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Major accessions to repositories in 2013 relating to Literary History


Archifau Ynys Mon / Anglesey Archives

  • Dic Jones, Welsh poet and Archdruid, National Eisteddfod: verse penned and presented an event in Anglesey 1990-1991 (WM/2456)
  • Thomas Jones, poet: note books c1940 (WM/2454/1-8)

Bexley Local Studies and Archive Centre

  • Sidcup Literary and Scientific Society: treasurers' papers, administrative papers and ephemera 1910-2010 (2013/040)

Croydon Museum and Archives

  • John B Gent, historian and writer: postcard, photograph and slide collection 1936-2011 (A1075)

Cumbria Archive Centre, Kendal

  • Alfred Wainwright (1907-1991), author and environmentalist: personal corresp between Alfred and Betty McNally (later Wainwright) 1965-1972 (WDAW)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Peter Stevenson, author and member of Ilkeston and District Local History Society: typescript chapters from "The Nutbrook Canal" (later published by David and Charles, 1970) c1960-1969 (D7629)
  • "Read On, Write Away!" literacy partnership, Derbyshire: project records, photographs, annual reports, business plans, teaching aids 1997-2012 (D7620)

Dorset History Centre

  • Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries, literary society: minute books with enclosures 1919-2007 (D.2563)

Glamorgan Archives (formerly Glamorgan Record Office)

  • Beti Rhys, author: personal literary papers, lectures and recollections, travel photographs, diaries and historical notes; miscellaneous literary and historical papers of her father, Rev James Ednyfed Rhys c1850-1983 (D980)

Gloucestershire Archives

  • Wilbert Vere Awdry, clergyman and author: sermons 1940-1997 (D13090)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • R B Beevor Beevor: ms vol 'of some books and bookmen of St Albans' 1908 (5399)

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office for

  • Roy Palmer, author: research material rel to "The Folklore of Leicestershire and Rutland (Sycamore Press, 1985" and sound recording of "The ballad of the Leicester railroad" c1980-1989 (DE8556)
  • Robert Symons, Rev Canon, Anglican Liturgist: papers incl letters, essays, address book, will c1980-1999 (DE8669)

Norfolk Record Office

  • John Edward Kett, poet: nature diaries 1929-2003 (MC 3002)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Bill Cross, author: manuscripts of 'Bill of Bulwell', corresp and newscuttings 1994-2011 (8374)

Peterborough Archives

  • John Clare, poet: literary MSS, corresp and papers (Acc 2013/11)

Sheffield Archives

  • Abraham Simon Graham, waterproof garment dealer: diary, corresp, poems and notebooks c1903-1989 (2013/42)
  • Manuscript First World War poems by John (Jack) Arthur Rodgers 1916 (2013/83)

Somerset Heritage Centre

  • David Bolland, filmmaker and author on Kathakali theatre: memoirs 1919-2012 (A\DTK)
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet and philosopher: letter to S C Hall 1828 (A\BPP)

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

  • Frank Elias (also known as John Owen), journalist and author: MS 'Running Footman' (1931) and papers rel to publication of 'North Sea Spy' (1939) 1931-1939 (HD3031)

Surrey History Centre

  • 'On the Home Front', play by Rev JMC Crum, Rector of Farnham, script with programme and photographs 1920 (9223)

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

  • Pearl Binder, writer, illustrator, and artist: corresp, research notes and illustrations rel to her 1975 book 'The Pearlies - a social record' 1970s (TH/9446)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees

  • Ammon Wrigley manuscripts, comprises of two manuscripts called 'The Hill of Sleep' and 'The West Wing in Spring' nd (WYK1730)


British Film Institute, Special Collections

  • Terence Hodgkinson, script writer: scripts 1980s-2000
  • Caroline Sax, script writer, director and producer: scripts and production papers 1980s-2000s
  • Terence Henry Stamp, actor: annotated scripts c1980-2012
  • Papers rel to the film production of 'Herostratus' (1967), directed by Don Levy: corresp, production paperwork and manuscript script 1967-1968

British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Frank Curzon, writer: essays, poems and sketches 1835 (Add MS 89012)
  • Eva Figes, writer: drafts and working papers rel to her fourteen novels, non-fiction writing, memoirs, poetry, plays, short stories, book reviews and articles, with corresp and personal papers 1932-2012 (Add MS 89050)
  • Samuel Johnson, lexicographer, essayist and literary biographer: naval, scientific, and literary papers 1676-1814 (Add MS 89061)
  • Fritz Erwin Loewenstein, founder of the Shaw Society: collected papers rel to George Bernard Shaw 1878-1974 (Add MS 89008)
  • Raymond Mills, physician and friend of Lawrence Durrell: papers incl rel to Lawrence Durrell 1947-2006 (Add MS 89014)
  • Ruth Tomalin, writer: papers rel to Alida Monro 1914-2001 (Add MS 89048)
  • Laszlo Waltherr, book collector: Waltherr collection of manuscripts c1788-1865 (Add MS 89046)

Jersey Archive

  • Gerald Malcolm Durrell, Author Zoologist and Conservationist: manuscripts, notes, corresp, financial records and publicity material c1940-2002 (JA/2424)

National Army Museum Templer Study Centre

  • Joey Joe McGuire, poet and Private, Parachute Regiment: booklet of poetry entitled 'A State of Mind, The Poetry Book' written by McGuire, who served as Private Russell Thompson in the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland 1969-2007 (2013-01-23)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Alison Fell, poet and novelist: further literary papers c1991-2012 (Acc.13438)
  • Ron Butlin, writer and journalist: additional literary papers 2001-2012 (Acc.13400)
  • Regi Claire, author: literary papers 1995-2012 (Acc.13397)
  • Gavin Buchanan Ewart, poet: further literary papers c1932-1995 (Acc.13410)
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay, poet: corresp and art work 1970-2006 (Acc.13394)
  • Alec Finlay, artist, poet and publisher: further records of Studio Alec Finlay 2000-2012 (Acc.13459)
  • Alasdair James Gray, author and artist: further literary papers c1989-2012 (Acc.13416)
  • Andrew Greig, author and mountaineer: further literary papers 2000-2013 (Acc.13460)
  • Sue Innes, writer and feminist campaigner: further papers (Acc.13434)
  • Angela Lemaire, artist, author and poet: additional literary papers and artwork 1965-2011 (Acc.13375)
  • Richard Price, literary editor and poet: letters to Edwin Morgan 2003-2009 (Acc.13384)
  • Sir Walter Scott, poet and novelist: annotated draft of 'The Pibroch of Donuil Dhu' 1816 (Acc.13426)
  • Janet Buchanan Adam Smith, author and journalist: letters from Beatrix Heelis Potter, Osbert Lancaster, John Masefield and others 1933-1988 (Acc.13396)
  • Samuel Robin Spark, artist: papers incl letters of his mother Muriel Spark 1961-2006 (Acc.13443)
  • Ruth Thomas, author: literary papers c1990-2012 (Acc.13389)
  • Sylvia Thompson, friend of William Sydney Graham: literary papers c1966-2008 (Acc.13390)
  • Gael Lundin Turnbull, poet and doctor: letters from Basil Bunting 1957-1985 (Acc.13429)
  • John Wilson, author as Christopher North: family corresp, diary and verse 1798-1854 (Acc.13436)
  • Monks of St Giles, literary society, Edinburgh: records 1852-1964 (Acc.13470)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Thomas Gwynn Jones, Celtic scholar: corrected autograph draft of "Gwlad y Bryniau", which won the National Eisteddfod chair in 1909 1909 (NLW MS 24054A)
  • Anna Seward, author: autograph manuscript of "Sonnet for the drawer in the thatched shed by the brook at Plas Newydd" 1799 (NLW MS 23981E)
  • Philip Edward Thomas, poet and prose writer: autograph revised manuscript of "Cock-Crow" poem 1915 (NLW MS 23981E)
  • Jane Williams, Welsh writer and historian: corresp, poetry and notes about the cultural and social circle of her friend Augusta Hall, Lady Llanover c1805-1885 (NLW MS 24051D)

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

  • Ben Forde, police officer, singer and author: corresp, essays, poetry, photographs, audio cassettes and CDs 1946-2012 (D4547/1-2)


Bishopsgate Institute

  • Paul Hallam, writer: research papers, draft scripts, material and papers rel to film 'Nighthawks' c1900-2012 (HALLAM)
  • Jean Sargeant, writer and political activist: papers and corresp, particularly rel to women in the Wapping Dispute, 1986 1950-2011 (SARGEANT)

Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art

  • John Stephen Gage, art historian, writer and lecturer: Gage's extensively annotated copy of 'A complete inventory of the drawings of the Turner bequest: with which are included the twenty-three drawings bequeathed by Mr Henry Vaughan. Arranged chronologically by A.J. Finberg, by order of the Trustees, National Gallery' published in 2 vols (London, 1909) c1962-2012 (JSG)

Waterways Archive/Canal and River Trust

  • Adrian Jarvis, author: research material rel to book, black and white prints of Ellesmere Port and docks and handwritten notes c1900-1999 (2013/56)


Aberdeen University, Special Collections Centre

  • James Cruickshank Hutchieson, poet: notebook c1870 (Acc No 703)

Bristol University Information Services: Special Collections

  • Edgar Hunt, musician and biographer: music, minutes, photographs, family papers, corresp and photographs rel to his biography of R L Pearsall, composer 1850-2001 (DM2609)
  • Ivor C Treby, poet and author: papers incl research on 'Michael Field' 1933-2012 (DM2610)
  • Pat V T West, activist and writer: papers 1985-2010 (DM2608)

Cambridge University Library: Department of Manuscripts and University Archives

  • Michael Grant, poet and academic: literary papers and corresp 1986-2000 (MS Add. 10000)
  • John James, poet: literary corresp and papers 20th cent (MS Add. 10019)
  • Arthur Peter Riley, poet, publisher and bookseller: papers c1950-2010 (MS Add.10013)
  • John Riley, poet, editor: corresp and papers c1955-1979 (MS Add. 10038)
  • Ronald William Fordham Searle, artist, satirical cartoonist: corresp and papers 20th-21st cent (MS Add. 10036)

Cambridge University: King's College Archive Centre

  • Julian Heward Bell, poet: manuscript material, letters and copy corresp compiled by Peter Stansky 1924-1965 (JHB/X/5)

Cambridge University: Trinity College Library

  • Henry Venn Elliott, clergyman, traveller and author: transcripts of letters sent during tour of Europe, transcripts of letters from India, and notes from sermons c1817-1859 (2013/6)

Cardiff University

  • Bernard Knight, forensic pathologist and writer: papers rel to literary work incl drafts of fiction, non-fiction, articles, scripts for TV and radio, corresp, press cutting and ephemera 1953-2008 (454)
  • Keith Spencer Waterhouse, writer: papers incl corresp, cuttings of published articles, drafts and unpublished articles, reviews, obituaries, interviews, financial records, photographs, awards, and papers rel to the Association for the Abolition of the Aberrant Apostrophe 1944-2009 (457)

Dundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services

  • Sir Terence Mervyn Rattigan, playwright: scripts of "The VIPs" 1962 (2013/572)

Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • Peter Brophy, professor, editor in chief of "Singing the Faith" Methodist hymn book: personal papers rel to the creation and preparation of the Methodist hymn and song book "Singing the Faith", published by Hymns Ancient & Modern in September 2011 2008-2013 (PRA MS 21)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Iain Hamilton, journalist, author and poet: papers rel to work on Arthur Koestler 1941-1998 (Coll-1479)
  • Hamish Henderson, poet, songwriter, soldier and intellectual: personal papers 1900-2002 (Coll-1438)

Hull History Centre (Hull University Archives)

  • Betty Mackereth, secretary: papers rel to Philip Larkin, incl corresp, cards and photographs c1960-1989 (U DX/372)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • Arthur Ronald Heald, Lieutenant Colonel: papers rel to his military and literary career, incl a copy diary of his service with Royal Corps of Signals, Western Desert (1940-1941), and copies of some of his articles for Punch magazine 1933-1952 (Heald)
  • Harry Chapman Pincher, journalist and author: papers rel to his investigative journalism on British-Soviet espionage during the Cold War, and scrapbooks of his published articles, chiefly for the Daily Express 1937-2009 (Pincher)

Kingston University Archives and Special Collections

  • David Heneker, writer and composer: papers rel to work incl drafts for musicals, publicity, and corresp 1920s-1990s (KUAS82)
  • Sheridan Morley, author and critic: papers rel to work and the performing arts with theatre memorabilia 1704-2007 (KUAS48, KUAS108)
  • Jean Iris Murdoch, novelist and philosopher: letters from Iris Murdoch to architect Stephen Gardiner. c1973-1990 (KUAS130)
  • Jean Iris Murdoch, novelist and philosopher: letters from Murdoch to Leo Pliatzky 1943-1978 (KUAS134)
  • Jean Iris Murdoch, novelist and philosopher: letters from Murdoch to sculptor Rachel Fenner. 1964-1993 (KUAS118)
  • Jean Iris Murdoch, novelist and philosopher: letters and poems from Murdoch to scholar and literary critic William Wallace Robson c1940-1959 (KUAS121)
  • Denis Paul, author and philosopher: papers incl corresp with Iris Murdoch and Isiah Berlin 1941-2006 (23 boxes)
  • Wendy Perriam, author: corresp, publicity, personal and research papers with drafts c1940-2013 (KUAS91)
  • Iris Murdoch Society, UK: papers, newsletters and programmes 1987-2013 (KUAS30, KUAS36, KUAS59, KUAS31)

Leeds University Library, Special Collections

  • Simon Armitage, poet and writer: manuscripts of poems, corresp and papers 1999-2013 (SPCOLL/2013/33)
  • Michael Bateman, writer: drafts of books, manuscript notebooks, diaries, papers and other records 1857-2004 (SPCOLL/2013/45)
  • Erich Langstadt: manuscript paper rel to Langstadt's book 'Tertullian's Doctrine of Sin' c1953 (SPCOLL/2013/73)
  • Antony Rowland, poet and professor of literary studies: draft manuscripts and research papers 1983-2010 (SPCOLL/2013/41, SPCOLL/2013/109)
  • Patricia Tyrell, novelist: notebooks, photographs and manuscript of the novel 'A Lion in a Secret Place' 1958-2013 (SPCOLL/2013/31)
  • Anthony Thwaite, writer and poet: corresp, draft poems, notebooks, financial papers, journals and other records c1950-2013 (SPCOLL/2013/25)

Leicester University Library: Special Collections

  • Ann Cartwright, author: manuscripts of children's books, published children's books, essay on the work of Reg Cartwright c1960-2000 (RAC)
  • Reg Cartwright, illustrator: original illustrations for books, greetings cards, working drawings, awards, proofs, posters, transparencies, book covers, corresp, manuscripts, press cuttings c1960-2000 (RAC)

Liverpool John Moores University

  • William (Willy) Martin Russell, writer: papers 1964-2012

London University: King's College Archives

  • Frederick Hunter, broadcaster, journalist and media historian: papers rel to research for 'Hacks And Dons: Teaching at the London University Journalism School, 1919-1939', publication on the history of journalism education, incl the Diploma in Journalism at King's College London 1897-2011 (K/PP181)
  • Alan Marshfield, poet, author and educator: typescript and manuscript stories, poems and plays, with rel notes and corresp 1953-2005 (Acc 2663)

London University: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

  • Merfyn Temple, missionary and writer on Africa: papers, corresp, photographs and articles 1946-2011 (PP MS 90)

London University: Senate House Library

  • Wystan Hugh Auden, poet: revised manuscript of poem 'Stop the Clocks', corresp and a portrait photograph of Auden by Mark Gerson c1936-1951 (MS1206)
  • John Randolph Whitehead, author and Indian Army training officer: research papers and corresp rel to Whitehead's biography of TH Lewin, 'Thangliena: the life of TH Lewin' (1992) 1990-2001 (MS1199)

Museum of English Rural Life

  • Dora Jessie Saint, author as 'Miss Read': manuscripts and proofs 1955-1996 (D DX2011)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Colin Henry Wilson, writer: literary papers, corresp, and related papers c1956-2006 (CWC)
  • David Herbert Lawrence, poet novelist and essayist: manuscript of "Hibiscus and salvia flowers" poem 1921 (La L 27)
  • Alan Sillitoe, writer: corrected and uncorrected proofs of various works 1960-1976 (ASC)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House

  • Jeremy Murray-Brown, writer: research papers rel to Jomo Kenyatta incl translations of corresp and interviews c1920-1979 (9469)
  • Horace Waller, writer on Africa: letters to James Steward reminiscing about Africa and discussing anti-slavery movement c1865-1881 (8442)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Western Manuscripts

  • Alan Bennett, author and playwright: additional literary and personal papers with audio-visual material 20th-21st cent (Acc 7960)
  • Charles Bruce Chatwin, writer: additional literary papers incl notes, drafts and typescripts 20th cent (Acc 7260)
  • David John Moore Cornwell, writer, pseudonym John Le Carre: additional literary papers rel mainly to recent books (The Mission Song, A Most Wanted Man, Our Kind of Traitor) with some partial drafts rel to earlier works 20th-21st cent (Acc 7392)
  • Ralph Warren Victor Elliott, professor of English, runologist: papers 20th cent (Acc 9432)
  • John Edward Poynder Grigg, journalist and biographer: corresp and papers incl some material rel to his father, 1st Baron Altrincham 20th-21st cent (Acc 8907)
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins, poet: revised drafts of his poem 'Binsey Poplars' 1897 (MS. Eng c. 8235)
  • John Hughes, author and artist: letters (7) to Harriet Thayer, incl letters from Barcelona, Rome and Naples; sketches recording a journey in France and Spain (180) 1817-1833 (Acc 7510 & Acc 9499)
  • Sir Clements Robert Markham, geographer and historian: amended and corrected author's copy of his 'A Life of the Great Lord Fairfax' 19th cent (Acc 7957)
  • Carola Mary Anima Oman, wife of Sir Gerald Lenanton, writer: corresp and papers incl material rel to her literary work, with artwork and photographs, and some Oman family material 19th-20th cent (Acc 9303)
  • Ivor C Treby, poet and author: research papers and corresp incl material rel to Michael Field 20th-21st cent (Acc 9100)
  • John Barrington Wain, novelist poet literary critic: letters and postcards to Marianne Uffenheimer, his first wife 20th cent (Acc 7081)
  • Essays on wit and humour, and on Don Quixote (2 vols), possibly by Rev Dr Luttrell Wynne 18th cent (Acc 7511)
  • Anonymous unpublished play, "The Poor Relation", on contemporary attitudes to poverty 1862 (Acc 9490)
  • Manuscript poetry miscellany by members of the Bate and Peart families and others, probably near Stamford, Lincolnshire 1768-1770 (Acc 9491)

Oxford University: Griffith Institute

  • Amelia Ann Blanford Edwards, novelist and Egyptologist: additional album of drawings entitled 'Small Egyptian Scraps' 1874 (A. A. B. Edwards MSS)

Sheffield University Library

  • Cathy Lovett, poet: poetry and photography 1945-2013 (MS 436)

Sussex University Library Special Collections

  • May Sinclair, author, Suffragist and critic: books and papers c1870-1948 (SxMs172)
  • Adeline Virginia Woolf, novelist and critic: pocket engagement diaries (8) recording social and personal life 1930-1941 (SxMs 18/4/41)

Swansea University Archives

  • Elaine Morgan, screenwriter and author: research material and library rel to The Aquatic Ape hypothesis c1980-2010 (2013/24)

University of Birmingham: Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections

  • Thomas Ragg, poet and preacher: manuscript for part of Ragg's autobiographical poem, 'The Deity: A Poem in Twelve Books' c1833 (MS861)

University of Exeter Library (Special Collections)

  • Charles Stanley Causley, poet, broadcaster and teacher: letters, notes, photographs and cuttings from Causley's book collections 1950-1999 (Ms 421)
  • Malcolm Elwin, biographer and critic: corresp and papers 20th cent (MS 423)
  • John Jarmain, poet: letters to his wife incl draft poems 1939-1944 (MS 413)
  • Ernest Victor Thompson, author: mss, corresp and memorabilia 1950-1999 (MS 408)

University of Reading: Special Collections

  • Samuel Barclay Beckett, author and dramatist: additional papers incl notebooks containing manuscript of 'Murphy', and corresp with Gunter Albrecht and Mira Avrech 1935-1974 (MS 5511, 5515, 5517)
  • Mary Montgomerie Currie (also known as Violet Fane), poet and novelist: sketchbook 1859-1863 (MS 5514)
  • Frank Hermann, author, publisher and bookseller: proofs and research notes for publication 'Low Profile: A Life in the World of Books', incl some business records for Plume Press c1970-2000 (MS 5494)
  • Annabel Jones, writer: research notes for the book 'A History of Longmans and Their Books' by Asa Briggs, published by Longmans in 2008 1959-2003 (MS 5490)
  • Frank Mathews, writer: manuscripts and typescripts 20th cent (MS 5493)
  • Luigi Meneghello, writer and scholar: manuscripts and typescripts 1964-1976 (MS 5509)
  • Barbara Ovstedal, author: research notes, corresp, book reviews and agreements c1960-2012 (MS 5507)
  • Robert Pinget, writer: transcript corresp from Samuel Beckett and annotated transcript of 'Notre Ami Samuel Beckett' 1953-1987 (MS 5519)
  • A E Priestly, author: corresp rel to the publication 'Learning about Heraldry', published by Ladybird Books Ltd, and poetry for the published collection 'Midland Miniatures' 1923-1974 (MS 5499)
  • Ian Serraillier, children's author: additional papers, incl corresp, proofs, notebooks and photographs c1950-1979 (MS 5489)
  • Arthur G Taylor, employee at WH Smith & Son Ltd, newsagents: corresp and photographs 1950-1981 (MS 5495)

University of Southampton Library

  • Cecilia Maureen Anne Baring, writer: papers incl corresp with CS Lewis, Rosemary Suttcliff and others, notebooks, photographs and publications 20th cent (MS 399)
  • Judith Lask Grubler, writer: corresp and papers, mainly poetry and prose c1930-1963 (MS 376)

University of Westminster Archives

  • Herbert Allingham, writer: papers incl manuscripts and diaries 1858-1935 (UWA ALL)

Warwick University: Modern Records Centre

  • Eric Hobsbawm, historian: corresp, research material, draft and published books and articles, records concerning media work c1938-2012 (Accession 937)
  • James Edward Mortimer, trade unionist, public servant and writer: papers c1960-2012 (Accession 946)