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Major accessions to repositories in 2014 relating to Irish History


Birmingham: Archives, Heritage and Photography Service

  • Frank Feeney (b 1948), Director of Birmingham Irish Association: records 2013 (MS 4058)
  • Birmingham Irish Heritage Group: records 2014 (MS 4755)

Liverpool Record Office

  • Moving Voices, Irish Traveller Heritage Project: DVD of conversation and narratives rel to Irish Traveller culture in the Liverpool area, with transcripts of audio recordings, films created by the community and charity Twin Vision, with photographs 2009-2012 (305 IRI)

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

  • Mary A Taylor (fl 1949-2008): 'Daddy's Girls', typescript account of childhood in an Irish family in Spitalfields, 1949-1965 c2008 (P/MIS/388)


Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

  • Norman Gibson (1931-2014), university administrator: papers rel to the Northern Ireland economy and political situation c1968-2000 (D4582)
  • Tom Hartley (b c1945), local historian and politician: research papers rel to Belfast City Cemetery 1869-2004 (D4571)
  • Richard Henry Hunter (1885-1970), anatomist, university administrator and circus impresario: memoirs, corresp and posters and programmes for local and international circuses 1940-1975 (D4577/UNL/1)
  • Sir John Lavery (1856-1941), painter: scrapbook and associated papers containing corresp and newspaper cuttings rel to the triptych 'The Madonna of the Lakes' 1917-1936 (D4572, T3943)
  • Solly Lipsitz (1921-2013), musician, writer and jazz aficionado: corresp and papers c1931-2000 (D4575/UNL)
  • Ottilie Patterson (1932-2011), blues and jazz singer: papers incl photographs and press cuttings c1897-2012 (D4581)
  • Jane Ross (1810-1879), musical antiquary: papers of her uncle rel to 'The Londonderry Air' collected by Jane, incl the songbook of her sister Theodosia 1855 (D4585/UNL/1)
  • Blackstaff Flax Spinning & Weaving Co Ltd, Belfast: minute books, valuations, debenture registers and share records 1866-1984 (D4576/UNL/1)
  • George L Maclaine & Co, solicitors, Belfast: ledgers and cash books 1936-1945 (D4573-UNL/1)
  • West Ulster Farmers Ltd, dairy produce merchants, Irvinestown: minute books and accounts, incl wages books 1898-1990 (D4580/UNL/1)
  • Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland: records of individual Baptist churches in Ireland 1658-2007 (CR11/UNL/1)
  • First Presbyterian Church, Portadown: records incl session minutes 1831-2014 (CR3/78)
  • Girl Guides Association, Province of Ulster: additional minute books 1920-1995 (D3875)
  • St Canice's Church of Ireland, Faughanvale: vestry book containing details rel to baptisms, marriages and burials 1802-1829 (CR1/111/4/1)
  • ULTACH Trust, Belfast: records rel to the promotion of the Irish language in Northern Ireland c1944-2014 (D4583)


Representative Church Body Library

  • Arthur William Barton (1881-1962), Archbishop of Dublin: sermons as Rector of Dundela and Bangor, Co Down 1918-1928 (RCBL MS 974)
  • Charles Stuart Stanford Ellison (1873-1966), Church of Ireland clergyman: diaries 1911-1944 (RCBL MS 998)
  • Ralph Sadleir (1815-1902), Church of Ireland clergyman: diaries 1857-1861 (RCBL MS 1000)
  • Letitia Sarah Sadleir (1808-1867), wife of Ralph Sadleir: diaries 1840-1866 (RCBL MS 1000)
  • Captain Roger Bettridge's Charity, Cork: minutes, accounts, lists of old soldiers, apprentices and pensioners 1775-1957 (RCBL MS 992)
  • Cavan Protestant Orphan Society: minutes and annual reports 1873-1909 (RCBL 1002)
  • Ferns Diocesan Protestant Orphan Society: minutes, accounts, register, annual reports and other papers 1837-1990 (RCBL MS 982)
  • Green Coat Hospital School, Cork: trustees' minutes and accounts 1747-1890 (RCBL MS 986)
  • Kingston College, Mitchelstown: minutes and accounts 1822-1980 (RCBL MS 989)
  • Lady Belvedere Orphan Institution, Tyrellspass: minutes, register, and accounts 1840-1943 (RCBL MS 983)
  • Lapp's Charity, Cork: minutes, accounts, admissions records and other papers 1848-1970 (RCBL MS 993)


Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections

  • Arthur O'Connor (1763-1852), General, United Irishman: copy memoirs (O'Connor)

Trinity College Dublin

  • Browne family, Barons Kilmaine: family and estate records rel to property in County Mayo 1850-1950 (IE TCD MS 11478)
  • Samuel Barclay Beckett (1906-1989), author and dramatist: corresp with Henri and Josette Hayden 1947-1988 (IE TCD MS 11487)
  • Padraic Fallon (1905-1974), poet: literary papers incl poems and criticism 1930-1970 (IE TCD MS 11479)
  • Mary Harriet 'Mainie' Jellett (1897-1944), artist: papers incl working drawings, lecture notes and articles c1930-1939 (IE TCD MS 11490)
  • Patrick Kavanagh (1905-1967), poet: personal and literary corresp, with death mask c1950-1967 (IE TCD MS 11480)
  • Collen Group Ltd, building contractors, Dublin: business records 1879-1987 (IE TCD MS 11482)

University of Reading: Special Collections

  • Samuel Barclay Beckett (1906-1989), author and dramatist: additional papers incl production design material for Waiting for Godot set by Peter Snow (1955), theatre memorabilia, corresp, notes by Katharine Worth, and recordings 20th cent (MS 5531)