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Cambridge University Library: Department of Manuscripts and University Archives: 2012 Accessions

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  • John Armitage, editor and bookseller: corresp and papers as editor of Encyclopaedia Britannica 1949-1967 (MS Add. 9965)
  • Nicholas Barker, editor: corresp and papers (MS Add. 9984)
  • Hermann Justus Braunholtz, Keeper of Ethnographical Department, British Museum: further papers and photographs c1890-1943 (MS Add. 9845)
  • Robert Wolfgang Cahn, materials scientist: papers (MS Add. 9976)
  • Charles Baron Clarke, botanist: botanical and general diary 1888 (MS Add. 9966)
  • Sir Gerald Ponsonby Lenox-Conyngham, geodesist: diary 1889-1894 (MS Add. 9249)
  • Andrew Crozier, poet: corresp 1981-1990 (MS Add. 9985)
  • Sir Charles Louis Des Graz, diplomat: diaries 1880-1931 (MS Add. 9988)
  • David Holbrook, academic: literary MS, corresp and ephemera 1935-2010 (MS Add. 9987)
  • John Burleigh James, clergyman: diary 1841-1851 (MS Add. 9991)
  • Thomas Peter Ruffell Laslett, historian: corresp and papers (MS Add. 9995)
  • Joanne Limburg, poet: drafts of poems 1991-2006 (MS Add. 9977)
  • Lott, Yeoman: copies of petitions, schemes and letters to reform procurement of timber in HM Dockyards 1765 (MS Add. 9990)
  • William May: commonplace book, Latin and Greek studies 1676-1683 (MS Add. 9980)
  • Peter Du Moulin, theologian: account of the charge of high treason laid against the Jesuits in his book against Philanax Anglicanus c1674 (MS Add. 9994)
  • Violet Rutter, artist and dramatist: literary MS, personal papers and photographs c1900-1983 (MS Add. 9982)
  • John Peter Scupham, poet: literary manuscripts and corresp c1900-1999 (MS Add. 9941)
  • Adam Sedgwick, zoologist: corresp 1893-1910 (MS Add. 9967)
  • Ted Walker, poet: poems 1962-1965 (MS Add. 9986)
  • Derek Thomas Whiteside, Professor of the History of Mathematics: corresp and papers 1987-1999 (MS Add. 9964)
  • English Committee in Aid of Waldensian Church Missions: minutes and papers 1825-2012 (MS Add. 9973)
  • Hero, supply ship: account book 1808-1815 (MS Add. 9981)