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Royal College of Midwives Archives: 2014 Accessions

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  • Elizabeth A Hackett (1935-2013), midwife: case registers 1959-1965 (RCMS/236)
  • Nicky Leap (b 1948) and Billie Hunter (b 1953), midwives, authors and academics: audio files and transcripts of interviews with midwives and women who experienced childbirth during the 1920s and 1930s, for a collaborative publication, 'The Midwife's Tale: An Oral History from Handywoman to Professional Midwife' c1980-2009 (RCM/2014/22)
  • Mary Lewis (1923-2014), midwife: case books and registers 1948-1959 (RCMS/231)
  • Ellena M Salariya (fl 1940-2010), midwife: memoir detailing experience as Chair of the Royal College of Midwives Dundee Branch 1953-1985 (RCMS/239)
  • Joyce Westmore (fl 1980-1989), midwife: case register 1983-1987 (RCMS/226)
  • Daphne Judd, midwife: case register and photographs 1941 (RCM/2014/21)
  • Doreen Madge Young, midwife: case registers 1941-1952 (RCMS/234)
  • Dorothea Mackrell, midwife: papers and certificates 1944-1970 (RCMS/228)
  • Dorothy Patricia Willson, midwife and maternity nurse: case registers and papers 1942-1963 (RCMS/238)
  • Eleanor Mary Dent, midwife: case books and registers 1946-1948 (RCMS/233)
  • EM Noton, midwife: case register 1926-1927 (RCMS/237)
  • Ethel Maine, midwife: midwifery lecture notes 1901 (RCMS/108)
  • Gweneth Mary Fitton, midwife: papers rel to training and career incl photographs and case registers 1933-1983 (RCMS/227)
  • Jessie Clara Butcher, midwife: papers and certificates 1945-1963 (RCMS/230)
  • Marion Alice Papworth, midwife: papers and certificates 1940-1941 (RCMS/229)