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National Maritime Museum: The Caird Library, Manuscripts Section: 2012 Accessions

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  • James Bremer, Lieutenant and Commander, Royal Navy: corresp rel to Bremer and the Sea Fencibles rescue of HM Gun Brig Fearless, 11 December 1803, incl account of the preservation of the Fearless by Bremer and a letter written (in French) to Lt. Bremer, 20 June 1809, then commander of floating prison ship Suffolk, from Lt. Durand on board 1803-1809 (REG10/000425)
  • William Brereton, Captain, Royal Navy and military governor of Manila, 1762-1765: corresp incl to Earl Harcourt, detailing Brereton's involvement in the 1767 expedition; letter from Simon de Anda and Salazar; cover letter with copy of de Anda's letter, commending Brereton, who had acted with honour in Manila, to the king of Spain; letter from Don Vincente Maulion y Pirella; 'Thoughts on the expedition to and conquest of Manilha'; a narrative account of the expedition; later corresp regarding the 'Manila papers', 1884 c1765-1884 (REG11/000502)
  • John Markham, MP Admiral: papers incl corresp, various other manuscript and printed items 1775-1828 (REG11/00492)
  • Ian Lachlan Mackay McGeoch, Vice Admiral: records rel to development of MIDAR, a system for the automatic, electronic, identification of vessels and means of collision avoidance 1975-2007 (REG11/000312.1)
  • Joseph Preston & Sons, clock, watch and chronometer movement makers: papers rel to 19th century marine chronometer manufacture 1869-1912 (REG12/000002)
  • London Shipowners' and River Users' Society: minute books and reports, 1816-1949 and 1950-1972 1816-1972 (REG12/000059)