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Sheffield University: National Fairground Archive: 2014 Accessions

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  • Lulu Adams (fl 1880-1962), circus performer: business records, photographs, original artwork and press cuttings c1880-1959 (NFA0042)
  • Malcolm Airey (fl 1970-1998), author and researcher: research papers on circuses incl notebooks and corresp, and collection of posters, programmes and photographs 1990-1998 (NFA0081)
  • Lionel Bathe (fl 1940-1959), fairground and steam enthusiast: photographs and accompanying notebooks of fairgrounds and circuses in the Bristol and Gloucestershire region c1940-1959 (NFA0044)
  • Billy Bellhouse (fl 1930-1939), motorcycle stunt rider: photographs of 'Wall of Death' shows, handbills, press cuttings and accounts c1930-1939 (NFA0038)
  • David Braithwaite (1932-1982), architect and author: business records, monographs, articles, corresp, press cuttings, catalogues, programmes, films and photographs c1880-1989 (NFA0053)
  • Barbara Buttrick (b 1930), boxer: photographs, handbills and programmes rel to boxing career 1947-1968 (NFA0083)
  • Marisa Carr (fl 1970-2015), dancer and performer: programmes, posters and handbills rel to experimental performance shows 1970-2014 (NFA0095)
  • Gerry Cottle (b 1945), showman and circus owner: posters and programmes c1970-2013 (NFA0097)
  • Cyril Critchlow (1923-2008), magician: programmes, posters, handbills, books and magic journals, many rel to shows in Blackpool c1860-1999 (NFA0089)
  • Noel Drewe (fl 1927-1995), circus historian and amateur filmmaker: films of circuses and accompanying notebooks 1927-1995 (NFA0058)
  • Hal Fisher (1909-2002), showman: photographs and programmes of tours and shows, and research into performers at Blackpool Tower Circus 1894-1999 (NFA0024)
  • Thomas W Green (fl 1911-1968), showman and fairground researcher: papers rel to fairgrounds incl photographs, manuscripts, corresp, press cuttings, cash books, programmes and artworks 1911-1968 (NFA0001)
  • Fred Holmes (1878-1951), cinematograph pioneer: posters, programmes, photographs, handbills, press cuttings and corresp with and rel to Jasper Redfern (1872-1928), optician and filmmaker 1896-1912 (NFA0065)
  • Ben Jackson (fl 1903-1923), variety performer, comedian and musician: posters, handbills, programmes, business records, trade material and corresp rel to banjo variety act 1903-1923 (NFA0106)
  • Harder Jonsson (1912-1979), performer and animal trainer: photographs rel to career as an animal trainer and his time with the Riskett, Chipperfields and Jeserich Circuses 1920-1955 (NFA0043)
  • Ronald Kaye (1921-2006), magician and performer: programmes, handbills, photographs and digitised notebook c1940-2000 (NFA0075)
  • Harry Lee (1913-1997), showman: photographs, posters and documents rel to Lee's work on preserving and running the Steam Yacht fairground rides c1900-1980 (NFA0076)
  • Ralph Norman (1909-1994), performer, actor and showman: business records, corresp, photographs, monographs, press cuttings and costumes c1930-1969 (NFA0087)
  • Alma and Horace 'Skid' Skinner, motorcycle stunt riders: photographs, posters and handbills rel to 'Wall of Death' stunt rider shows and tours c1930-1939 (NFA0046)
  • John Turner (d 2007), author and researcher: research papers rel to indexes of circus performers from the Victorian period onwards 1990-2007 (NFA0063)
  • Anderton & Rowland, fairground proprietors: photographs and press cuttings c1920-1969 (NFA0009)
  • Argyle Theatre of Varieties, Birkenhead: records and posters 1868-1936 (NFA0117)
  • Dick Scott-Stewart, photographer: slide transparencies for his 1974 publication 'Fairground Snaps' 1970-1990 (NFA0072)
  • Eyres family, circus proprietors: posters, programmes and photographs c1950-1989 (NFA0110)
  • Handby & Celeine, variety and music hall performers: posters, photographs, sheet music, business records and corresp rel to the dancing and burlesque comedy on skates act 1932-1939 (NFA0106)
  • Hodson Portable Theatre Company, Sheffield: papers, photographs, press cuttings, programmes and memoirs rel to the travelling theatre run by the Hodson family late 19th cent (NFA0098)
  • George Orton, Sons & Spooner Ltd, makers of fairground rides and equipment, Burton-upon-Trent: records incl accounts, order forms, plans, ride specifications, photographs and artwork c1870-1969 (NFA0070)
  • Shufflebottom family, travelling show performers, Yorkshire: accounts, papers, photographs and posters c1890-1989 (NFA0014)
  • Smart family, circus and fairground proprietors: business papers, photographs, films, posters and programmes 1946-2014 (NFA0079)
  • Taylor's (Theatrical) Printers Ltd, Wombwell: posters, handbills and other advertising material for pantomimes, circuses and fairgrounds c1890-1989 (NFA0069)
  • Testo family, fairground showmen: records c1830-1999 (NFA0032)
  • Hull Fair project: research papers, audio-visual material, digitised images, oral history recordings and transcripts rel to the project c1800-2005 (NFA0071)
  • Showmen's Guild of Great Britain: records incl minutes, yearbooks and corresp 1910-2014 (NFA0054)
  • Plans of Newcastle Hoppings Fair 1930-2000 (NFA0091)
  • Photographs, press cuttings and papers documenting various fairgrounds, rides and circuses from a number of fairground enthusiasts 20th cent (NFA)