon Reinhold Bald (1895-1956), Captain RN: journals 1903-1915 (BLD)
  • Frederick Arthur Buckley (1887-1952), Rear Admiral: diaries, logbooks and papers 1904-1933 (REG12/000300)
  • Colin Dundas (1842-1911), Lieutenant RN: navigational papers, incl a sight book from service on HMS Topaze 1852-1878 (NVT/46)
  • Philip Pipon (fl 1814-1815), Captain RN: report by Captain Pipon of HMS Tagus, describing the rediscovery of Pitcairn Island in 1814 and the settlement descended from the mutineers of HMS Bounty (1789) c1815 (REG14/000215)
  • Devitt & Moore, shipowners, London: additional records rel to ships owned, chartered and loaded by the company incl registers of vessels, voyage books and log books, with business records incl accounts and registers rel to officers and cadets 1859-1926 (REG14/000174)
  • Log book for HMS Cleopatra (1878), HMS Orontes (1862), HMS Malata and HMS Duke of Wellington (1852), kept by Ernest F de Chair 1881-1884 (LOG/N/42/2)
  • Log book of HMS Sybille and its tender HMS Black Joke, incl a letter from Lieutenant Henry Downes about the capture of the slave ship El Almirante by HMS Black Joke 1827-1829 (LOG/N/41)
  • Log book of HMS Malabar and HMS Sultan kept by Ernest F de Chair 1884-1885 (LOG/N/42/1)