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Wellcome Library: 2012 Accessions

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  • Stephen Irwin Abrams, American scholar of parapsychology and drug policy activist: papers covering topics such as Extra-Sensory Perception, cannabis law reform and the work of the SOMA organisation, LSD and other psychedelics and alchemy c1950-2005 (PP/SAB)
  • Hawley Harvey Crippen, physician and murderer: prescription for tablets written and initialled by Dr H. H. Crippen dated Oct 22nd 1904 on Drouet Institute (10 Marble Arch London W) 1904 (MS.8332)
  • Richard Durbin, computational geneticist: corresp, manuscripts and papers c1980-2005 (PP/DUR)
  • Hugh Freeman, consultant psychiatrist: papers rel to mental health policy and the history of mental health service provision in Britain, community vs. institutional care, treating schizophrenia, drug treatment of mental health conditions, racial discrimination and mental health and the breaking the cycle of violence (in relation to terrorism) c1960-2010 (PP/HLF)
  • Helene Grahame, assistant director of the Family Planning Association: papers rel to activities as Press Officer and Assistant Director of the Family Planning Association, a few publications by her, some lecture notes 1965-1996 (PP/GRA)
  • Patricia Ann Jacobs, cytogeneticist: slides used to illustrate lectures and 3 large photographs of cells seen with 46 chromosomes 1950-2010 (PP/PAJ)
  • Jim Nicholls: diary and photographs relating to experiences of being treated for diabetes in the 1920s plus cassette of interviews by his daughter Bridget Wilkins recorded in his 90s in which he talks about his life with diabetes c1920-2005 (MS.8817)
  • Michele Angelo Petrone, artist: papers incl early artwork and school reports, sketchbooks and notebooks, papers rel to several exhibitions and workshops, photographs of artwork, exhibitions, and workshops and personal corresp with other cancer patients sharing their experiences 1971-2010 (PP/MAP)
  • Adamson Collection Trust: papers c1978-2005 (SA/ADC)
  • British Infection Society: minutes, corresp and records c1959-2005 (SA/BIS)
  • British Pregnancy Advisory Service: minutes, reports, corresp and other records c1970-1980 (SA/PAS)
  • Brook, Sexual Health Services: administrative records incl minutes and reports, reports from a number of local branches c1960-2005 (SA/BRO)
  • MAP Foundation: papers incl minutes, corresp rel to the establishment of the Foundation 1996-2009 (SA/MAP)
  • Northumberland House lunatic asylum, Stoke Newington: reports, of the twelve Commissioners in Lunacy, rel to their visits to this private lunatic asylum, reporting on the running of the institution and their meetings with and impressions of the experiences of the inmates 1899-1916 (MS.8823)
  • Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men: minutes, accounts and papers 1788-1972 (SA/SRW)
  • Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, London: records incl annual reports, corresp, assorted materials on marital therapy and accounts c1920-2005 (SA/TCC)
  • Small collection of manuscript material rel to the care of William Groom, a patient at Ticehurst House Asylum, corresp from the brothers Newington, owners of Ticehurst, to those paying Mr Groom's hospital bills, updating them on his condition and treatment and corresp written by Groom himself show the confused state of the patient 1813-1823 (MS.8793)
  • Manuscript recipe book containing medicinal recipes and some culinary, as well as topical references to the legal profession 1735 (MS.8818)
  • Medical receipt Book written in French and signed by Hugon, Edme (1682-1747), created by him and other members of his family and the Royal Academy of Surgeons, the volume contains a large number of receipts, often several in a row for the same complaint, covering a wide range of medicine c1730-1751 (MS.8820)
  • Medicinal receipt notebook, with some culinary recipes, 150pp; plus music theory notation and music for tunes for the Scottish metrical psalter c1685-1699 (MS.8795)