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Cambridge University: Churchill Archives Centre: 2014 Accessions

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  • George Gordon Roland Allen (1891-1980), Captain RN, literary assistant to Sir Winston Churchill: recollections of working for Churchill, with personal memoir c1955-1976 (GALN)
  • Mavis Batey (1921-2013), wartime code-breaker: research papers rel to wartime operations at Bletchley Park c1940-2013 (BTEY)
  • Norman Craven Brook (1902-1967), 1st Baron Normanbrook, civil servant: slides of family holidays, and of official tours taken with the Prime Minister (c1950-1969) c1920-1984 (NBRK)
  • Peter Alexander Rupert Carington (b 1919), 6th Baron Carrington, politician: additional personal and political papers c1959-2011 (CRTN)
  • Christopher Child (b 1953), political administrator: papers rel to his work in the Private Office of Neil Kinnock 1983-1992 (CHLD)
  • Sarah Millicent Hermione Churchill (1914-1982), actress and writer: personal papers c1920-1994 (SCHL)
  • Winston Spencer Churchill (1940-2010), Conservative MP: additional political corresp and subject files c1970-1989 (WSCH)
  • James Peters Cornford (1935-2011), academic and social reformer: personal and political papers c1960-1999 (CNFD)
  • William Courtenay (1896-1960), journalist: amateur film footage, incl of Winston Churchill in Canada (December 1941), scenes with US forces and at Fulton (March 1946) 1941-1946 (CTNY)
  • Robert Geoffrey Edwards (b 1925), physiologist and pioneer in reproductive medicine: additional scientific and other papers 1969-1978 (EDWS)
  • Joseph Francis Ford (1912-1993), diplomat: memoir of Joseph Francis Ford by John Ford 2013-2014 (FORD)
  • George Guise (b 1943), businessman, civil servant: Prime Minister's policy unit papers 1986-1990 (GUIS)
  • Patrick Francis Kinna (1913-2009), Private Secretary to Winston Churchill: misc papers rel to Sir Winston Churchill c1918-2007 (KNNA)
  • Valentine Nicholas Lawford (1911-1991), diplomat: diary (1943-44) with typescript copy of further diaries and letters 1937-1950 (LFWD)
  • Stephen Wentworth Roskill (1903-1982), naval officer, historian: additional papers incl family photographs 1921-1981 (ROSK)
  • Sir Joseph Rotblat (1908-2005), physicist and peace campaigner: Pugwash Conferences papers 1954-2008 (RTBT)
  • James Arthur Salter (1881-1975), Baron Salter, economist: additional personal and political papers c1881-1990 (SALT)
  • Mary Soames (1922-2014), Lady Soames, writer: personal papers, with papers of family members incl material rel to historical research c1970-2013 (MCHL)
  • Margaret Hilda Thatcher (1925-2013), Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, Prime Minister: letters mainly to her sister, Muriel Roberts c1939-1976 (THCR)
  • Kathleen Wanstall (fl 1910-1918), nurse: First World War scrapbook, while living and working in Germany 1910-1918 (MISC 98)
  • Dracone Developments Ltd, plastic barge manufacturers, London: papers incl photographs, press cuttings and promotional material 1857-1975 (DRAS)
  • Parliamentary condolence book on the death of Baroness Thatcher 2013 (THCR)
  • Radar research slides rel mainly to Air Ministry Research Station, Bawdsey Manor c1944-1946 (MISC 99)