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St Bartholomew's Hospital Archives and Museum: 2014 Accessions

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  • Judith Crossley (d 2009), domestic supervisor at St Bartholomew's Hospital: photographs of staff and events at St Bartholomew's Hospital, mainly of the Domestic Supervisor's team c1960-1980 (SBHG2014/10)
  • Alfred White Franklin (1905-1984), paediatrician: photographic slides, incl medical photography and teaching slides c1960-1979 (SBHG2014/19)
  • Betty Plumley (fl 1939-1945), nurse: papers incl training and registration certificates from time as a student nurse at St Bartholomew's Hospital (1939-1944), with case notes and photographs 1943-1945 (SBHG2014/02)
  • Katrina Thomas (fl 1944-2000), nurse: training lecture and class notes from time as a student nurse at St Bartholomew's Hospital, with biographical notes c1944-2000 (SBHG2014/25)
  • Eliza Wheal (fl 1921-1949), nurse: diary, photographs and papers rel to St Bartholomew's Hospital where Wheal was a student nurse (1921-1924) c1923-1949 (SBHG2014/22)
  • Barts and The London Charity: legacy files rel to St Bartholomew's Hospital 1956-2004 (SBHT2014/13)
  • Save Barts, campaign group: papers rel to the campaign to save St Bartholomew's Hospital from closure, incl posters and photographs c1993-1994 (SBHG2014/13)