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National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections: 2012 Accessions

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  • Frederick Denison Campbell Allen, climber: climbing notes 1933-47 (Acc.13313)
  • James Henry Latrobe Bateman, episcopalian clergyman: letters and papers 1870-90 (Acc.13359)
  • Claudius Buchanan, missionary in India: letters to his family and George Buchanan 1790-1810 (Acc.13358)
  • Joseph Chiari, poet and playwright: literary papers 1937-89 (Acc.13331)
  • Kenna Crawford, artist: letters from George Mackay Brown and literary papers 1986-94 (Acc.13344)
  • William Crosbie, artist: papers 1933-72 (Acc.13367)
  • William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn, psychiatrist and psycho-analyst: additional corresp, diaries, records of consultations and lectures 1896-1964 (Acc.13332)
  • Sir Patrick Michael Leigh Fermor, author, scholar and soldier: papers 20th cent-21st cent (Acc.13338)
  • Alexander Wallace (Xan) Fielding, intelligence officer and author: papers 20th cent (Acc.13327)
  • Alastair David Shaw Fowler, poet and scholar: additional personal and literary papers 1959-2009 (Acc.13309)
  • Sir Patrick Geddes, biologist, sociologist, educationist and town planner: drawings, photographs, maps and plans mainly rel to the Cities and Town Planning Exhibition 1649-1919 (Acc.13319)
  • Rawdon Goodier, biologist and mountaineer: additional journals, letters and drafts of articles 1972-2008 (Acc.13369)
  • James Ernest Harris, bank manager: journals of caravanning holidays in England, Scotland, Wales and Europe 1960-85 (Acc.13360)
  • Arnold Kemp, journalist: personal and family papers 1960-2002 (Acc.13323)
  • Roger Macdougall, playwright and screenwriter: synopses of screenplays 1935-43 (Acc.13347)
  • Don Paterson, poet, writer and musician: additional digital archive and notebooks 1995-2011 (Acc.13339)
  • Alexander Cunningham Douglas Small, schoolmaster and climber: climbing diaries and typescripts of articles 1932-40 (Acc.13368)
  • Iain Hugh Murray Smart, mountaineer: corresp, photographs and press cuttings 1946-92 (Acc.13310)
  • Gael Lundin Turnbull, poet and doctor: additional literary papers 1946-2006 (Acc.13311, Acc.13322, Acc.13324)
  • John Murray, publishers, London: additional records 19th cent-20th cent (Acc.13328)
  • Traverse Theatre Co, Edinburgh: additional records 1980-2005 (Acc.13356)
  • Christian Fellowship of Healing (Scotland): records 1958-2012 (Acc.13352)
  • Edinburgh and Leith Consular Corps: additional records 1950-2012 (Acc.13348)
  • Scottish Youth Hostels Association: records 1931-2000 (Acc.13372)
  • Victoria League in Scotland for Commonwealth Friendship: additional records 1941-2011 (Acc.13349)