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Royal College of Midwives archives: 2012 Accessions

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  • Eva Baum, midwife: register of cases whilst training at Leicester Royal Infirmary, incl patients, deliveries, doctors in attendance, outcomes, and drugs administered 1951-1952 (RCMS/187)
  • Dorothy Blackhurst, midwife: case books and photographs rel to Dorothy Blackhurst's training and service in North Wales (October 1945 - April 1946) and Liverpool (May 1946 - June 1960), incl case book for the Central Midwives Board examination with mother's names, addresses, outcome of births, and pain relief administered, with photographs rel to career 1944-1960 (RCMS/207)
  • Pamela Blott, midwife: case register rel to West Hampstead, London (February 1955 - August 1956), Buckinghamshire (September 1956 - August 1959), and West Yorkshire (March 1963 - August 1966), incl mothers' name and address, doctors' names, and delivery details; with related printed papers 1955-1966 (RCMS/202)
  • Sarah Devlin, midwife: records rel to nursing and midwifery career, incl training in Lurgan and Portadown Hospital (1953-1955); nursing in tuberculous wards and surgical thoracic units in South Belfast Hospital (1955-1958); as a district nurse (1961); and midwife (1963-1969) in Coventry; incl case registers; drugs books; training notebooks; papers, certificates and corresp, with artefacts 1946-1987 (RCMS/205)
  • Winifred Annie Douglas, midwife: case registers incl mothers' name, address, antenatal care and delivery 1939-1973 (RCMS/198)
  • Hilda Groves, midwife: case books incl patient notes, details of labour and observations, with photographs, certificates and letter 1937-1968 (RCMS/190)
  • Eveland Hutchings, midwife: papers and photographs rel to career incl with babies and on ward, certificates, examinations, and corresp incl letter from Privy Purse Office, referring to her application for the 'King's Bounty' for a mother who had given birth to triplets (possibly the Ilkeston triplets), January 1926 1916-1926 (RCMS/206)
  • Margaret E McKivett, midwife: papers rel to career as a nurse and midwife in the London area, incl case registers, certificates and photographs 1938 - 1948 (RCMS/199)
  • Annie Morrissey, midwife: case register whilst at West Park Hospital, Macclesfield, incl mothers' name and address, doctors' names, and delivery details 1961-1962 (RCMS/200)
  • Ruth Pavey, midwife: case register rel to Plymouth (May - October 1944), training in Gloucester (December 1944 - May 1945), and Taunton (August 1945 - January 1946); incl mothers' name and address, doctors' names, and delivery details 1944-1946 (RCMS/203)
  • Kathleen Savidge, midwife: records rel to career incl case books, certificates and photographs 1945 - 1977 (RCMS/192)
  • Sarah Shrimpton, midwife: note books incl highly detailed notes on midwifery training, with papers and certificate rel to examination 1922 (RCMS/191)
  • Dorothea Siebel, midwife: papers rel to midwifery training, case books of deliveries while training at Lewisham Hospital (1961) 1956 - 1961 (RCMS/196)
  • Joan Watson, midwife: case register rel to Hull (June 1943 - January 1944) and Misterton, Nottinghamshire (January 1944 - May 1948), incl mothers, doctors in attendance, nature of delivery, and pain relief; case book submitted to the Central Midwives Board (December 1943) with full delivery and antenatal details, certificate and photograph 1941-1948 (RCMS/204)
  • Sarah Tuckey Webb, midwife: album of testimonials from patients in her care 1916-1925 (RCMS/197)