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Cambridge University Library: Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2014 Accessions

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  • John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton (1834-1902), 1st Baron Acton, historian: letters (6) to John Long Scott 1875-1877 (MS Add. 9750)
  • Oliver Ridsdale Baldwin (1899-1958), 2nd Earl Baldwin of Bewdley: additional papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9735)
  • Anthony Barnett (b 1941), poet and editor: literary corresp and papers c1960-2010 (MS Add. 10056)
  • Felicitas Corrigan (1908-2003), Benedictine nun, author and humanitarian: letters to David J Hall 20th cent (MS Add. 10058)
  • George Gomori (b 1934), poet, translator and literary scholar: further literary corresp c1960-2009 (MS Add. 9716)
  • Reginald Pindar Hill (1820-1887): journal of tour in Scotland 1841 (MS Add. 10055)
  • Charles Hill (1787-1856), clergyman: letters to Sir William Ffolkes 1807-1820 (MS Add. 10054)
  • Florence Image (d 1962), wife of John Maxwell Image: Cambridge diary 1916-1919 (MS Add. 10053)
  • George Edward Moore (1873-1958), philosopher: letters to Sir Ralph Lewis Wedgwood and Lady Iris Wedgwood 1895-1958 (MS Add. 10059)
  • Michael O'Donoghue (fl 1900-2000), gemmologist: papers 20th cent (MS Add. 10078)
  • Brian Derek Price (1924-2012), bellringer: bellringing diaries 1943-1962 (MS Add. 10049)
  • John Peter Scupham (b 1933), poet: additional literary corresp and papers c2010 (MS Add. 9941)
  • Charles Thurstan Shaw (1914-2013), archaeologist: papers 20th cent (MS Add. 9534)
  • John Shaw (1841-1906), student at Cambridge University: diaries, some as a Cambridge undergraduate 1860-1861 (MS Add. 10065)
  • William Guy Shepherd (1935-2012), poet: literary corresp and papers 20th-21st cent (MS Add. 10063)
  • Andrew Sinclair (b 1935), novelist and filmmaker: corresp and papers 20th cent (MS Add. 10050)
  • Norman Antony Francis St John-Stevas (1929-2012), Baron St John of Fawsley, MP, author and journalist: political, professional and personal papers 20th-21st cent (MS St John of Fawsley)
  • Anne Stevenson (b 1933), poet: additional papers c2000-2009 (MS Add. 9451)
  • Dorothy Thompson (1923-2011), historian: notes and reminiscences on interviews pertaining to Sir Moses Finley 2013 (MS Add. 9750)
  • John Hope Welch (b 1942), poet and editor: literary corresp and papers incl records of The Many Press 20th-21st cent (MS Add. 10064)
  • Clive Wilmer (b 1945), poet, translator and literary critic: further literary papers 21st cent (MS Add. 9958)
  • Cambridge Journal of Economics: further editorial files 21st cent (MS Add. 9238)
  • Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge and Over: additional records 20th-21st cent (MS Add. 9816)
  • Vickers Ltd, steel makers, armaments and engineering manufacturers, London and Sheffield: additional records and film negatives incl directors' reports 20th cent (MS Vickers)
  • Wood Lea Press, Woodbridge: records c1985-2010 (MS Add. 10057)
  • HMS Romney (1762): meteorological journal of voyage to Egypt via the Cape of Good Hope 1800-1801 (MS Add. 10066)
  • Donald Alfred Davie (1922-1995), poet and literary critic: letter to Tony Porter 1993 (MS Add. 10005)
  • Book of sermons incl detailed extracts by members of the circle of followers of John Newton (1725-1807), slave trader and clergyman in London, between March and June 1800 19th cent (MS Add. 10052)
  • Robert Kemsley Orr (1909-2006), composer and musical administrator: music manuscripts 20th cent (MS Add. 10075)