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Major accessions to repositories in 2014 relating to Imperial History


Brent Archives

  • Alan D Sabey (b 1942), author and historian: research records rel to the British Empire Exhibition and Wembley local history incl corresp, stamp collections, photographs and postcards c1890-2009 (Acc 12/2014)

Bristol Record Office

  • British Commonwealth Society: minutes, corresp and photographs 1950-2014 (45422)

East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Local Studies Service

  • Travel journal featuring Beverley to Bombay voyage 1876-1877 (DDX1973)

Highland Archives

  • Caledonian Society of Kenya and Caledonian Society of Zanzibar: additional records 1936-2002 (D1356)

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office for

  • William Grindley (fl 1823-1842), Lieutenant, Royal Leicestershire Regiment (17th foot): commission of his appointment in the regiment, signed by George IV, with his later appointment as Justice of the Peace for Trinidad 1823-1835 (DE8735)

Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Zulu War sketches by Dr J G O'Neill 1879 (DD/SAS Acc 2014/152)

Surrey History Centre

  • DuBuisson family of Surrey: papers, corresp, diaries and photographs rel to activities during the First and Second World War, and travels in Africa c1880-1979 (9307)

Trafford Local Studies

  • John William Marsh (fl 1900-1944), soldier: corresp and papers, First World War diary, with photographs of time in India during the War, material rel to Royal Sussex Regiment, to victory and peace celebrations in India and to enlistment and recruitment 1900-1944 (TRA1711)


British Library: Asian and African Studies (previously Oriental and India Office Library)

  • Martin Cameron Comrie (1886-1975), Deputy Commissioner, Indian Civil Service: personal papers including corresp, articles, photographs and newspaper cuttings 1908-1976 (Mss Eur F683)
  • John Hopkins (fl 1775-1783), Captain, Bombay Army: journal describing his experiences in the First Maratha War 1775 (Mss Eur F691)
  • Beatrice Irene Magraw (c1888-1970), author, wife of Charles Magraw, Anglican clergyman and deputy headmaster of Bishop Cotton School, Simla: papers incl letters and photographs 1919-1922 (Mss Eur F684A)
  • James William Abbot Michell (1840-1927), Indian Army officer and explorer: journals, sketches and albums c1860-1899 (Mss Eur F689)
  • Horace Algernon Fraser Rumbold (1906-1993), civil servant, President of the Tibet Society of the United Kingdom: papers incl corresp, articles and newspaper cuttings 1970-1990 (Mss Eur F687)
  • Henry Noel Cochrane Stevenson (b 1903), Burma Frontier Service and Director of Frontier Areas Administration: memoir of service in Burma c1940-1945 (Mss Eur F690)

English Heritage Archive

  • Robert Wigglesworth (fl 1924-1925), photographer: albums containing photographs for the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley 1924-1925 (RJW01)

Imperial War Museum Department of Documents

  • William A Holdsworth (fl 1917-1918), driver with the Hejaz Armoured Car Battery: photograph albums 1917-1918 (2014-10-11)
  • Anthea Katharine Cooke-Yarborough (d 2007), wartime evacuee and author: diaries and letters sent home from Canada 1940-1949 (Documents.25057)

National Army Museum Templer Study Centre

  • Reginald Seymour Moss-Blundell (1878-1932), Lieutenant Colonel: lecture notes from Staff College, Quetta 1919-1920 (2014-02-62)
  • John Parke Fullerton (1894-1977), Brigadier: notebook, papers and photographs rel to his service in 41st and 17th Dogras 1908-1947 (2014-08-20, 2014-08-21)
  • Mary 'Molly' Frances May (1864-1952), army nurse: letters to her stepmother from No 4 General Hospital on the Mooi River, Natal 1900-1901 (2014-10-32)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Robert Mitchell Beedie (1841-1897), missionary at Old Calabar: sermons 1876-1896 (Acc.13539)
  • James Lauder Davidson (1916-1992), forester and soldier: diaries, photographs and papers rel to his work and wartime service in Burma 1938-1947 (Acc.13567)
  • William Oliver Petrie (1913-1998), medical missionary in Nyasaland: corresp and photographs rel to his work in Africa 1936-1958 (Acc.13582)
  • James Watson (1878-1952), missionary in China: corresp 1926 (Acc.13559)

National Museum of the Royal Navy

  • Antigua Dockyard: records incl pay lists and orders c1760-1810 (2014/76)

National Museums Liverpool: Maritime Archives and Library

  • Julian, brigantine: log book detailing journey from Liverpool to West Africa by Captain Joseph Sproule, with letter rel to the Captain's imprisonment and ransom 1828-1830 (DX/2594)


Black Cultural Archives

  • Adamah family of Ghana: papers c1885-1959 (AC2014/09)

Institution of Civil Engineers

  • Alexander Beazeley (1830-1905), civil engineer: private journals mainly rel to social events, kept while in New South Wales 1848-1963 (Acc 1874)

Yorkshire Archaeological Society

  • Stanhope White (b 1913), colonial administrator and surveyor: photographic collection of standing stones, boundary markers and crosses c1945-1955 (MS1962)


Dundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services

  • Philip Whitaker (1927-1988), historian: papers, mainly rel to his academic career, particularly in East Africa during de-colonisation 1922-2014 (UR-SF 69)

Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • Roy Gazzard (b 1923), architect and lecturer: lecture notes, corresp, reports, newspaper cuttings, printed ephemera, slides, photographs and other papers rel to work on UK New Towns, for Barclays Bank, at Jina in Uganda, at Sur in Oman, and developments at Peterlee and Killingworth c1950-2000 (GAZ)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Lionel Peter Collins (1878-1957), Brigadier: letters sent home from his service with the Indian Army, some rel to action in Gallipoli 1913-1924 (Collins, L P)

London University: Institute of Commonwealth Studies

  • Kirsten Alnaes (b 1927), academic, author: papers and publications rel to study of Africa in terms of anthropology, religion and ritual, education, the struggle for the independence of Namibia and land tenure in Botswana c1962-2000 (ICS164)
  • Rowland Eustace (1924-1988), university administrator: records rel to secondment to University College, Nairobi c1962-1988 (ICS170)
  • Ralph Millner (fl 1934-1969), lawyer, political activist: papers incl notes on law, corresp, files and legal documents rel to trials in Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon and Zanzibar c1941-1969 (ICS165)
  • Sir Edward Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa II (1924-1969), Major General, Kabaka of the Kingdom of Buganda, first President of Uganda: notes on Buganda, Kabaka negotiations, with personal and business corresp rel to time spent in London 1954-1955 (ICS166)
  • Elizabeth O'Kelly (1915-2012), colonial officer: typescript corresp from the British Cameroons and Sarawak c1950-1965 (ICS172)
  • Australia-New Zealand Civil Liberties Society: records incl minutes, annual reports, bulletins, constitution and corresp files 1947-1957 (ICS157)
  • Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council: papers incl youth exchange reports, minutes, publications, grant ledgers, annual reports, special project files and advance visit reports c1968-2013 (ICS154)

London University: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

  • John Boston (fl 1920-1999), anthropologist and linguist: papers rel to anthropological and linguistic research conducted in Nigeria, particularly amongst the Igala c1920-1999 (PP MS 96)
  • Robert Rycroft (1910-2001), soldier in East Africa and India: papers, photographs and objects rel to Rycroft's work in Kenya and his military experiences in the Second World War c1929-1980 (MS 381199)
  • Paul Spencer (fl 1940-1999), anthropologist, Professor in African Anthropology, SOAS: field notebooks, corresp, notes, unpublished articles and some visual material rel to the Samburu and Masaai of Kenya 1904-1977 (MS 381203)
  • John Swire & Sons Ltd, oriental merchants and shipowners, London: additional records rel to Cathay Pacific, with further ledgers, minutes and staff corresp 1903-1985 (JSS)
  • London Missionary Society: glass lantern slides (40) with script entitled 'The Life and Work of David Livingstone, Missionary and Explorer' (MS 381200)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections

  • John Blunden (1922-2013), colonial administrator: papers rel to work on Lord Pearce's Commission on Rhodesian Opinion and to the Zimbabwe elections (1980) 1972-1980 (9553)
  • A R Collett (fl c1949-1969), Northern Rhodesian police: papers rel to police service 1949-1969 (9734)
  • Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher (1865-1940), historian and statesman: additional family papers incl letters from Charles Fisher while in the Royal Air Force mostly on India service, Barbara Fisher while teaching in the Far East and Winifred Fisher while in sanatoria suffering from tuberculosis 1940-1962 (9647)
  • Herbert Francis Bradley Fox (fl 1935-1943), inspector of schools: papers rel to his report on European education system in Southern Rhodesia 1935-1943 (MSS.Afr.s.2514)
  • Dermot Harrison Kydd (1928-2012), land valuer: papers rel to work at the Department of Lands, Kenya incl corresp, reports and draft publication c1955-1978 (9514)

Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive

  • Sir Richard Ashton Beaumont (1912-2009), diplomat, Arabist: papers rel mainly to Foreign Office service, incl as Consul in Jerusalem (1948) and in the Buraimi Oasis dispute (1960) 1941-1995 (0597)
  • Sir William Rupert Hay (1893-1962), Lieutenant Colonel, Indian administrator: photograph albums rel to school, Mesopotamia (1917-1919), Waziristan and the North West Frontier, visit to Pre Ghal, Dokalim Boundary Commission (1932), Mardan, Malakand, Swat (1932-1933), Kabul and Afgahnistan 1910-1935 (0138)
  • Anthea Holme (1919-2012): scrapbooks, pamphlets and oral history interview rel to her life in Palestine (1945-1946), with related material c1940-2010 (0590)
  • William Harold Ingrams (1897-1973), colonial administrator, author: additional corresp, papers and photographs rel to work in Zanzibar, Aden and the Gold Coast, research and draft publications, with some papers rel to his wife Doreen and her radio career c1912-1989 (0156)
  • Hugh Raymond Leach (b 1934), soldier, diplomat, explorer: papers and photographs rel to life and travels incl diaries and photographs rel to Oman, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Persia, Luristan, Pakistan, the discovery of Lake Shiwa as a source of the Oxus, Yemen, Kashgaria and Istanbul 1911-2011 (0549)
  • Eric Norgate (fl c1938-1949), Palestine Police: notebook from Palestine Police Service with information on individuals and political, economic and military organisations c1938-1949 (0598)
  • Harry Llewellyn Wade (1908-1983), airman: biographical account and photograph album rel to Royal Air Force service in India and Iraq (1928-1934) 1928-2014 (0592)
  • Patrick Joseph Wilson (1926-2014), military policeman: photographs, memoirs, oral history recordings and related books referring to his service in Royal Military Police, Palestine (1946-1948) c1946-2013 (0596)
  • Jerusalem and the East Mission: additional Council and Directors' minutes, Standing Committee minutes and personnel files 1926-2014 (0161)
  • Palestine Police Old Comrades' Association: additional material incl lists of known decorations, of officers, police stations, vessels carrying Jewish migrants to Palestine (1939-1947), and other information about former Palestine Police activity 1922-2012 (0224)

St Andrews University Library

  • Sir Patrick Geddes (1854-1932), biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner: lectures given in India and papers rel to 'The Tower' 1923 (ms38963)

University of Birmingham: Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections

  • Sybil Kathleen Batley (1897-1978), medical missionary: papers rel to work as Superintendent of Iyi Enu Hospital, Onitsha and Church Mission Society Regional Medical Advisor for West Africa 1926-1987 (CMSACC/1007)