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Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive: 2014 Accessions

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  • Naji Salim Al-Ali (1938-1987), cartoonist: papers, incl original and copy cartoons c1970-1987 (0599)
  • Sir Richard Ashton Beaumont (1912-2009), diplomat, Arabist: papers rel mainly to Foreign Office service, incl as Consul in Jerusalem (1948) and in the Buraimi Oasis dispute (1960) 1941-1995 (0597)
  • Michael Paul Butler (b 1940), soldier and development adviser, Abu Dhabi and Oman: memoir 'Muscat Notebook' and 'Salah Notebook' (c1970-1977) 2014 (0563)
  • Andrew Fisher Ensor (1918-2008), oil executive: papers rel to his career in the oil industry 1964-1975 (0595)
  • Sir William Rupert Hay (1893-1962), Lieutenant Colonel, Indian administrator: photograph albums rel to school, Mesopotamia (1917-1919), Waziristan and the North West Frontier, visit to Pre Ghal, Dokalim Boundary Commission (1932), Mardan, Malakand, Swat (1932-1933), Kabul and Afgahnistan 1910-1935 (0138)
  • Anthea Holme (1919-2012): scrapbooks, pamphlets and oral history interview rel to her life in Palestine (1945-1946), with related material c1940-2010 (0590)
  • William Harold Ingrams (1897-1973), colonial administrator, author: additional corresp, papers and photographs rel to work in Zanzibar, Aden and the Gold Coast, research and draft publications, with some papers rel to his wife Doreen and her radio career c1912-1989 (0156)
  • Hugh Raymond Leach (b 1934), soldier, diplomat, explorer: papers and photographs rel to life and travels incl diaries and photographs rel to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Persia, Luristan, Pakistan, the discovery of Lake Shiwa as a source of the Oxus, Yemen, Kashgaria and Istanbul 1911-2011 (0549)
  • Norman Nicholson Lewis (1919-2010), conscientious objector: diary and papers rel to wartime service with the Friends Ambulance Unit in Libya and Spears Mobile Clinics in Syria 1940-1946 (0414)
  • Eric Norgate (fl c1938-1949), Palestine Police: notebook from Palestine Police Service with information on individuals and political, economic and military organisations c1938-1949 (0598)
  • Valerie Winifred Robinson (b 1934): memoir, papers and photographs rel to life and work as a personal assistant at the Political Residency, Bahrain, and the British Embassy, Muscat 1968-2014 (0594)
  • Harry Llewellyn Wade (1908-1983), airman: biographical account and photograph album rel to Royal Air Force service in India and Iraq (1928-1934) 1928-2014 (0592)
  • John Edward Ward (b 1940): papers and photographs rel to service in the Sultan's Armed Forces, Oman incl notes, talks and articles 1967-1980 (0588)
  • Patrick Joseph Wilson (1926-2014), military policeman: photographs, memoirs, oral history recordings and related books referring to his service in Royal Military Police, Palestine (1946-1948) c1946-2013 (0596)
  • Jerusalem and the East Mission: additional Council and Directors' minutes, Standing Committee minutes and personnel files 1926-2014 (0161)
  • Palestine Police Old Comrades' Association: additional material incl lists of known decorations, of officers, police stations, vessels carrying Jewish migrants to Palestine (1939-1947), and other information about former Palestine Police activity 1922-2012 (0224)