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Major accessions to repositories in 2012 relating to Medieval and Early Modern


Cambridgeshire Archives

  • Inventory of court rolls of the manor of Over, their lords and stewards 1604-1624 (R112/078)

Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

  • Williat family of Great Horwood: deeds of lands in Great Horwood 1648-1891 (AR 71/2012)
  • Exemplification of Common Recovery of the Manor of Leckhamstead 1511 (D-X 1972)

Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Grant by Robert son of William de Praers of Weston to William Colfox of Nantwich 1308 (D 8225)

Cornwall Record Office

  • Saltash borough court papers 1593, leases and tenements Higher Trenance and Trenance Martha, Newlyn East, part of the manor of Cragantallan 1763-1801 1593-1801 (AD 2167)

Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Whitehaven

  • Waugh & Musgrave, solicitors, Cockermouth: additional client records c 1540-1970 (DWM)

Cumbria Archive Centre, Carlisle

  • Ballantine Dykes family of Dovenby: deeds and papers rel to the manors of Crookdale, Ireby, Dovenby, Bothel and Torpenhow 1662-1835 (DBD)
  • Howard family, Earls of Carlisle: Cumberland (Brampton, Gilsland, Naworth, etc) deeds, manorial records, leases, rentals, accounts, estate and mining corresp and papers and Howard family papers 12th-20th cent, with deeds and estate papers for Northumberland 16th-19th cent, Yorks (Castle Howard, etc) rentals and accounts early 19th cent, 1917-39 and Kensington (London) household plans 19th cent, etc [transferred from Durham University Library 2012] 12th cent-20th cent (DHN)
  • Alston Moor manor: paine roll and drift roll 1683-92 (DX 2066)
  • Crookdake manor: court book, with Ireby 1664-1769 (DBD)
  • Ireby manor: court book, with Crookdake 1664-1769 (DBD)

Cumbria Archive Centre, Kendal

  • Newbiggin manor: court books 1579-1695 (WDCRK)

Derbyshire Record Office

  • Robothams & Co, solicitors, Derby: client papers incl executorship papers, corresp, deeds, probate records, trusts, investment papers and legal case papers c1653-1999 (D6144)
  • "A true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy against the late King, his present majesty and the Government" MS 1685 (D7549)
  • Indenture for sale of property at Kingesstearndale between Robert Newton of Chaddesden and Edward Swanne of Fairfield 1575 (D7577)

Devon Heritage Centre

  • Seymour family, Dukes of Somerset, formerly baronets of Berry Pomeroy: letters, inventory, reports, accounts, deeds (Berry Pomeroy estate), sale particulars, corresp (Totness estates), warrants rel to Devon militia and receipts 16th cent - 19th cent (8494)
  • Devonshire Quarter Sessions: examinations and memoranda 1592-1649 (8406)

Doncaster Archives

  • St Andrew's Church, Bolton-on-Dearne: registers and records 1561-1986 (P90)

Dorset History Centre

  • Yetminster hundred: court leet papers 1680-1689 (D.2339)

East Sussex Record Office

  • Reeves family of Chiddingly: deeds and family papers 1608-1956 (ACC 11389)
  • Andrews & Bennett, solicitors, Burwash: additional records incl bastardy bonds c1672-1900 (ACC 11152)
  • Blaker, Son & Young, solicitors, Lewes: additional records 1541-1985 (ACC 11400)
  • Robertsbridge Abbey: certificate by the Abbot and Convent of Treport, Normandy, confirming payment c1290 (ACC 11151)
  • Worrall and Fuller Exhibition Fund, educational charity: records 1602-1988 (ACC 11252)

Essex Record Office

  • Greenstead juxta Colchester manorial court roll 1625-1635 and rental 1602-1661, survey of manors of Greenstead Hall and Abbotts Hall in Mile End 1832 (amended to 1922) 1602-1922 (A13472)
  • Deeds rel to Mile End 1317-1598 and Little Bromley 1713-1886 1317-1886 (A13343)
  • Deeds rel to manor of Sandon alias Sandon Hall and other lands in Sandon 1564-1619, with sketch plan by John Lee of 'pretended spur ways' 1761 1564-1761 (A13420)
  • Deeds rel to manor of Gibcracks in Purleigh, Danbury and Sandon 1587, 1625, 1638, with sketch map late 18th century c 1587-1799 (A13420)

Herefordshire Record Office

  • R & CB Masefield, solicitors, Ledbury: corresp and deeds 1500-1999 (CO30)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Hawkins & Co, solicitors, Hitchin: additional deeds and other records 1663 - 1936 (Acc 5269)
  • Deeds rel to land and property in Bengeo 1552 - 1851 (Acc 5281)
  • Deeds rel to land and property in Graveley, Walkern, Bennington, St Pauls Walden, Furneux Pelham and Yardley 1663 - 1793 (Acc 5278)

Huntingdonshire Archives

  • Godmanchester manor: estreat roll 1398 (Accession 5573)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Hethersett Parish Council, Hethersett archive: documents collected by the council c1670-2000 (ACC 2012/121)
  • Kirby Cane Charity: minutes, accounts, rental, corresp, and deeds 1669-2000 (ACC 2011/321)
  • Great Witchingham manor: rental 1496 (MC 2745/4)
  • Sir Bassingbourne Gawdy, Sheriff of Norfolk: letter concerning the imprisonment in Norwich of John Dade, a debtor 1579 (MC 2800)
  • Deed rel to land called Croweoc in Little Melton late 13th cent (MC 2842)
  • Deeds rel to land in Sisland 1289 and Shropham 1318 1289-1318 (MC 2832)
  • Deed to land in West Newton and Appleton 1453 and lease of land formerly belonging to the Blackfriars in Great Yarmouth 1592 1453-1592
  • Letter to Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey from Roger North (1530-1600) 2nd Baron North 1589 (MC 2839)
  • Deed rel to one and a half acres of arable land lying at Duffowsherne in the field of Longham 1411 (MC 2845)
  • Deeds rel to an estate in Bressingham and Fersfield 1638-1901 (MC 2783)
  • List of tenants of Methwold 1610 (MC 2802/1)
  • Thomas Pengelly, merchant, London (fl 1656-1674): letters 1662-1669 (MC 2802/2-4, ACC 2011/305, ACC 2012/28)
  • Deeds rel to North Tuddenham 1593, Harleston 1603, and Elsing and Hoe 1659, with a Tunstead Lancaster manorial court paper 1774 1593-1774 (MC 2806)
  • Quitclaim of Mary Agas (ne Cannon) to Mary Cannon of rights derived from will of Robert Cannon 1679 (MC 2791)
  • Letters (3) from Oliver Le Neve (1662-1711) to his brother Peter le Neve (1661-1729), with a deed of Roger Townshend of Raynham confirming a grant for life to Michael Stanhope of an annuity from his manor of South Raynham Scales 1586, and a return of prisoners removed from Norwich Castle to other prisons before trial 1836-37 1586-1837 (MC 2802/5, ACC 2011/305)

North Devon Record Office

  • Lewes family of Swimbridge: account book, personal and parish receipts and payments 1662-1716 (A541)

Northamptonshire Record Office

  • Monckton family of Fineshade: corresp and deeds incl 1812 survey of Seaton and Thorpe by Water 1678-1905 (2012/49)
  • Wilson Browne Solicitors, Northampton: clients' deeds 1651-1954 (2012/48)

Powys County Archives Office

  • Guilsfield parish: baptism, marriages, banns, burial and service registers, account books, minutes and charity records 1572-1995 (M/EP/13)

Shropshire Archives

  • Kynaston family of Hardwick: papers incl letters and maps, schedule to the Kynaston papers 1485-1899 (8557)

Somerset Heritage Centre

  • Recipe and remedy book, West Buckland 1650 (A\DKO)

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Hervey family, Marquesses of Bristol, Suffolk: estate papers 1657-2004 (HA572)
  • Barnham: accounts 1646-1672 (HD3217)
  • Drinkstone parish: additional early parish records, incl overseers, charities and churchwardens accounts c1500-1899 (FL562)

Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch

  • Henry Reynolds Eyre: MS history of Ipswich Fire Brigade from 1564 early 20th cent (HD2885)

Surrey History Centre

  • Lease for a tenement called Michenale, Godalming 1419 (8979)
  • Map of the estate of Thomas, Lord Windsor at Flanchford Park, Reigate and Buckland 1678 (9005)
  • Survey of Surrey bridges by William Barnes, presented to the General Quarter Sessions at Croydon 1533 (9028)

Tyne and Wear Archives

  • Incorporated Company of Ropemakers, Newcastle upon Tyne: minutes and records 1648-1879 (GU.RO)
  • Indenture between Patricke Kelley and James Cammell for 70 acres of land at Long Close and Out Moore Close, Annasford, Longbenton 1674 (DX1476)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale

  • Northowram township, Northowram town book: accounts of overseers of the poor, constables, churchwardens and surveyors 1674-1774 (HAS/B:32)


Island Archives, Guernsey

  • Documents rel to estate repairs in Guernsey incl accounts of repairs to the Torteval rectory, rents, inventories, Court actions 1600-1700

Jersey Archive

  • Arthur family of Jersey: contracts, rent books and papers 1629-1956 (JA/2063)
  • Collas family of Jersey: contracts and papers (Socit Jersiaise Collection) 1530-1848 (JA/2024)
  • Luce family of Jersey: contracts, accounts, family, military, court and shipping papers 1657-1931 (JA/2103)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Life of St Winedride (St Gwenfrewi), MS identifed as "a fragment of an abbreviated translation of the Life of St Winefride, by Robert, Prior of Salop" written in Elizabethan period characters c1600-1650 (MS 24035)

Parliamentary Archives

  • William Henry Haines, Chief Clerk in the House of Lords and Purse Bearer to Lord Chancellor Cottenham and Lord Lyndhurst: additional papers incl annotated volumes; Orders and Proceedings 1660-1726, signed and annotated; New Testament 1837 incl notes of oaths of allegiance, during the Parliamentary session in 1839, 1840 and 1841; with photographed (2012) portrait (c1890) 1660-2012 (HAI/1, HAI/2, HAI/3)


Aberdeen University, Special Libraries and Archives

  • Bishop Gavin Dunbar's Hospital, Aberdeen: records 1531-20th cent