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Oxford University: Griffith Institute: 2014 Accessions

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  • Terence DuQuesne (1942-2014), Egyptologist: papers incl manuscripts, photographs and digital files c1970-2014
  • Arthur Cruttenden Mace (1874-1928), Egyptologist: excavation journals, whilst working with Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie (1898-1901) and George Andrew Reisner (1901-1902) 1898-1902
  • Thomas Eric Peet (1882-1934), Egyptologist and archaeologist: papers incl personal corresp, certificates, photographs, notes for Peet's books on Neolithic Italy, a travel notebook, lecture notes, press cuttings, and a notebook on Latin and Greek classes c1900-1934 (Peet MSS)
  • Walter Segal (1907-1985), architect, furniture designer, archaeological surveyor: additional papers incl notes, drawings, negatives and photographs of thrones, chairs, stools and footstools, mainly from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (1935) and the British Museum in London (1936), with reference notes for furniture records 1935-1936 (Segal MSS)
  • Christian Tutundjian de Vartavan (b 1965), Director of the Armenian Egyptology Centre: additional material rel to the study of botanical specimens from the tomb of Tutankhamun incl corresp, notes and reports, papers rel to seminars and lectures, and negatives c1980-1999
  • Colin Christopher Walters (1937-2006), Egyptologist and coptologist: papers incl notes, drafts, lectures, annotated photocopies and notebooks c1960-1999