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London University: Institute of Education: 2014 Accessions

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  • Gene Adams (fl 1958-1996), museum education advisor: additional records 1963-1999 (DC/27/14)
  • Richard Aldrich (d 2014), professor in the history of education: papers rel to the history of the Institute of Education 1890-1999 (DC/20/14)
  • Caroline Middleton DeCamp Benn (1926-2000), educationalist and writer: personal records rel to educational work 1960-1999 (DC/03/14)
  • David Hicks (fl 1957-2013), professor of education: teaching materials and papers 1957-2013 (DC/07/14)
  • Ken Jones (fl 1993-2010), professor of education: papers rel to the Socialist Teachers Alliance, oral history transcripts, seminar papers 1970-1999 (DC/10/14)
  • Sir Peter Newsam (b 1928), educationalist: speeches and articles 1983-2002 (DC/23/14)
  • Rosemary Sassoon (b 1931), handwriting expert: additional records 1980-1999 (DC/08/14, DC/21/14)
  • Russell Scott (1873-1961), founder of the Phonetic Alphabet Association: personal papers and corresp 1886-1960 (DC/16/14)
  • Peter Williams (fl 1980-1999), professor of education: papers rel to work in international education 1970-1999 (DC/24/14)
  • All London Parents' Action Group (ALPAG) and Parents' Initiative: corresp and papers 1986-1997 (DC/26/14)
  • British Families Education Service, later Service Children's Education Association: additional records 1960-2016 (DC/01/14, DC/25/14)
  • Children's Rights Alliance for England (CRAE): organisational and project papers 1970-2012 (DC/14/14)
  • Girls' Day School Trust: additional records 1879-2013 (DC/04/14, DC/05/14, DC 06/14, DC/09/14, DC/18/14)
  • International Personal Development Association (IPDA): minutes and papers 1990-2012 (DC/02/14)
  • Leggatt Trust: additional records 1991-2002 (DC/15/14)
  • London University Institute of Education, Effective Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Education Project: steering group and team meeting papers with related records 1997-2014 (DC17/14)
  • London University Institute of Education, Laboratories Investigation Unit: working papers for projects 1972-1983 (DC/22/14)
  • Corresp of Professor Sir John White and Cyril Burt on the nature of giftedness and the validity of IQ tests 1970-1971 (DC/12/14)
  • Research papers of David Farnell rel to Henry Morris (1889-1961), educationalist 1936-1991 (DC/13/14)